WWE Backlash 2020 Results (6/14/20) Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Welcome to Wrestling-Edge‘s results and coverage for the June 14th WWE Backlash 2020 pay-per-view! Backlash is being filmed LIVE from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida with a main event featuring “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” between long-time WWE Superstars Edge and Randy Orton.



The complete WWE Backlash 2020 Kickoff Show starts at 6/5c via the YouTube video player (the currently embedded YouTube video will be deleted as the main show begins). As the pay-per-view main show begins at 7/6c, be sure to follow our WWE Backlash 2020 results coverage write by me, Jamie Rush, right here on this page!! Be sure to follow me on my Twitter page: @JamieRush312.

Featured below are WWE Backlash 2020 results from the Sunday, June 14, 2020 pay-per-view event!

WWE BACKLASH 2020 Pay-Per-View
Performance Center, Orlando, FL (6/14/2020)

WWE Backlash 2020 Kick-Off Show Results

Scott Stanford and Peter Rosenberg welcome us to “The Greatest Kickoff Show Ever,” as the official WWE Backlash 2020 pre-show is now underway on WWE’s various social media channels, as well as on the WWE Network.

Scott Stanford & Peter Rosenberg Begin Backlash Breakdowns

The two immediately dig into the action scheduled for tonight’s show, running down some of the matches on tap for the big PPV that gets underway at 7/6c LIVE via the WWE Network, including “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” between Edge and Randy Orton.

Renee Young, Booker T & JBL Talk Backlash

After kicking it to a pre-match video package to tell the story of tonight’s RAW Women’s Championship showdown between Asuka and Nia Jax, we head to the other half of the Kickoff Show panel, as the trio of Renee Young, Booker T and JBL appear live now via webcam. They elaborate on the Asuka-Jax title match scheduled for tonight’s show.

Backlash Backstage: Kayla Braxton Interviews Ric Flair & Christian

Now we go to a live backstage interview, as Kayla Braxton is standing by with WWE Hall Of Fame legend “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and fellow WWE legend Christian. Braxton talks first with Flair, who gives his take on tonight’s “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” between Edge and Randy Orton, with Flair seeming to make a stronger case for his former Evolution partner.

After that, “Captain Charisma” makes his case for his longtime friend and former E&C tag-team partner Edge. Braxton thanks the two for their time before we head to a brief ‘Truth’: Stop Smoking and Vaping advertisement. Now we head back to the Kickoff Show live studio where Stanford and Rosenberg delve deeper into the Edge vs. Randy Orton main event.

Video Package – WWE Universal Championship Match Recap

Now the two kick it to the pre-match video package hyping tonight’s WWE Universal Championship handicap match pitting “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman against the team of The Miz and John Morrison. The Miz and John Morrison have had fun at Strowman’s expense with their antics during WWE Friday Night SmackDown, but the score will be settled tonight, in the ring!

Video – The Miz and John Morrison Music Video

We then head into the airing of The Miz and John Morrison “Hey, Ho!” music video and some dancing that follows by Stanford. Rosenberg then asks for him to be replaced by anyone else, saying WWE can even hire Sean Mooney if they want — anyone but Stanford.

Video Package – “Anything You Can Do, We Can Do Better” Tournament 

Next, we move to a video package telling the history behind the newest addition to the WWE Backlash 2020 lineup for tonight — The Street Profits vs. The Viking Raiders for the RAW World Tag-Team Championships. A short-running challenge between the two tag-teams with unique challenges including (but not limited to) golfing, axe throwing, and decathlons is highlighted.

The last-minute add of tonight’s match of Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits vs. Erik and Ivar of The Viking Raiders is the show-all, end-all challenge to put to rest the question of which is the greater tag-team. The Street Profits title is on the line, so the stakes are high!

Announcer’s Table Discussion

After that video package wraps up, we re-join the trio of Renee Young, Booker T and JBL who run down their in-depth thoughts and analysis on the RAW Tag-Team Title showdown scheduled for the PPV card later this evening.

Video Package – “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever”

As the team wrap up their thoughts, we are sent into yet another video package that adds to the hype for tonight’s main event — “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” between Edge and Randy Orton.

Commentary Team Welcome

Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe welcome us inside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. after that, as it’s time for the Kickoff Show match.

The WWE Backlash 2020 pre-show match will see Andrade challenge Apollo Crews for the WWE United States Championship. Andrade’s theme hits and out he comes accompanied by Zelina Vega.

Kevin Owens Joins Commentary 

Before the bell sounds to start things off for this Kickoff Show match-up, we hear the familiar theme of Kevin Owens over the speakers in the Performance Center!

Owens comes out and makes his way down to ringside, where he joins Phillips, Saxton and Joe on commentary for this match.

