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WWE Battleground 2017 recap & reaction

Kickoff Show:

Aiden English vs Tye Dillinger

Aiden English came down to the ring and performed a song before the match. English referred to himself as the greatest thing the crowd will ever see and then proceeded to shush them when they began to boo. JBL then referred to Aiden English as “Adrian English”. The crowd chanted “10!” as Tye Dillinger made his way to the ring. English knocked Dillinger to the mat to start off the match and then took some time to pose in the ring as the crowd booed.

Dillinger connected with an Arm Drag and the “10!” chants broke out again. English sent Dillinger into the turnbuckle but Tye responded by leveling English with a Clothesline. Aiden connected with a headbutt then kneed Dillinger in the back and he went flying face-first into the second turnbuckle. Aiden English then posed in the ring and the Kickoff Show went to a commercial break.

When the Kickoff Show returned, English was still in control and had Dillinger in a Chin Lock. English then started singing “he’s not going anywhere” while the Chin Lock was applied. The crowd chanted “10!” as Tye powered his way back to his feet and broke the hold. Aiden leaped off the second rope but Dillinger was ready and connected with a Dropkick to English’s midsection.

Tye connected with a series of Clotheslines and then pulled down his knee pad. Dillinger went for the Tye Breaker but Aiden rolled out of the ring. Aiden returned to the ring and was planted with a Spinebuster from Dillinger for a two count. Tye perched English up on the top turnbuckle and joined him up there. Aiden headbutted Dillinger to the mat and connected with a Crossbody but Tye rolled through for a pinfall but Aiden kicked out. Aiden slammed Tye to the mat for a two count and English started to get frustrated in the ring. English then mocked Tye’s “10!” chant. English then slammed Dillinger face-first into the mat and pinned him for the victory.

Winner: Aiden English

Reaction: Dillinger was very popular in NXT, but I was worried when he joined the main roster that WWE wouldn’t know what to do with him and he’d become just another guy. After losing to Aiden English clean during WWE Battleground’s Kickoff Show, I think that it is clear that WWE doesn’t see a lot in Dillinger right now.

Main Card:

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos (c) vs New Day

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were in the match and Big E was ringside. Kofi and Woods beatdown Jey to start off the match. Jimmy and Jey then isolated Woods in the corner and beat the hell out of him the next couple of minutes. Jey connected with a spin kick for a two count.

Jimmy was tagged in and he headbutted woods and Xavier fell to the mat in the corner. Jey got back into the match and shouted “too easy” as he leaped off the top rope onto Woods. Jey perched Woods up on the top rope and punched him in the face. Jey connected with a couple of chops and then went for a Superplex but Woods blocked it. Woods headbutted Jey three times and he finally fell to the mat. Woods then hit a Dropkick off the top rope and both Superstars fell to the mat.

Kofi and Jimmy were then tagged in. Kingston connected with a Dropkick onto Jimmy and followed it up with a Clothesline. Kofi hit the Boom Drop and started pumping up the crowd. Kofo went for a kick but Jimmy ducked. Kofi then punted Jey’s face from the ring apron. Jimmy charged at Kofi on the apron but missed and went flying outside the ring.

Kofi tried to leap onto both Jimmy and Jey outside the ring but they caught him and planted him with a Powebombed outside the ring. Back in the ring, Woods slammed Jimmy face-first into the mat for a two count. Jimmy lifted Woods up onto his shoulders and slammed him into the turnbuckle. Jey was then tagged in and connected with a Samoan Drop for a two count.

Jey charged at Woods in the corner but Xavier connected with an elbow. Jey hit Woods with a right hand and tagged in Jimmy. Woods battled back and climbed to the top turnbuckle. Woods leaped towards Jey Uso but Jimmy flew into frame and connected with a Superkick for a two count as the crowd chanted “this is awesome!”.

Jimmy locked in a half Boston Crab on Woods in the middle of the ring. Woods screamed in agony as he slowly tried to make his way to the bottom rope. Big E tried to fire him up by slamming on the ring apron and Woods was able to finally reach the ropes. Kofi was then tagged in and planted Jimmy with the Midnight Hour for a two count.

