WWE NXT recap & results (9/27)

NXT GM William Regal started off the show and announced a Fatal 4-Way for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver: Houston. Kairi Sane is already in the match due to winning the Mae Young Classic. The final three Superstars will be determined in a series of matches starting in two weeks.



SAnitY came down to the ring through the crowd. Eric Young said that he was going to take Adam Cole to the edge of sanity tonight in their match.

Lars Sullivan vs Oney Lorcan

Sullivan leveled Lorcan with a shoulder tackle to start off the match. Oney connected with a Dropkick but Lars was unfazed and threw Lorcan out of the ring. Lorcan rolled back into the ring and knocked Sullivan off the ring apron with a couple of uppercuts. Lorcan then went for a Suicide Dive but Sullivan caught him and dropped him face-first onto the ring apron.

Back in the ring, Lorcan connected with a couple of chops across Sullivan’s chest. Lorcan slapped Sullivan in the face several times and then went for an uppercut but Sullivan leveled him with a Clothesline. Lars finished it off with a Side Spinebuster for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Lars Sullivan went to attack Lorcan again but Danny Burch ran down to the ring and made the save.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

Ruby Riot was interviewed backstage about Nikki Cross teaming up with her in a match against Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. Ruby Riot added that if Billie and Peyton want a fight, she is happy to give it to them. Riot stated that if Nikki Cross shows up again, she had nothing to do with it.


Heavy Machinery vs Dimitrius Bronson & Patrick Scott

Tucker Knight and Patrick Scott started off the match. Knight dominated and Dimitrius Bronson was tagged in. Otis Dozovic was then tagged in and he leveled Bronson with a shoulder tackle. Bronson locked in the Sleeper Hold but Otis slammed him into the turnbuckle to break the hold. Bronson hit two Dropkicks and then went for a Crossbody but Dozovic caught him and threw him across the ring.

Scott was tagged in and he was immediately knocked to the canvas. Otis hit an Elbow Drop and then a Splash to Scott in the corner. Tucker Knight was then tagged in and he leaped on top of everyone as Otis slammed Scott on top of Bronson. Knight then pinned Scott as he laid on top of Bronson.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

William Regal informed Johnny Gargano that he will have a rematch against Andrade “Cien” Almas in two weeks.

Roderick Strong was interviewed at the WWE Performance Center about his match next week against Drew McIntyre. Strong claimed that McIntyre was rattled and that McIntyre lacked the tenacity to beat him.

Liv Morgan vs Vanessa Borne

Borne avoided a Suplex from Liv Morgan to start off the match. Borne went for a Clothesline but Morgan avoided it as well. Borne hit a Suplex and then slammed Morgan’s face off the canvas several times. Morgan went for a roll-up but Borne kicked out at two and knocked Morgan to the mat with a Clothesline. Morgan connected with a Facebuster and followed it up win an Enziguri. Liv then hit a running Bulldog and followed it up with Double Knees to Borne’s face for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Liv Morgan

Aleister Black was shown training in a ring at the Performance Center earlier today. Black was asked about Velveteen Dream and Black stated “in this age of individuality, there is always one of that thinks he or she is more unique. There is always one that thinks that they are special. I refuse to acknowledge a child that throws a tantrum. If Patrick thinks he can get my attention by being bizarre, he is mistaken”.

Fabian Aichner vs Kassius Ohno

Ohno locked in the Cravate to started off the match but Aichner broke it up and connected with an uppercut. Ohno hit a big boot than knocked Aichner out of the ring. Ohno went to flip onto Aichner outside the ring but Fabian got back into the ring and Ohno caught himself on the ropes. Aichner hit a Backbreaker and Ohno fell to the floor outside the ring. Aichner then hit a springboard Crossbody off the top rope onto Ohno outside the ring.

Back in the ring, Aichner connected with a Suplex and a series of forearms to Kassius’ back. Aichner went for a Powerbomb but Ohno countered it into a roll-up for a two count. Aichner hit another uppercut and then planted Ohno with a Powerslam. Aichner went for a springboard Moonsault but Ohno rolled out of the way and Fabian crashed to the canvas. Ohno hit an elbow and then a kick to Aichner’s face. Kassius planted Aichner with a Cravate Suplex and followed it up with the Cyclone Kill (spinning big boot) for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kassius Ohno

Drew McIntyre was interviewed backstage about defending his NXT Championship next week against Roderick Strong. McIntyre said that Strong is very good and would be NXT Champion is McIntyre wasn’t in his way. Drew added that next week might be his first NXT Championship defense, but it certainly won’t be his last.

Adam Cole vs Eric Young

Fish and O’Reilly accompanied Cole down to the ring. Cole grabbed a microphone before the match and asked how NXT survived without the Undisputed Era. Cole told the crowd to close their eyes and take this moment in and feel it. Cole stated that what you feel is change, a shock to the system. Cole added that they are Undisputed and that this is our era.

Eric Young came down to the ring with the rest of the members of SAnitY. Cole shouted “fight me” at Young as the bell rung. Young shoved Cole to the corner and the referee broke it up. Cole punched Young in the face and shouted ” Adam Cole bay-” but was interrupted by a right hand from Eric Young.

SAnitY and the Undisputed Era started arguing outside the ring. Young was distracted by the argument and Cole took advantage and bounced Eric’s face off the top rope. Cole launched Young into the turnbuckle across the ring and then applied a Chin Lock in the middle of the ring.

Young battled to his feet to break the hold but Cole kneed him in the chest and threw him to the ring apron. Cole hit a roundhouse kick that knocked Young to the floor outside the ring. Cole brought Young back into the ring and went for a cover but Young kicked out at two. Cole kneed Young in the spine and then applied a Chin Lock once again.

Young once again fought to his feet but Cole locked in a Sleeper Hold. Young connected with a Belly to Back Suplex to break the hold. Young connected with a Clothesline and followed it up with a Neckbreaker to Cole. Young climbed to the top rope but Fish and O’Reilly hopped up on the ring apron. SAnitY attacked Fish and O’Reilly.

Young then leaped off the top rope onto Fish and O’Reilly outside the ring while Cole was on the canvas in the ring. Young got back into the ring and Cole hit a Shining Wizard for the victory.

Winner: Adam Cole

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