WWE Concerned with Breaking Point Tickets, Sting-WWE Error, Nigel News

Partial source: Wrestling Observer



– The “WWE Pay Per View” section on DirecTV’s website features a listing of all WWE talent and happens to include a current TNA star. The listing reads, “DIRECTV Pay Per View delivers the force, fury and finishing moves of superstars like Triple H, Batista, Matt Hardy, The Big Show, Randy Orton, and Sting.”

– After the news of WWE bringing in Nigel McGuinness came out, his name was the #9 most searched term on Yahoo’s homepage yesterday.

– WWE officials are disappointed with the ticket sales for the Breaking Point pay-per-view. There have been around 9,000 tickets sold for the event and there is a major concern within WWE with the pay-per-view being only a week away. This is the first pay-per-view event in Montreal since 2003 (No Way Out) and that event had an attendance of 15,100. Montreal has historically been one of the top wrestling cities in Canada.

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