Jimmy connected with a Superkick onto Kofi and then tagged in Jey who hit a Splash off the top rope and Kofi still kicked out. Jimmy was tagged in and he made his way to the top rope. Jey climbed up on the other side and Woods shoved him to the floor outside the ring. Woods was tagged in and Kofi hit Jimmy with the Trouble in Paradise. Woods then connected with an Elbow Drop off the top rope onto Jimmy for the victory.

Winners & New Tag Team Champions: New Day

Reaction: The Usos and New Day put on a terrific match tonight at WWE Battleground. The two teams work excellent together and I wouldn’t mind seeing this feud continue into SummerSlam.

Baron Corbin vs Shinsuke Nakamura

The crowd chanted “Nakamura!” to start off the match and Corbin got right in Shinsuke’s face. Nakamura landed the first punch but Corbin quickly took control and sent Nakamura to the corner. Shinsuke battled back and connected with a series of kicks and Corbin rolled out of the ring to regroup. Nakamura dared Corbin to get back into the ring but Corbin took his time. Nakamura then rolled out of the ring and Corbin got back into the ring at the same time and taunted Nakamura.

Nakamura got back into the ring and Corbin connected with a right hand that knocked Nakamura to the mat. Corbin taunted the crowd and kneed Shinsuke in the chest. Corbin locked in the Bear Hug on Shinsuke in the middle of the ring. Nakamura hit a series of elbows to break the hold. Corbin went for a Body Slam but Nakamura blocked it and locked in a Triangle submission hold while Corbin was still standing. Corbin broke the hold and connected with a big boot for a two count.

Baron launched Shinsuke out of the ring and then slammed him into the barricade. The action returned to the ring and Corbin remained in control of the match. A “Corbin sucks!” chant broke out in the Wells Fargo Center. Corbin shouted “I’m doing pretty good dummies!” and then locked Nakamura in the Bear Hug again.

Shinsuke once again battled out of the hold. Corbin went for a Chokeslam but Nakamura connected with a kick. Shinsuke hit a running Dropkick and connected with a flurry of jabs while Corbin was trapped in the corner. Nakamura lifted Corbin up and draped him across the top rope and kneed him in the midsection twice. Nakamura went for the cover but Corbin powered out at two.

Corbin leveled Nakamura with a tremendous Clothesline and went for the cover but Nakamura kicked out at two. Corbin went for a Suplex but Nakamura countered into a series of knees into Corbin’s face and chest. Nakamura then lifted Corbin up for a Suplex but elected to drop Baron face-first to the mat instead. Nakamura went for the Kinshasa but Corbin caught him and planted him with Deep Six for a two count.

Corbin went for another Chokeslam but Shinsuke countered it into a Backstabber. Nakamura then booted Corbin in the face and then followed it up with a kick to the back of Baron’s neck. Shinsuke pumped up the crowd as Corbin was laid out on the mat. Nakamura waited for Corbin to get up but he didn’t. Nakamura then picked Corbin up by the hair and Baron hit a vicous low-blow. Baron Corbin was then disqualified. Corbin had a grin on his face after the match and celebrated with the MITB contract.

After the match, Corbin attacked Nakamura with the briefcase and planted Nakamura with the End of Days.

Winner via DQ: Shinsuke Nakamura

Reaction: I figured that Corbin would have cheated to win, but instead he booted Nakamura below the belt and got himself disqualified. I thought this match was mediocre at best. I enjoyed Corbin barking back at the crowd while they were giving him a hard time. The crowd booed Corbin as he celebrated after the match at the top of the entrance ramp. WWE clearly has big plans for Corbin in the near future and they are trying their best to make the crowd hate him before he cashes in the MITB contract.

Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match To Determine #1 Contender For SmackDown Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch vs Tamina vs Lana vs Natalya vs Charlotte

SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi joined commentary for this match. Charlotte went after Lana to start off the match and connected with a couple of chops. Lana then escaped out of the ring and Tamina attacked Charlotte. Tamina connected with a headbutt and Charlotte rolled out of the ring.