WWE United States Championship
Andrade vs. Apollo Crews (c)

Andrade makes his way to the ring first before the entrance of Kevin Owens to the commentary table. Out next is current WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins!

The two superstars immediately lock up in the center of the ring. Owens takes over on play-by-play and asks his fellow commentators if he’s gonna have to do their jobs tonight. Meanwhile, Apollo jumps off to an early offensive lead.

The action spills outside the ring where Andrade chokes Apollo before the U.S. champion hoists the challenger up and slams him down on the steel entrance ramp. He goes up to the apron and comes flying off, splashing onto Andrade on the floor in the process with a Standing Moonsault.

Apollo rolls Andrade back into the ring, Suplexes him and covers him for a two-count. On their feet, Apollo misses as he charges into the corner looking to splash onto Andrade. Andrade smiles big and follows up with double knees on Apollo in the corner as we see Zelina Vega cheering him on from ringside.

Andrade climbs to the top and after Chopping the hell out of each other up there, Andrade goes for a Double-Stomp on Apollo coming off, but misses. This leads to Apollo hitting a big Belly-to-Belly Throw Suplex on Andrade, with Andrade crashing into the turnbuckles in the corner in the process.

Apollo follows up by smashing his shoulder repeatedly into Andrade in the corner. He whips him into the opposing corner and hits him with a Spinebuster as he comes off the ropes. Apollo tries covering Andrade by only gets two. A beautiful Dropkick from Apollo levels Andrade as we get another camera shot of Kevin Owens watching on from the announce desk.

Owens keeps referencing Angel Garza over-and-over-and-over again throughout his commentary as Garza has been standing at ringside, by the way. Andrade and Apollo struggle over a Suplex over the ropes spot with one man on the apron outside the ropes and the other inside the ring. Finally, Andrade slingshots himself over Apollo, bringing him down to the canvas with force on his way into the ring.

Apollo stops Andrade on the top-rope now with a Military Press. He slams him down and hits a Moonsault. As Angel Garza hops on the apron after standing at ringside all match long, Owens drops his headset, leaves the announce desk and hits a Cutter on Garza, which distracts the stars in the ring, leading to Apollo’s Toss Powerbomb finisher for the pin fall victory.

Winner and Still WWE United States Champion: Apollo Crews

After the Match

Immediately following the match, we see some highlights of the action and then Kevin Owens joins Apollo Crews as the two head to the back in victory while Andrade and Zelina Vega flip out in anger in the ring.

Final Check-In With WWE Backlash 2020 Kickoff Show Panel

After the lone pre-show match on the WWE Backlash Kickoff Show, we head back to the Kickoff Show live studio where Scott Stanford and Peter Rosenberg run down some more action scheduled for tonight’s show, and throw to more pre-match video packages telling stories behind matches such as Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus and the Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley match for the WWE Championship.

That concludes the WWE Backlash 2020 Kick-Off Show. We then head over to the WWE Network for the main card which starts at 7:00 p.m. EST.

WWE Backlash 2020 Pay-Per-View Event

Backlash Opening

The Kick-off show ended, we head to the WWE Network as we transition to the pay-per-view broadcast.

“The Show” theme song for WWE Backlash 2020 plays with the familiar “Then and Now” start up and the WWE Forever logo leading us into the WWE Backlash 2020 pay-per-view event!

Video Package – Greatest Wrestling Match Ever

A video package of Randy Orton vs. Edge in “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” is highlighted as we kick off the pay-per-view. Highlights from The Viper, Randy Orton’s career in the WWE as well as Edge’s highlights. The defining moment, on this night, The Greatest. Wrestling Match. Ever.

Triple Threat Match
Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The Iiconics vs. Bayley & Sasha Banks (c)

As we head into the Performance Center, we get a quick glimpse of the audience behind the Plexiglas lining the ramp as well as around the squared circle. We hear the music for Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross as the two make their way down the ramp, Cross stopping to hug Michael Cole at the Announcer’s Table then jumps on the apron with an awaiting Bliss. The tag-team enters together and pose on the ropes.

We head backstage where Kayla Braxton is interviewing the current RAW Tag-Team Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks. As Kayla begins her first question, Bayley interrupts Kayla Braxton as she demands, “Kayla, have respect and introduce us properly.”

Braxton apologies and calls them by the names Bayley requested, then asks if there is a chance of Bayley and Sasha Banks losing their friendship if they lose the championship match. Banks answers for the two and shares that nothing can break up their friendship.

Sasha Banks music sounds as she makes her way to the stage and down the ramp to the ring. Bayley tells Kayla she knows Kayla is trying to get in her head and make her think she’s going to lose her best friend if they lose the match, but Bayley has no fear as they are truly the best of friends.

