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WWE cancels Stardom title match due to AEW

A lot of changes are being made by WWE owing to AEW’s rising popularity. Toni Storm appeared for Stardom this past weekend. After that, she was scheduled to square off against Bea Priestley on 5/16 at Korakuen Hall. Priestley only recently won the World of Stardom Title.

However, Stardom then took to Twitter and announced that the match between Toni Storm and Bea Priestly will no longer be taking place.

For the upcoming Korakuen Hall show on May 16, the previously announced match between Toni Storm and Bea Priestley will not take place due to circumstances beyond our control. Thank you for undestanding.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE were the ones who decided to have the match cancelled as they did not want their top U.K. Women’s Champion potentially losing against a competitor from AEW. Bea was expected to retain her title and WWE was concerned about the backlash.

Priestley will now defend her title against Hazuki and Storm will face off against Kagetsu.

  • Soulshroude

    “””as they did not their top””” Did not what? Seriously… this website is worthless for the editing process. Yo.. Mo or what ever your Muslim name is, start proofreading this crap. That and quit with the speculation… nowhere in the article does it state anything about pulling out because of AEW. You ARE the rumor mill.

  • jedi

    Yeah because it makes sense to let your champ lose to a champ in another organization! Psssh sadly it makes total sense & I’m glad they are letting talent work other companies. We will just ignore that & focus on the negative!

  • BobTheMan

    More like WWE cancels Stardom title match due to pettiness.