Lana dragged Becky out of the ring and slung her into the announce table. Lana then dragged Natalya out of the ring and then got back into the ring with Tamina. Charlotte joined them in the ring and was immediately beaten down by Tamina and Lana. Tamina held Charlotte up and Lana booted her in the face.

Charlotte pulled Tamina down by the hair and stomped on her. Tamina got up and attacked Charlotte before she could attack Lana. Tamina once again slammed Charlotte to the mat and then followed it up by launching Charlotte into the turnbuckle. Lana and Tamina then stomped on Charlotte in the corner.

Becky Lynch got back into the ring and attacked Lana. Charlotte and Becky both hit Exploder Suplexes onto Tamina and Lana at the same time. Becky and Charlotte then started battling and Charlotte connected with a Neckbreaker. Natalya then sprinted into the ring and hit a Dropkick onto Charlotte for a two count.

Becky planted Natalya with an Exploder Suplex. Lana then charged at Becky and Lynch planted her with an Exploder Suplex. Tamina then connected with a Superkick onto Becky Lynch and then planted Natalya with a Samoan Drop. Charlotte got back into the ring and knocked Tamina to the mat and she rolled out of the ring. Natalya then leveled Charlotte with a Clothesline and locked in the Sharpshooter onto Charlotte in the middle of the ring. Lana charged into the ring and hit Natalya with a running Bulldog.

Becky then locked in the Dis-Arm-Her onto Lana and Tamina got into the ring and booted her in the face. Tamina then planted Becky Lynch with a Samoan Drop and then followed it up with a Spear onto Charlotte through the second rope. Becky locked in the Dis-Arm-Her to Lana again but Tamina broke it up. Becky locked Tamina in the Dis-Arm-Her and Tamina tapped out and was eliminated. Becky once again locked in the Dis-Arm-Her on Lana and Lana tapped out.

Natalya then rolled up Becky Lynch and grabbed her tights for leverage and Becky was eliminated. It was all of the sudden down to just Charlotte and Natalya in the match. Charlotte planted Natalya with a big boot for a two count. Natalya locked in an Arm Bar but Charlotte lifted her up and slammed her to the mat with a Powerbomb for a two count. Charlotte went for a Moonsault off the top rope but Natalya got her knees up. Natalya followed it up by slamming Charlotte’s head into the turnbuckle for the victory.

After the match, Naomi got into the ring and tried to shake Natalya’s hand. Natalya refused and walked away.

Winner & #1 Contender For SmackDown Women’s Championship: Natalya

Reaction: Once it got down to Charlotte and Natalya, I thought it was just a matter of time before Charlotte won. I didn’t see Natalya winning this match at all, because it seems like she never wins anything. I wasn’t a fan of how this match was executed. Tamina, Lana and Becky were eliminated within moments of each other and the finish of the match happened a short time after that. It felt like the match was going to be given a substantial amount of time and then all of the sudden everyone was eliminated.

United States Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Owens

Owens started off the match in control and quickly applied a Chin Lock. Styles broke the hold but was knocked to the mat with a shoulder tackle by Owens. Styles then knocked Owens to the mat and Owens rolled out of the ring to regroup. Back in the ring, Styles planted Owens with a Dropkick and Owens once again rolled out of the ring.

Styles followed Owens outside the ring and launched him into the barricade. Styles tried to leap onto Owens on the barricade but Owens got out of the way and Styles hit the barricade head-first. Owens then lifted Styles up and slammed in into the ring post. Owens then brought Styles back into the ring and beat him down for a bit. Owens shouted “and that is why I am the real champ!” and the crowd booed.

Owens slowed the match down again and applied a Chin Lock in the middle of the ring. Owens shouted “I’m the Phenomenal One!” as the hold was locked in. AJ finally battled back to his feet but Owens dragged him back to the mat by his hair. Owens went for a Senton but Styles got his knees up. Owens responded by planting Styles with a DDT for a two count. Owens once again applied the Headlock in the middle of the ring.