Bayley then tells Braxton to get out of her way as her music sounds in the Performance Center and Bayley heads to the stage and makes her way down the ramp, joining Banks who is waiting at the bottom of the ramp so the Women’s Tag-Team Champions can enter the ring together.

The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins!! Bayley, Nikki Cross and Billie Kay kicking things off inside the ring. Nikki Cross takes it to Bayley early on, and Bayley isn’t having it, so she tags out. Several tags later, we have Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks and Peyton Royce in the ring as the legal two.

A chaotic break-out as there are three separate brawls going on in the ring. The referee tries to regain control of the ring and the superstars inside! Bliss tags in Cross who shouts and goes for a Splash in the corner on Iiconics member Peyton.

A pin attempt by Peyton on Nikki, Sasha gives a blind tag to Bayley. Bayley runs in and the referee demands she leave the ring, stating he did not see the tag. Bayley exits under the ropes and once again Bayley and Sasha Banks hit a tag (dramatically showing the ref) as Bayley runs in.

Bliss gets the tag, immediately heading in at Bayley with multiple right-hands. “The Boss” takes over on offense soon thereafter. We keep having one of the three take a bump to the floor to leave the other two alone to duke it out. All six women end up in the ring at once, with pairs of two breaking off into striking exchanges.

When the smoke clears, Nikki Cross is tagged back in. She screams and begins running around — right into a kick from Royce. Bayley breaks up a pin attempt that followed, even though she wasn’t legal in the match. She is tagged in and now she is and she immediately goes to work on both ladies in the ring — Kay and Cross.

Bliss with a roll up Double Knee on Billie Kay. Bliss continues to take down each opponent in the ring. Double Crossbody. Bayley tags Sasha Banks who goes at it with Alexa on the apron.

Twisted Bliss on Billie, Sasha Banks quickly jumps in and rolls up Alexa Bliss for the three count pin and win for the Golden Role Models.

Winners and Still RAW Women’s Tag-Team Champions: Bayley & Sasha Banks

After the Match

Bayley and Sasha Banks celebrate their victory as they crawl all over the Announcer’s Table before heading up the ramp, chanting for themselves and cheering. We see Bayley at the top of the stage as her smile drops momentarily as she shouts, “Come on you stupid idiots, say it with us!” Bayley throws up a “peace sign” as we head to a video clip from earlier today.

Video Clip – Braun Strowman Earlier Today

We see Braun Strowman parking his Plymouth Grand National (newly fixed after The Miz and John Morrison smashed it with baseball bats) earlier today in the Performance Center parking lot as he arrives for tonight’s Backlash pay-per-view event.

Video Package – Sheamus and Jeff Hardy 

A video package airs highlighting the events between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy that led up to tonight’s match-up at Backlash!

Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

Out first for our second match of the evening, Jeff Hardy as the familiar entrance music sounds in the Performance Center. Hardy makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Out next is Sheamus who quickly makes his way to the ring. The referee signals for the bell, the match officially underway!

The bell sounds and these two lock up. Sheamus pushes Hardy back into a corner. The two break and lock up again. Hardy yanks a side-lock onto Sheamus, who pushes him into a corner. Sheamus hits Hardy with a cheap shot and begins going to work on him with big shots in the corner of the ring, yelling loudly at him for trying to embarass him on Friday Night SmackDown recently.

Hardy starts fighting back now, chopping away and stomping at the leg of Sheamus in an attempt to hamper the mobility and agility of his larger, stronger foe. After having some success with that approach, Hardy finds himself on the receiving end of more onslaught from Sheamus moments later, as he manhandles his smaller opponent with punishing offense. Once again, Hardy stops the assault and buys himself some time by taking out the knee of Sheamus.

Now Hardy is using another big trait of his — his quickness and innovative dare-devil style — as he runs and leaps off the ring steps, splashing onto Sheamus on the way down. Hardy continues to go to work on Sheamus on the floor.

Back in the ring, “The Celtic Warrior” takes back over the offensive control in the bout, blasting Hardy with clubbing blows in the corner of the ring. Now Sheamus picks up Hardy and hits a backwards kind of Suplex move, picking Hardy up in the Suplex position but instead slamming him in front of him frontwards, with Hardy’s legs crashing onto the ring post in a spot that can loudly be overheard on the broadcast.

Sheamus nails Hardy with another punishing spot seconds later and the announcers and Hardy himself are selling the hurt knee of Hardy. Sheamus takes a second away from dominating the action to yell at everyone in the building that is cheering Hardy on for all being enablers. He hits a brutal pair of English Curse Back-Breakers on Hardy for a near fall.

