WWE NXT Results – August 17th

Last week, Lucky Cannon said goodbye to the WWE Universe. Which two men go home tonight?



We are live from Bakersfield, California and your announcers are Michael ‘Extra Cheese’ Cole and Josh ‘Tough Enough was better’ Mathews. Your host is Matt ‘My ears bleed on PPVs too’ Striker.

The rookies come to the ring while the pros for five of the rookies are on the stage.

Matt is with the rookies in the ring to remind us about the double elimination and how there will be three men left for the season finale in two weeks. The rookies are going to be given one minute to talk about anything other than why they shouldn’t be eliminated.

Percy talks about 3D and he says that he would need more than a minute to talk about double D. The three ‘Ds’ are the way he lives his life. Desire, dedication, and determination. Desire means you gotta know what you want. You have to be dedicated to the craft and put your time in. You also need to be able to go get it. Percy says that he has the desire, determination, and dedication to win Season Two of NXT. OH YEAH!!

Alex is next and he talks about Alex Riley. Alex says that he knows that his behavior might not have come correct with the WWE Universe. Maybe he made a mistake because he is ranked fifth. Maybe he shouldn’t have picked on Kaval because he couldn’t defend himself in real life. Maybe he shouldn’t have thrown a rabbit’s foot at Lucky Cannon, but he says that the world needs bartenders. Alex says that he shouldn’t have called Matt a nerd on national television. Alex says that it was funny so he doesn’t regret that. Alex says that if he didn’t do that stuff, he wouldn’t . . . he wouldn’t be out of time.

Michael talks about his competition. Michael wonders if Percy is smiling or scared. Kaval is the man who is not about the size of the fight in the dog, but the size of the blah blah, blah. Michael asks if you have seen a Chihuahua in a dog fight. He says that Husky won’t win because he is winning it. Michael calls Alex Riley the David Otunga of season two. He talks a lot but can’t wrestle for a lick. Michael says that you are looking at the winner of NXT and the most talented person in the competition. You are also looking at a future WWE Champion.

Kaval is next and his topic is NXT. Kaval says that behind every great man is a great woman, but he has two of them. He says that he is going to be the hottest trending topic on Twitter. Kaval says that he is going to go far because he leaves people in awe. He says that Showtime is too kind. He says that Riley whine. He tells Michael that he will be a star in no time. Husky is breaking molds and breaking all labels, but what he breaks best are buffet tables. He says that you can call him a rookie, but he is the only reason for some total nonstop action.

Husky Harris is the final contestant and his topic is cowboy boots. He says that if you grew up in the south like him, if you don’t have a pair of cowboy boots, you aren’t tough. Husky says that he always had a pair of boots. He says that they were Barry Windham’s boots. When he puts them on, he turns into a monster, the army tank with a Ferrari engine. He says that the devil wears cowboy boots and it is a coincidence that he does too.

Matt says that the first elimination takes place right now.

Matt says that some of the pros aren’t here but they have voted.

We go to the random elimination Generator and it is . . . Percy Watson.

Matt lets Percy say goodbye.

Percy says that he wants to thank the WWE Universe for their support and votes. He thanks MVP and says that he learned so much. He says that he can’t be angry or bitter. He says that he will take some time to study and evaluate himself and get better. He is also going to take some time to have some fun.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Michael McGillicutty with Kofi Kingston versus Zack Ryder

They lock up and Ryder with a side head lock into a hammer lock followed by a forearm to the head. Michael takes Zack to the mat and then Zack backs into the corner. Michael works on the wrist and puts Ryder in a hammer lock and sends him into the turnbuckles. Michael with an arm bar and a Hennig drop kick and a regular drop kick followed by a clothesline that sends Ryder over the top rope to the floor. Michael misses a baseball slide and Ryder with a kick and then he punches Michael.

They return to the ring and Ryder with a knee drop for a near fall. Ryder gets another near fall. Ryder sends Michael into the turnbuckles and punches him. Ryder with a running boot to the head. Ryder with a near fall. Ryder with a side head lock but Michael with punches. Ryder with a forearm. Ryder with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Ryder with an elbow. Michael sends Ryder into the turnbuckles and then hits a clothesline followed by a back elbow or two. Michael with a splash into the corner followed by punches. The referee pulls Michael out of the corner. Michael with a back body drop and Ryder goes to the apron. Ryder drops Michael on the top rope and then hits the Rough Rider for the three count.