AJ battled out of the hold and connected with a series of kicks and then knocked Owens to the mat with a Clothesline. Styles hit Owens with a forearm and then slammed Owens face-first into the mat for a two count. AJ went for the Styles Clash but Owens escaped. Styles then planted Owens with a Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker for a two count.

Styles went for the springboard 450 Splash but Owens got his knees up. Owens went for the quick cover but Styles kicked out at two. Owens hit the Cannonball for another two count and shouted at the referee in the ring. Owens perched Styles up on the top turnbuckle and hit him with a chop across the chest. Styles escaped off the turnbuckle, put Owens in the Torture Rack and then slammed Owens to the mat for a two count.

AJ climbed up to the top turnbuckle but Owens sprung to his feet and hit the ropes and Styles fell crotch-first onto the turnbuckle. Owens went for the Superplex but Styles escaped and bounced Owens’ head off the top turnbuckle. AJ went for the Phenemenal Forearm but Owens rolled out of the ring and tripped Styles up on the ring apron. Styles fell onto his shoulder and then Owens slammed that shoulder into the ring post.

Styles connected with a Pele Kick and went for the Styles Clash but his shoulder gave out. Owens then lifted AJ up and threw him across the ring into the official. Owens leveled Styles with a Superkick. Owens went for the Pop-Up Powerbomb but Styles reversed it into the Calf Crusher in the middle of the ring. Owens countered the Calf Crusher into a Crossface as the official started to get back to his feet. Styles then locked Owens into a Crossface of his own. Owens then reversed it into a pinfall for the victory.

Winner & New United States Champion: Kevin Owens

Reaction: This match started out incredibly slow but picked up towards the end. The finish of the match was clunky. I haven’t been all that entertained by this feud and I’m hoping that Styles quickly gets his rematch so it can come to an end.

Jinder Mahal was shown working out with a resistance band backstage. The Singh Brothers informed Jinder Mahal that they cannot help him in his match tonight with Randy Orton. Mahal said that he alone will put an end to Orton’s legacy in the Punjabi Prison and he is not alone because of the 1.3 billion people in India that have his back. Mahal then continued to exercise with the resistance band.

Flag Match: John Cena vs Rusev

Rusev connected with a Clothesline early and controlled the first few minutes of this match. The crowd at the Wells Fargo Center was now completely silent. Cena battled back and connected with a couple right hands. Rusev then planted him with a DDT and mocked the crowd in the ring.

Cena battled back and hit Rusev with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Rusev planted Cena with a Spinebuster and threw him out of the ring. Cena got back into the ring but Rusev slammed him to mat. Rusev grabbed the Bulgarian flag hung above the turnbuckle. Cena connected with a Dropkick that knocked Rusev to the mat. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment and then climbed up the turnbuckle. Rusev brought him back down to the mat before Cena could grab the American flag. Cena then locked in the STF in the middle of the ring.

Finally, John Cena began climbing the turnbuckle and unhooked the American flag. Rusev booted Cena in the face and both flags were on the mat. Cena tried to bring the American flag up the entrance ramp but Rusev attacked him from behind. Rusev then slammed the steel steps into Cena’s head. Rusev then grabbed the Bulgarian flag and started making his way up the entrance ramp.

Cena grabbed Rusev’s leg and then the two battled on top of the entrance ramp. Cena threw Rusev into the LED board by the entrance ramp. Cena leaped off the American podium set up on the entrance ramp but Rusev caught him and planted him with the Fallaway Slam. The crowd started to come to life again when Rusev set up two tables on the entrance ramp. The crowd even broke out in an “ECW!” chant for a couple of seconds.

Rusev went for the Attitude Adjustment onto Cena off the podium, but Cena shoved Rusev off the steps. Rusev and Cena then connected with a Clothesline at the same time and both Superstars fell down on the entrance ramp. Cena then grabbed the American flag and made his way up the American podium. Rusev grabbed the flag stand and struck Cena with it and Cena fell off the podium. Rusev then locked in the Accolade on the entrance ramp.