He stops once more to yell, this time at the announcers — insisting they do their jobs properly. This leads to Corey Graves of course informing the viewing audience at home that Sheamus was in fact talking only about Michael Cole when making that remark.

As things continue inside the ring, it’s all-Sheamus at this point, as Hardy has been lifeless for the past few minutes while Sheamus has his way with a wide-open run of the ring. Finally, Hardy shows some signs of life, which leads to a “Hardy! Hardy!” chant spreading throughout the WWE PC as Hardy fires up on offense for the first time since the beginning of the match.

Sheamus heads in for the Brogue Kick, Hardy reverses and counters with the Sling Blade. Hardy struggles to the apron, climbing the ropes out of breath. Sheamus quickly back to his feet, capitalizes.

Sheamus lands multiple blows, then heads to the top rope. Hardy trying to fight his way out of this. Hardy shoves Sheamus to the apron. Sheamus again gets up as Hardy prepares for the Swanton, throwing a strike at Hardy causing him to fall to the canvas in an awkward position.

White Noise by Sheamus for the two count. Sheamus looks shocked. Sheamus looks for the Texas Cloverleaf. Hardy doing his best to prevent the completion of the submission. The crowd begins to chant, “Jeff! Jeff!” Hardy makes it to the rope, forcing the break.

Sheamus utilizing the 5 count, not letting go until the very last second. Sheamus begins to kick Hardy around the ring. Hardy looks physically exhausted. Sheamus states, “I’m gonna help you with those demons!” as he proceeds to deliver several blows to the chest of Hardy who he draped over the top rope.

A low sing-song chant of, “Haaard-yy, Haaard-yy” is heard throughout the Performance Center.

Jeff throws Sheamus into the turnbuckle shoulder first then hits a Swanton Bomb for the two count as Sheamus gets his foot to the rope. Hardy runs across the barricade and Sheamus hits a nasty Brogue Kick on Hardy!! Sheamus rolls Hardy into the ring and hits another Brogue for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

After the Match

Sheamus holds his hand high as the bell rings declaring him the winner. Sheamus grabs Jeff by the face and then throws him back to the mat.

Sheamus then heads to the top turnbuckle as he shouts, then again as he stands at the top of the stage. We see Hardy looking disappointed and defeated as he sits in the ring, face paint smeared and heartbroken. We go to commercial.

Video Package – Asuka/Nia Jax

Asuka receiving the WWE Women’s Championship from Becky Lynch after Lynch’s announcement that she’s pregnant on the RAW after Money in the Bank. Asuka having unknowingly won the Women’s Title at the MITB pay-per-view the night before when obtaining the briefcase.

Nia Jax then mocking Asuka for being handed the championship due to “hormones” adding she will be the new champion as she’s more worthy and she will bulldoze over Asuka at Backlash.

RAW Women’s Title Match
Nia Jax vs. Asuka

Out first is Nia Jax as her music sounds in the Performance Center. Next to the ring is the WWE RAW Women’s Champion, Asuka. Asuka makes her way to the ring joining Jax.

The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match is officially underway! Asuka heads in with kicks and strikes to start things off in this match up. Nia grabs Asuka, Asuka reverses, going for the Sleeper on Nia.

Nia lands a Headbutt putting Asuka in the corner of the ring. Asuka slams Nia face first into the top turnbuckle. Asuka heads in for the Octopus, looking to secure a submission victory. Nia swings Asuka off her back followed by a Clothesline.

Nia throws Asuka across the ring with ease followed by a Slam on Asuka for a pin attempt. The crowd begins to chant “Asuka! Asuka!” Asuka kicks out at two.

Back to here feet, Asuka is whipped off the ropes by Nia who then catches Asuka for a Spine Buster and another near-fall. Asuka looks for another submission attempt to no avail.

Nia with the Jax Hammer for yet another two count. Nia mocks Asuka asking, “Where’s Kairi?” Asuka with angry momentum goes after Nia as she picks up the pace, hitting a few good moves for a pin attempt of her own.Nia kicks out.

Asuka lands multiple kicks and strikes on Nia. Nia looking tired. Asuka lands the Hip Attack. Nia kicks out. Both women back to their feet. Nia then dominates Asuka with a Body Slam for the two count. Asuka back to her feet, Nia back to her feet and lands her right shoulder into the post!

Asuka out to the apron, Nia on her knees on the canvas, Asuka makes her way to the top turnbuckle, Asuka fell off the top, Nia caught her but Asuka locks in an Arm Bar. Nia falls to ringside, Asuka locks in another Arm Bar. Nia breaks the submission attempt on the barricade. Asuka hits a massive Kick on Nia and attempts to roll back in, too late as the ref already counted to ten.