Winner: Zack Ryder

It is time to take a look back at what happened at SummerSlam between Rey Mysterio and Kane with the return of the Undertaker and the aftermath.

Michael says that Kane will explain why he attacked his brother on this week’s Smackdown.

Michelle and Layla do some cheering in the back for Kaval and then they send Kaval on his way. Michelle wants to know if there is anything going on between Layla and Kaval. Layla says that it meant nothing, but he is kind of cute. Layla says that she likes to listen to his voice. Layla walks away.

Husky asks Michelle if she believes in love at first sight or should he walk by again. Michelle walks away and Husky says that when he beats their little boy, she will see things differently.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Kaval with Michelle McCool and Layla versus Husky Harris with Cody Rhodes

Harris with a waist lock take down and forearms. Harris tries for a suplex but Kaval with a knee and a Dragon Sleeper but Harris makes it to the ropes. Kaval with a kick but Harris with an Irish whip and he throws Kaval into the turnbuckles. Harris gets a near fall. Harris with another Irish whip and splash into the corner. He tosses Kaval to the mat and gets a near fall. Harris with a kick and waist lock. Kaval with elbows to Harris followed by a Liger kick. Kaval with chops to Harris. Kaval with a running elbow or two followed by a back kick and kick to the head. Kaval with a springboard spin kick for a near fall. Kaval goes to the apron and misses a springboard double stomp. Harris with a uranage for a near fall.

Harris with a kick when Kaval rolls over to avoid the senton. Kaval with a float over DDT to counter a uranage. Kaval goes up top for the Warrior’s Way and he gets the three count.

Winner: Kaval

We are reminded that Percy Watson is already eliminated. Who joins him on the way out of Bakersfield.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that WWE SummerSlam was the number one search term on Google.

We see footage from what Alex Riley and Miz did during Daniel Bryan’s match last night.

Match Number Three: Alex Riley versus Kofi Kingston with Michael McGillicutty

They lock up and Riley with a clean break but Kofi with kicks. Kofi with an Irish whip but he moves when Kofi charges into the corner. Riley with a DDT for a near fall. Riley with a rear chin lock into an arm bar with chin lock. Kofi with punches but Riley pulls Kofi by the hair. Riley goes to the turnbuckles but he hits Kofi’s boot and then Kofi with punches. The referee pulls Kofi away and then he chops Alex. Kofi hits a standing drop kick and a leaping clothesline. Kofi circles Alex and does the boom drop. Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise and he hits it and gets the three count.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

It is time to remember that Percy Watson has already been eliminated. Which one of the four remaining rookies leaves?

We go to commercial.

We are back with the video package showing what happened during SummerSlam week.

It is now time to take a look at what happened last night on Raw with the Raw Rebound.

Michael Cole and Josh Mathews join Matt in the ring. Matt asks Michael who should win and who should be eliminated. Michael says that impact means the ability to effect change. He says that Alex Riley should win season two. The person who made the least impact is the person who has no charisma, had a worse record than the people eliminated. The person who is an internet creation and darling, just like Susan Boyle. He says that Kaval should be eliminated. He should take his unimpactful stare with him when he is eliminated.

Josh says that since the Michael Cole show is over. He says that he is right. With what we saw from Kaval and the others. He says that Kaval should be eliminated and that Alex Riley should win.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to see who will join Percy on the airport shuttle while three men will move on in the competition.

Matt says that whoever remains will be one step closer to being the next breakout star and the man who earns a title match on pay per view.

The random NXT Eliminatron shows us that Husky Harris is the rookie going home.

Cody wonders what is up with the pros. He tells Zack luck in his future endeavors. He calls Layla a pro for wanting to make out with the rookies. Cody says that the fans shouldn’t have a say in thinks. He tells the fans that they have no idea what it is to be a pro. Cody tells Husky that his time is coming. Cody tells Alex to make an impact. He says that Alex is awful. He tells Micahel that he wants to be Mr. Perfect Junior so bad he can taste it but he doesn’t deserve it. Cody attacks Kaval and Husky joins in. Kofi and MVP come to ringside to help out Kaval and Porter and Kofi attack Husky and send him into the ringside barrier.

Kaval goes up top and he hits a double stomp on Harris. The other pros stand with Kaval while Cody heads to the back. Porter and Kingston tell Harris to leave and he obliges.

We go to credits.

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