Rusev grabbed the Bulgarian flag and made his way up the Bulgarian podium. Rusev tried to put the flag into the stand but Cena blocked him. Rusev dropped the flag and kicked Cena in the face. Rusev went for the Accolade again but Cena lifted him up onto his shoulders, climbed the American podium and connected with an Attitude Adjustment through the two tables on the entrance ramp. Cena then put the American flag into the stand on the American podium for the victory.

Winner: John Cena

Reaction: I hated everything about this match. Once Rusev set up the tables next to the American podium, the finish was so predictable. I immediately knew that Cena would hit the Attitude Adjustment through the tables. JBL then made the bogus claim after the match that this could have been Cena’s biggest victory of his career. I doubt anyone will remember this match a month from now. I can’t help but think Rusev deserves better and this victory really does nothing for Cena at all. I hope that we don’t see another Flag Match for a long time. It was better when the competitors simply had to grab the flag from above the turnbuckle. Instead, they now have to walk around with the flag and set up on decorated steps. The whole thing was just dumb in my opinion.

The Ascension claimed that they were the attackers of Breezango in the latest episode of the Fashion Files. Breezango then showed them the ripped up fake horse head and Konor and Viktor freaked out in disgust and it was determined that they weren’t the attackers. The lights went out and Breezango were attacked from behind. Fandango was then dragged off screen by someone and “to be continued” appeared on the screen.

Sami Zayn vs Mike Kanellis

Zayn controlled the match early and knocked Mike out of the ring. Sami went for a Suicide Dive but Maria got in the way. Mike then struck Sami from behind and then shared an eskimo kiss with Maria. The action then returned to the ring and Mike beatdown Zayn in the corner. Kanellis connected with a Clothesline and then booted Sami in the face for a two count.

Mike and Maria once again shared a kiss on the ring apron. Sami connected with a series of Clotheslines and then slammed Mike to the mat. Sami launched Mike out of the ring and then Moonsaulted on top of him. Back in the ring, Zayn climbed to the top rope and connected with a Crossbody for a two count. Zayn planted Kanellis with a DDT and geared up for an Exploder Suplex but Maria once again got in the way. The referee kicked Maria out of the ring and Zayn finally connected with the Exploder Suplex. Zayn then hit the Helluva Kick for the victory.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Reaction: I don’t get it at all. Mike Kanellis defeated Sami Zayn on Tuesday’s SmackDown with the help of Maria in his WWE in-ring debut. I figured that the same thing would happen tonight and WWE would build both Mike and Maria up as insufferable heels. Instead, Sami picked up the victory and we are right back where we started when this feud began. This isn’t helping either Zayn or Kanellis and feels completely pointless.

WWE Championship Punjabi Prison Match: Jinder Mahal (c) vs Randy Orton

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal’s entrance was first. Orton started out the match in control and beatdown Mahal in the corner. Mahal knocked Orton to the mat and called for one of the doors to be opened. Mahal had a minute to escape out of the door but Orton prevented him. Orton slammed Mahal into the “steel re-enforced bamboo” and the door was closed after a minute and that door was then shut for good. There were now three doors available to be opened in the Punjabi Prison.

Mahal then controlled the next couple of minutes of the match. Mahal then called for a different door to be opened. Orton planted Mahal with a Fallaway Slam. The timer expired on the second door and the second door was eliminated. There were now only two doors left in the Punjabi Prison to be opened.

Mahal tried to climb out of the inner-structure of the prison but Orton grabbed him. Orton slung Mahal off the prison and Mahal fell to the mat. The crowd started chanting “delete!” as the two Superstars traded punches. Orton knocked Mahal to the mat and called for another door to be opened. Shockingly, neither Superstar was able to escape the structure in time and the third door was shut.

Orton connected with a Powerslam and followed it up with a DDT while Mahal was hung up in between the ropes. Orton called for the final door to be opened and geared up for an RKO. Mahal was ready for it and kneed Mahal in the face. Mahal then went for the Khallas but Orton reversed it into the RKO. The Singh Brothers appeared and dragged Mahal out of the inner-structure as Orton was trapped inside.