Winner and Still Champion By Count-Out: Asuka

After the Match

Asuka slams her fists against the mat at the count-out. Asuka is announced to still be the RAW Women’s Champion at which time she flies out of the ring onto Nia before taking her belt and heading up the ramp.

Backstage – MVP 

MVP is on a phone call as Lana walks up to MVP and states that she doesn’t approve of his rule that she stay away from ringside during husband Bobby Lashley’s matches.

MVP interrupts her as he tells Lana to talk to her own husband, adding he knows she isn’t going to do that because she doesn’t want to hear what he’ll say. MVP then states he has to attend to the “NEW” heavyweight champion.

Video Package – Strowman/Miz and Morrison
A video package highlighting the events leading up to the Braun Strowman vs. The Miz and John Morrison Handicap Match set for tonight’s Backlash pay-per-view.

WWE Universal Title 3-Man Handicap Match
The Miz & John Morrison vs. Braun Strowman

Out first is The Miz as his music sounds in the Performance Center, immediately followed by John Morrison as they pose for their slow-motion pose before making their way down the ramp and entering the ring as they await their opponent for this handicap match-up.

The Miz on the microphone in-ring states he feels he needs a little something to “pump him up”. Morrison agrees, stating they need a music video. “Hey, Hey-Hey Hoo” Debut! We immediately head into the comedic video mocking the current Universal Champion, Braun Strowman.
The music video does not finish, however, as the music and subsequent ring entrance of “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman cuts it off. It’s time for our handicap Universal title match here at WWE Backlash. Strowman throws The Miz out of the ring, followed my John Morrison in the early goings. Both Miz and Morrison back in the ring as Strowman heads to the outside. Morrison with a Kick knocking Strowman off the apron.
Miz and Morrison double team Strowman as Morrison flies over the top rope taking down Strowman as he lands into the turnbuckle. Miz immediately re-enters the ring with Strowman, landing strikes and a Headlock. Strowman back to his feet, squashing Miz into the turnbuckle as Morrison gets the tag. Morrison with several kicks and strikes, keeping Strowman on the canvas inside the ring. Morrison tags The Miz back in and the two hit a Double DDT. Strowman kicks out. The Miz back to his feet, circling Strowman, preparing for Strowman to get back to his feet.
Miz lands several Kicks on Strowman, knocking Strowman back to the canvas again. Strowman sends The Miz almost all the way across the ring, Miz tags in Morrison. Strowman runs at Morrison and runs into the corner slamming his shoulder. Running Knee by Morrison before tagging in Miz. Miz off the top, landing on Strowman inside the ring. Miz tags in Morrison, Skull Crushing Stomp from behind, Morrison goes for the cover. Miz grabs Morrison, wanting to execute the pin himself.
Morrison looking stunned, realizing he made a mistake, puts Morrison back on top of Strowman. Strowman kicks out, throwing Morrison out of the ring. Miz attempts to strike Strowman who now quickly hitting Miz with a Choke Slam. Miz rolls out of the ring. Morrison attempts to re-enter the ring, over the top rope where Strowman catches Morrison and delivers a Power Slam for the three count pin and win.
Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Braun Strowman
Backstage – AJ Styles Interview
Backstage, Kayla Braxton is with “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles. He announces a big segment for this coming week’s episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown to celebrate his WWE Intercontinental Championship victory in the tournament finals on this past week’s show.
Styles then adds he’s probably the greatest champion in history, why not have the greatest championship celebration in history? Styles wants everyone there, including Daniel Bryan.He states Bryan is a tough competitor and a strong athlete, followed by exclaiming Daniel Bryan just isn’t… phenomenal.
Finally, Styles walks off, ending the interview.
Video PackageThe video package for tonight’s WWE Championship showdown between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley airs now. Our WWE title match of the evening is up next here at WWE Backlash 2020

WWE Championship Title Match
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Bobby Lashley

