WWE Fired Star Rejects Hall of Fame Induction

The former WCW star Buff Bagwell recently revealed that WWE wanted to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame along with the other members of the NWO in 2020. While speaking on “Who The Fook Are These Guys” podcast, Bagwell further disclosed that he turned down the offer, however, as he didn’t want to go into the Hall of Fame as a member of a group.



Bagwell namedropped Brett Favre and said that if he gets WWE Hall of Fame induction as part of a stable, then it would be similar to Brett Favre getting induction because of Green Bay Packers. But, that is not the case as Favre got the induction, all because of himself and his work.

On WWE Hall of Fame induction:

“They actually called me to do the Hall of Fame thing,” Bagwell said. “I was like, I’ll be honest with you I said ‘I don’t want to be part of a group in the Hall of Fame.’ I’d be like Brett Favre getting a Hall of Fame ring because of the Green Bay Packers. Brett Favre got a ring because he’s Brett Favre.”

When Bagwell asked if he felt that a solo induction was possibly in his future, the 51-year-old stated he didn’t believe that was ever going to happen. He also noted that Lex Luger isn’t in the WWE Hall of Fame either.

Bagwell had a decade long run in WCW from 1991-2001. He then had a very brief run with WWE that ended shortly after a disastrous match against Booker T on the July 2nd, 2001 episode of RAW. We will have to see if potentially he would be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a single member.

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