WWE Diva Reveals Kiss With Woman At Raw

Former WWE Superstar Victoria (real name Lisa Marie Varon) who once portrayed a bit of a lunatic onscreen, according to Sportskeeda, recently commented on kissing, as disgusting as it sounds, Candice Michelle. This once happened during their entrances as a tag team. Wether or not Varon is a lesbian in real life is her business (she’s not). But there wasn’t really the need to air it on live television as they did many moons ago.

Victoria and Candice were a part of a faction called, “The Ladies in Pink” alongside Torrie Wilson. The group’s name was later changed to Vince’s Devils. Ah. Now we get the explanation for the act.

The trio were together for nearly a year before the former duo turned on Torrie.

The team split during a tag team match on RAW, in which Victoria and Mickie James were defeated by Wilson and Trish Stratus, with Candice Michelle as the special guest referee.

In a recent interview with Ring The Belle, Varon stated that the kiss was done to portray sexiness – outright vulgarity if you ask me. Varon then added that she wanted to do a triple kiss but Torrie Wilson backed out. I think it’s plainly obvious to comprehend from this statement that Varon is hinting at the fact that she was not forced to do the kiss by any of the higher ups. If that truly is the case, then that is disgusting.

Here is what she said:

“They wanted more sexiness. Like, ‘Hey, don’t forget you guys are girls.’ We started wrestling too much like the guys. Remember, you’re girls [and] sex sells and stuff like that. I know it’s PG-13, but I go, ‘Hey, do you guys want to do a triple kiss?’ Torrie [Wilson] goes, ‘No, I’m not kissing you guys. Are you kidding me? No, I don’t want to, I’ll kiss Chloe [the dog].’ And Candice [Michelle] goes, ‘I’ll do it.’ So I thought it was going to be too much sexiness that they’re like, ‘OK, that was a little too much.’ It caught on. Thank goodness Candice is a good kisser.” [13:03 – 13:34]

Whoever is responsible, thank the good Lord that those days in professional wrestling are seemingly a thing of the past – we hope.


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