(PRE-Match In-Ring)
As the video package comes to an end, we head back to the Performance Center where we hear the entrance music for Bobby Lashley sound. Lashley makes his way to the stage accompanied by MVP, the two make their way down the ramp and enter the ring. Out next is the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre as his music sounds in the Performance Center. McIntyre makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with awaiting opponent, Lashley.
Lashley with a look of serious anger as McIntyre looks calm and ready for tonight’s match-up. MVP touches McIntyre’s belt, McIntyre shoves MVP off. Lashley gets the Full Nelson locked in on McIntyre before the referee signals for the bell. The referee signals for help as several WWE officials enter the ring to assist. The two are broken up, McIntyre trying to catch his breath as he is asked if he can continue. McIntyre nods.
(Official Match begins)
The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Lashley rushes back in and powers McIntyre into the corner. Lashley tosses McIntyre to the canvas for a pin attempt. McIntyre kicks out. Lana is seen watching from a screen backstage with a smile. Back in the ring, Lashley shoving his foot into the throat of McIntyre in the corner. McIntyre lands a Knee to the midsection and multiple Chops on Lashley. Lashley levels McIntyre for another pin attempt. McIntyre kicks out at one.
Lashley attempts the cover once again, again McIntyre kicks out immediately. Back to their feet McIntyre gets the Standing Switch, hitting the Northern Light Suplex with a Standing Bridge Cover. Lashley kicks out, taking back control of the match-up. Lashley grabs McIntyre by the hair, shoving McIntyre throat first into the second rope followed by a boot to the chest of McIntyre. Lashley picks McIntyre up onto his shoulder, McIntyre kicks back to the canvas and Clotheslines Lashley over the top rope. McIntyre shoves Lashley into the Plexiglas. Lashley goes for a lift on McIntyre, almost landing him head first on the outside of the ring!!
Lashley over the barricade. McIntyre slams Lashley outside of the ring. Both men make their way back into the ring. Back and forth action between the two monsters inside the ring. Spine Buster by McIntyre for the two count on Lashley. Lashley lands a Spine Buster on McIntyre for a pin attempt, McIntyre kicks out at one.
Then Lashley looks to the ref for confirmation, holding up 1 finger. Lashley lands a Flatliner on McIntyre for another pin attempt. McIntyre kicks out at one, once again. Lashley attempts to lock in the Full Nelson on McIntyre once again, McIntyre struggling and keeping him from locking it in. Lashley switches up, throwing strikes. McIntyre picks Lashley up and the Reverse Alabama Slam by McIntyre for the two count.
McIntyre off the top, Lashley catches McIntyre for an Arm Bar switching into a Neck Breaker. McIntyre takes control, Lashley counters and reverses with an Ankle Lock. McIntyre with a Spear followed by the Kimora.
Lashley grabs the bottom rope. The crowd hyping McIntyre. McIntyre slams Lashley into the top turnbuckle as both men head to the top, McIntyre hits a Superplex, both men laying flat on the apron. McIntyre counts down for the Claymore, Lashley counters with a Spear, McIntyre kicks out at one!
Lana heads down to the ring, telling the referee he cheated. Lashley accidentally hits Lana who is falls into MVP, McIntyre capitalizes on the distraction getting the three count on Lashley! McIntyre capitalizes on the distraction hitting the Claymore for the three count on Lashley!
Winner and Still WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre
After the Match
Lashley exits the ring and walks over to Lana who is still sitting on the floor, Lashley’s hands on his hips. Lashley walks past Lana without helping her up. McIntyre celebrates in the center of the ring.
Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders
In the parking lot, Street Profits are brawling with The Viking Raiders when they accidentally slam into Braun Strowman’s car, re-smashing the windshield. Backstage, the brawl continues as Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are holding golf clubs, Ivar and Erik of the Viking Raiders begin hissing, Erik holds up a hatchet as Ivar holds up a bright green bowling ball.
Montez decides they all put their weapons down at the same time and fight like men. Everyone holds their hands up. Montez asks, “What did the five fingers say to the face?” Angelo states, “I know…” as the Street Profits lay the SMACK down on the Viking Raiders. Ivar sits up and picks up the bowling ball, thinking back as we see a video clip/dream package of the four bowling.
Ivar lands the ball right between Montez Ford’s legs. Ivar pats Montez on the shoulder and states, “Sorry fam!” Ivar checks on Erik. Montez and Ivar enter through the broken glass as Angelo states “Anything you can do” Erik responds, “We can do better”. Ivar asks “Why did you put me through glass?” Erik tells Street Profits to take it outside.
As the four are ready to fight, a motorcycle revs, then multiple motorcycles rev up in a line.
The ninja shakes and holds his hand up as all the ninjas draw closer. An all out spoof ninja brawl ensues with flying chicken legs, back-flips, and body bumps. Erik and Ivar smash the back windshield of poor Braun Strowman’s car with a ninja. Angelo and Erik stand back to back as they look for anymore ninjas.
Erik, Ivar, Montez, and Angelo all fist bump freeze frame mid-air.Suddenly, a massively tall black ninja appears as the original ninja smiles and nods. Erik signals for a chicken leg and it flies to him as he takes a bite. The black ninja pulls his sword out. Ivar state, “I got this you guys!” Street Profits and Erik state, “No you don’t!” and pull him back as they climb a ladder and begin to run across some semi trucks.
The four then argue over who beat up the ninjas as Erik asks Ivar what the five fingers said to the face and they begin to brawl again. Erik and Angelo fall into the garbage dumpster, We’re supposed to be the Viking Profits! Ivar pushes Montez and then flips in willingly. A referee asks them what they’re doing stating their match is next.
The four Viking Profits suddenly hear a rumbling inside the dumpster and some sort of trash monster reaches out for them officially ending the cinematic match.
We head to commercial.
Video Clip – Undertaker Docu-Series
The Undertaker’s “Last Ride” Docu-Series is highlighted as Chapter Four is set to air on WWE Network immediately following the WWE Backlash 2020 pay-per-view event.
Announcer’s Table
Byron Saxton states Chapter Four of the Undertaker’s Last Ride Docu-Series airs tonight following Backlash. Samoa Joe shifts the focus to clips from earlier tonight as we head into a commercial.
Video Package
A video package highlighting the events leading up to tonight’s match between Edge and Randy Orton airs.