Orton started to climb out of the prison and Orton climbed out of the inner-structure. Orton then joined Mahal on top of the outer-structure of the Punjabi Prison. Orton slammed Mahal’s head off the bamboo and Mahal fell to the floor. The Singh Brothers then dragged Orton down and beat the hell out of him. Mahal got back up to his feet as the Singh Brothers held Orton up. Mahal then booted Orton in the face and started climbing up the outer-structure of the Punjabi Prison.

Orton got back up and beatdown both of the Singh Brothers. Orton grabbed Mahal as he was still barely halfway up the structure. Both Orton and Mahal were back on the floor. Orton once again took out the Singh Brothers. Mahal then hit Orton with a kendo stick a couple of times. Orton bashed Mahal into the bamboo and grabbed the kendo stick. Orton struck Mahal with the kendo stick several times and then hit one of the Singh Brothers with it as well.

Randy once again started climbing the structure. Samir Singh then slid through one of the holes in the structure to the outside. Samir climbed up on the outside and met Orton at the top of the structure. Orton connected with a few right hands and Samir fell from the top of the prison through the announce table.

Mahal then climbed up the outer-structure and started trading punches with Orton. They both battled back down to the floor inside the prison. Mahal went for a kick but Orton ducked and Mahal got caught in the structure. Orton then planted Mahal with a DDT while Mahal’s leg was caught in the structure.

Orton grabbed a chair from under the ring and stuck both Sunil Singh and Jinder Mahal with it. Orton tried to climb up the structure again but Sunil grabbed his leg. Orton booted him off the structure and Sunil fell to the floor. The Great Khali then returned and grabbed Randy Orton by the throat through the Punjabi Prison. Mahal then started climbing the Punjabi Prison as Khali had Orton trapped halfway up the structure. Mahal then escaped the Punjabi Prison for the victory.

Winner & Still WWE Champion: Jinder Mahal

Reaction: Everyone expected Mahal to retain the title, but it took a ridiculous amount of help. The Singh Brothers and The Great Khali had to interfere in order for Mahal to retain the WWE Championship. I thought the match was painfully boring and was glad when it was over. I can only hope that this feud is over and Mahal drops the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.

WWE Battleground started out with a great tag match and then proceeded to completely fall apart. I don’t want to see another match any time soon with flag stands, podiums, doors with timers and outer and inner-structures. The build to this show was terrible and somehow the PPV was even worse. The only positive is that WWE can now look ahead to SummerSlam next month.

What did you think about WWE Battleground 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

  • CC

    Found myself skipping through a lot of these matches.
    So much pointlessness to a lot of them.
    Matches like Zayn/Kanellis just seemed to be filler.
    Rusev/Cena just set a match for SuperCena to bury Rusev when they could have used it to elevate Rusev back up the card.
    The womens match should have just been an elimination title match instead of having Naomi on commentary.
    To be honest, she is a poor champion anyway, and would rather see the belt on someone like Natalya.
    Claiming the New Day are the first to hold Raw and SD tag titles is a joke, as the Uso’s did it first (the Raw title history goes back to 2002, so renaming it does not mean it is a new title).
    Corbin/Nakamura was a decent match, but the fans just do not care about Corbin and the end was crap.
    Owens/Styles was the best match of the night for me, but the ending was poor.
    Glad Mahal retained as I am sick of seeing Orton with the belt, but the Punjabi prison match is never a good match. I actually like the fact that Khali came out as an all Indian stable is not a bad idea, but considering the type of match, it was the wrong place for it to happen. Mahal is a great heel champion, but after the Rusev match, I am worried he will be fed to Cena to continue the old cliched “Foreigner = bad guy” is over come by USA whitebread saviour, angle.

  • jedi


  • jedi

    I’m not going to lie for some reason I love reading your reactions after a ppv!

  • Solid

    They do have a large market to tap/exploit while Jinder is WWE Champ.

  • Sparti Love

    India Four Horsemen lol

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Well that de-escalated quickly…

  • Omar

    Mahal, Bollywoodboys and now Khali…hahahahaha…WWE has put all their chips on Mahal brand.