WWE Fired Star ‘Beat Up’ Sheamus Backstage?

WWE stars often brawl in the backstage area and sometimes they are involved ‘real’ fights as well. As it turns out, WWE star Sheamus was also involved in a fight with Cinta de Oro (f.k.a. Sin Cara) with the latter getting the better of him.



Sheamus and Sin Cara got into a physical altercation

The former WWE star recently confirmed that a “little misunderstanding” was the reason that the brawl had broken out between the two stars. The incident took place back in 2014.

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer had also reported that Sin Cara was involved in a real life fight with Sin Cara and he allegedly he had “got the better” of the fight. Roman Reigns ‘Losing’ Two Big WWE Matches?

During a recent interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Sin Cara opened up on the incident but never clearly detailed the reason of the fight. He revealed that a disagreement had sparked the brawl.

Sin Cara explained:

“We had a little misunderstanding, me and him. But the one thing that I mentioned before about men is maybe we can have a misunderstanding and we can battle it out, then the next day, we’ll be fine. And I understand, imagine being in a locker room where everybody wants to be number one and fighting for that one spot. I understand there is going to be some misunderstandings, not everyone is going to be on the same page and things like that.”

It is evident from a Tweet from Sheamus which he posted back in 2014. He had addressed the incident and cleared that he took the incident as a friendly fight. He explained that he and Sin Cara were simply hugging it out.

Check out the Tweet below:

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