The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever
Randy Orton vs. Edge

As we return to the Performance Center, we hear first the entrance theme for the The Viper, Randy Orton! Orton makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Out next, The Rated R Superstar, the one and only Edge! Edge makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with his opponent for this main event match-up, The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever seconds away! 
Both superstars are officially announced as they stand across from one another inside the ring. The match can be won by pin fall, count-out, submission, or disqualification. The bell rings and the greatest wrestling match ever officially begins!!
Intensity fills the Performance Center as the two superstars circle the ring sizing one another up. Orton takes a hold of Edge in a Headlock. The pace is picked up, Orton falls into multiple Deep Arm Drags by Edge. Edge reaches for another, Orton stops short. Edge locks his arm around the head of Orton, Orton grabs the hair of Edge. The referee shouts at Orton. Orton locks in a Scissor Hold around the neck of Edge.
Orton smiling, one step quicker again. Edge regroups as The Viper shifts from one foot to another. Edge and Orton lock up, Orton shoves Edge into the ropes then throws Edge off the ropes, Orton trips Edge out of the ring. Edge walks around outside of the ring. The referee begins to count. Edge returns to the ring at seven.
Orton delivers a Knee to the midsection of Edge. Orton shoves Edge out of the ring, Orton and Edge back and forth slide into the ride, Orton goes around the ring post where Edge is waiting with a Kick to the face of Orton. Both men back in the ring, Orton lands a shot the midsection of Edge followed by an Uppercut.
Edge shoves Orton off the ropes and with another Arm Drag drops Orton to the canvas. Edge locks in a Shoulder Lock. Edge back to his feet, keeping the hold in until Orton lifts Edge, Edge twirks the shoulder of Orton causing him to drop Edge who has control once again. Orton reverses for a Waist Lock on Edge, Edge looking for the counter as he grabs the fingers of Orton. Edge flips Orton over his shoulder for another take-down. Edge up to one knee as Orton lands a shot to the ribs of Edge, then another.
Orton with a Stomp to the left foot of Edge in the corner of the ring. Orton throws Edge into the corner, Edge looking for the Head Scissors rolls and sends Orton to the outside. Edge heads to the top turnbuckle, Edge hits Straight Right slowing Edge down.
Orton on the apron, climbs to the second rope, dragging Edge with him looking for a Suplex to the outside. Orton grabs Edge, Edge counters with a Headbutt, then another. Edge sits on the top turnbuckle then off the turnbuckle lands a blow to Orton busting Orton wide open!! The crowd begins chanting, “This is awesome!”
Edge slides back into the ring with a new sense of promise, Edge delivers multiple strikes to the split open face of Orton. Edge delivers a Knee Strike to the midsection of Orton, sending him to the ropes on the opposite side. Another Knee Strike followed by a Side Leg-Sweep and immediately locks in a Cross-face. Orton gets his foot on the rope after struggling across the ring. RKO attempt, Edge dodges it. Edge looks for the Anti Venom, Orton slides out. Edge hits a few good strikes on Orton.
Orton hits a Modified Back Breaker (more of a Neck Breaker) on Edge. Edge rolls out of the ring looking stunned. Orton stalking his prey as he walks around ringside. Orton slams Edge neck-first into the Plexiglas, then the apron, then the barricade, then the Announcer’s table before rolling in the ring to reset the count. Orton rolls back out of the ring, slamming Edge into the steel stairs at ringside. The referee gets to six, Orton rolls in to reset the count once again before returning to Edge.
Orton slams Edge into the Announce Desk, then on top of it before whispering something in his ear. Orton rolls Edge back into the ring for a pin attempt, Edge kicks out at two! Orton back to his feet as he stomps the right hand of Edge. Orton then proceeds to Stomp the knee and hand of Edge over and over. Orton grabs Edge by his hairand hits a Boot to the face of Edge. 
Edge lands a few good stomps of his own on Orton. Orton going for the Three Amigos a’la Eddie Guerrero, Edge attempts to block. Edge then counters hitting the three flips on Orton! Both superstars are laid out in the center of the ring. Edge and Orton light up each others chests before getting to their knees and continuing to deliver Chops back and forth. Both men to their feet now, staggering as they continue to throw Chops! Edge shoves Orton into the corner lighting up Orton’s chest with more Chops.
A Dropkick by Orton causes Edge to exit the ring. The referee begins the count once again. Orton walks around the ring, looking for Edge once again. Edge laying his head on the apron, Orton drags Edge by his arm, slamming Edge into the ring post and turnbuckle from the outside. Orton returns to the ring, dragging Edge in.
Orton attempts to drag Edge to the top turnbuckle from the apron. Orton delivers several blows to the back of Edge. Orton looking for a Suplex, Edge to his feet. Superplex by Orton!! Edge looks paralyzed on the canvas! Orton is clearly hurt. Orton goes for the cover, Edge kicks out at two!
Edge heads to the top, finally successfully delivering a Crossbody on Orton for anotherpin attempt by Edge, Orton once again kicks out at two! Orton with a quick roll up of his own, Edge kicks out at two. Edge locks in a Crossface, then slides it under Orton’s throat. Orton refusing to give up, turning purple, Orton counters, rolling Edge for a two count. Olympic Slam by Orton for the cover, Edge kicks out!

