WWE Diva Shows Everything In Naughty Photos After Firing

WWE recently had the first round of talent releases after completing their merger with UFC under TKO Group Holdings earlier this month. The two combat sports giants officially completed their merger on September 12. The new entity known as TKO Group Holdings made its stock market debut soon after at the New York Stock Exchange.



The merger lead to mass layoffs only days after. It has been noted that the layoffs didn’t stop with office employees only. As expected, the promotion has begun laying off some of the on-screen talents as well.

WWE released twenty wrestlers, including talent on the main roster and the developmental brand. It seemed the cuts were done on September 21 but WWE continued to release talent the following day. Dana Brooke was among the names that WWE cut in their last round of releases. She was under a main roster contract, so her non-compete clause isn’t over yet.

Several former WWE Superstars are making a lot of money with their NSFW content. Mandy Rose and Lacey Evans have proved that they can make a lot of money. Now, Dana Brooke is getting in on the game.

All Dana Brooke needed to do was post “Subscribe Now,” and “Link In Bio” along with a red pepper emoji, and her fans knew what was going on. She opened her own premium content paywall account, and odds are she will start raking in the dollars soon enough.

This account is not OnlyFans, but she has a FanTime account, like Lacey Evans current runs. On a sidenote, Mandy Rose just opened her own OnlyFans, and she’s making an unbelievable amount of money from it per month.

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