WWE Hall Of Famer The Godfather reveals marijuana saved his life

WWE Hall Of Famer The Godfather has had a storied career in WWE. He revealed that he used to take different types of medications that took their toll on him. However, his life turned for the better once he started smoking marijuana.



While speaking to the Battleground Podcast, The Godfather revealed how marijuana helped elevate his career. On top of that, it also saved him during times he was taking a lot of pills. He also mentioned that after taking marijuana, food tasted better for him and that he had more “pep in his step.” He has also stopped taking pills except for Aleve.

“I tried marijuana for the first time in my life at 27 years old.  I was brought up in Silicon Valley. I was brought up thinking marijuana was bad and I would grow up to be a hippie and my brain was going to fry.  I didn’t see people smoking until I went to college.  I still didn’t smoke. I didn’t try it until I was 27.  When I started it at 27, I was taking somas, vicodins, percocets, etc. I’m taking sh*t like that like it’s nothing and I’m drinking a bottle a day of Jack Daniels.  I’m functioning like that, running around like that and driving around like that but I won’t try marijuana.  Marijuana, no are you kidding me?”

“When I tried it, I couldn’t remember the first time but it opened up my eyes. It made my knees feel better.  It made my back feel better. Food tasted better. I had a pep in my step.  It made me smile. It made me funny. It made me creative. Cannabis is the best thing that ever happened to me. Now, the heaviest thing I will take is an Aleve. That’s it. I will have a shot of Jack every now and then.  I will have a beer every now and then, but I don’t drink. Cannabis works very well for me. People say I am the most productive stoner they know. For me, it got me off all that other stuff. I think it saved my life to be honest with you.”

The Godfather is one of many advocates of the benefits of marijuana in the professional wrestling business. He will continue to talk about how it helped him throughout his life.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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