Edge catches Orton in motion and hits a Power Bomb! A mixture of “Let’s Go Orton!” countered by “Let’s Go Edge!” from the crowd.Orton throws Edge over the top turnbuckle landing Edge on the outside of the ring. The referee begins to count. Orton with a look of disgust as he drags Edge up and nods landing Edge face first to the canvas.

Edge’s eyes glazed over. Orton crawls away as Edge’s foot is on the bottom rope. Orton is stalking Edge, slamming his fists on the canvas. Orton reaches for the RKO, Edge counters with the Edge-O-Matic for a two count!

Edge gets a crazed look on his face as he gets back to his feet. Edge measuring up Orton… Orton to his feet Orton thinks about the Power Slam Edge hits the I’m Prettier for yet another two account!

Another “This is AWESOME! This is AWESOME!” chant from the crowd as both superstars crawl across the ring, Edge lands a strike to the back of Orton. Orton whips Edge off the ropes and drapes Edge over the top turnbuckle. Edge struggles to his feet as Orton goes for the Pedigree, Edge kicks OUT!

Orton looks amazed and shocked as the referee says it was only two. Orton gives a skeptical smug look, but continues on. Edge hits the Rock Bottom! What move is left for the greatest wrestling match ever? Edge looks to go for the Sharp Shooter, Orton shoves Edge to the canvas. Both superstars are back to back with their arms locked, a kick to the back of the knee sends Orton to the canvas. Orton lands an Uppercut on Edge.

The crowd is going crazy! Orton looking for a DDT, Edge drops Orton onto the top rope, Edge slides in under Ortons legs and gets a two count, then rolls up for another two count. Orton finally hits an RKO for a count of 2.9999! Orton struts over to Edge, hovering over him as he breathes, slowly.

Orton takes a few steps away from Edge, gearing up with a sense of calm. Edge hits a SPEAR! Edge is wide-eyed. Edge with ANOTHER spear for the cover, Orton kicks out at two. Edge sits stunned in the center of the ring.

Edge back to his feet as Orton holds his midsection, crawling on his knees to the ring post. Orton hits an RKO, Edge kicks out! The crowd is stunned, Orton is stunned, I’m stunned. What next?!

Orton goes low then hits a Punt to the face of Edge for the pin and finally gets the three count!!

Winner: Randy Orton!!

After the Match

Orton crawls over to Edge and leans into Edge’s ear and in a whisper states, “Go Home. Go home, be with Beth, be with your kids, tell them Uncle Randy said “hi”.” Orton pats Edge’s chest as the referee lifts Orton’s hand in victory.

Replays are shown.

Orton exits the ring. Medics head to ringside with a stretcher and backboard. Edge sits up and shoves the backboard away as the medics attempt to put Edge on. Edge crawls to the ropes, Orton drops his head as he watches on from the ramp. Edge’s eyes closed, climbs to his feet inside the ring.

The show ends with The Viper standing tall at the top of the stage, giving a devious smirk and a quick wink as the show fades to black.

*That concludes the June 14th WWE Backlash 2020 pay-per-view event. Be sure to check back right here at wrestling-edge.com for the latest in wrestling news! Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay awesome! Jamie Rush, signing off!!*

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