WWE RAW Report – September 14th, 2009

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with highlights from the John Cena vs. Randy Orton WWE Title match at Breaking Point and Cena’s victory.



– We go to the arena where Lilian Garcia introduces Batista. Out he comes to a big pop from the crowd in Toronto. Batista has his arm in a brace and heads down to the ring. We go to replays of RAW in June when Legacy attacked him and they did the injury angle.

Batista takes the mic and says before he makes his announcement, he wants to say thank you to everyone here tonight and thank you to everyone watching at home. The crowd starts chanting his name. He says people have been talking about his retirement for some time now. Randy Orton’s music cuts Batista off and out comes Orton to the stage.

Orton makes his way to the ring. Orton says he isn’t very happy about losing the WWE Title last night and the crowd pops. Orton says the fact that Batista is retiring cheers him up. Orton tells Batista to save his farewell speech because nobody cares. Orton asks him why he waited so long to retire. Orton says Batista is retiring because of him. Orton tells Batista to just hang his head and cry. Batista laughs. Orton says he ruined Batista’s life and ended his career.

Batista tells Orton he’s very predictable and takes off his arm brace. Batista tells Orton he knows something Orton doesn’t and attacks him. Batista sends Orton to the floor. He says he isn’t here to announce his retirement, he’s here to announce he’s going to SmackDown. Batista says Trish Stratus guaranteed him one more match on RAW tonight – a No Holds Barred match against Orton tonight. Orton backs up the ramp and stares down Batista as he poses in the ring. We go to commercial.

– Back from the commercial and Lilian Garcia introduces tonight’s RAW host, seven-time Women’s Champion and Toronto’s own Trish Stratus. Trish comes out looking good. She says she thinks she’s going to make a good host tonight and says Bob Barker did a good job last week. She says she knows what the people want tonight and talks about Batista vs. Orton. She talks about Orton getting his rematch against John Cena and makes it for the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view inside the Cell. Trish leads us to out first match.

Kofi Kingston and Primo vs. Jack Swagger and The Miz

The music hits and out comes WWE United States Champion Kofi Kingston. His tag team partner Primo is out next. Out next is Jack Swagger followed by his partner The Miz. This is a rematch from last week’s Superstars.

The match starts and Primo attacks The Miz. Primo hits some moves before Miz counters him in the corner. Double teaming by Swagger and Miz as Swagger comes in and slams Primo for a 2 count. Knee to the back now by Swagger. Swagger takes Primo to the corner and whips him to the opposite side of the ring. Swagger goes for the Vader splash but Primo puts his knees up. Kofi is tagged in and flies off the top onto Swagger. Kicks and chops by Kofi. He takes a swing at Miz and dropkicks Swagger into Miz on the apron. Kofi with a nice modified DDT move for a 2 count. Kofi leaps on Swagger in the corner and hits him with right hands.

Miz picks up the US Title on the outside and this distracts Kofi. Swagger drops Kofi’s face on the turnbuckle and hits the gutwrench powerbomb for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: The Miz and Jack Swagger

– After the match, The Miz heads up the ramp with Kofi Kingston’s WWE United States Title over his shoulder. We go to commercial break.

Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox

Back from the break and the WWE Divas Champion Mickie James comes down to join Cole and Lawler on commentary. Lilian announces this match is from Trish Stratus and a #1 contender’s match for the Divas Title. Out first is Gail Kim from Toronto and she gets a big hometown pop. Out next is her opponent Alicia Fox. The bell rings and Alicia attacks first.

They go at it and Alicia ends up on the floor. Gail with a kick through the ropes. They come back in and Alicia hits a backbreaker for a 2 count. Alicia with a submission. Gail fights out but Alicia hits a bridge suplex for a 2 count. Alicia with a body scissors now.

Alicia dominates the match and body slams Gail. Alicia misses a scissors kick and Gail counters with a neckbreaker. They trade shots and Gail clotheslines Alicia and hits her in the corner. Gail with a cross body off the top for a 2 count. More back and forth. Gail misses a kick off the top and Alicia hits her with the scissors kick for the pinfall and the win to be #1 contender to Mickie James.

Winner: Alicia Fox

– Back from the break and we get some highlights from the feud a few months ago between Batista and Randy Orton.

– Trish Stratus is backstage setting the mood in her locker room. Beth Phoenix walks up, asks her who she thinks she is and why she wasn’t in the #1 contender’s match. Chris Jericho walks up. He tells Beth not to give Trish the chance to talk about herself because she will be talking all night. Jericho says Trish has been in love with him. Trish says Jericho is always angry when he should be happy that he found his new soulmate – Big Show. Beth tells her it’s easy to talk trash when you don’t have to back it up. She says Jericho is in the ring all the time backing it up and he didn’t run off to retire and run a Yoga studio in some second rate country. Beth says Jericho has guts. Trish tells Beth she will face Beth and Jericho. She says she’s going to get herself a partner and they will have a tag team match tonight. Beth and Jericho walk off. He comes back and says for the record, he will take on Bob Barker anytime.

– We get highlights and a recap of the match between DX and Legacy at Breaking Point. Backstage we see Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes headed to the ring as we go back to break.

Ted DiBiase vs. Shawn Michaels

Back from the break and Ted DiBiase makes his way down with Cody Rhodes. Ted takes a mic and they mock DX’s usual intro. Cody says it’s time for a new era in WWE. He says they just didn’t beat DX, they made them submit. Cody says Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker or anybody else ever could make DX tap out. Ted talks about the pain they put DX through and says it was just the beginning. He says they won’t stop until DX is gone forever. He says no longer are they known as the sons of Ted DiBiase and Dusty Rhodes because they are known as the fathers of Legacy. Their music hits and we see HBK and Triple H backstage watching on a screen before heading to the ring.

Back from the break and DX make their way to the ring and they don’t look happy. The bell rings right away and they go at it. Ted gets HBK in the corner and they brawl. HBK with a knee to the face off the ropes and some chops. Ted comes back with a big powerslam and kicks. Ted with a big backdrop off the ropes. HBK goes to the floor. Ted brings HBK back in the ring and takes him down with a headlock.

Ted hits a nice standing dropkick and covers HBK for a 2 count. Another pinfall attempt and headlock from Ted. HBK fights back with chops and goes for a figure four. DiBiase counters with a 2 count. HBK goes for the Sharpshooter it looks like but locks on the figure four. Cody distracts and Ted takes advantage to break the hold. Ted with right hands that stagger HBK. One big right hand from both and they go down. Ted goes for the Million Dollar Dream and finally gets it locked. HBK goes to the corner and breaks the hold.

Ted goes for a piledriver but HBK counters and dumps Ted over the top rope and out to the floor. Ted goes back in and HBK hits two inverted atomic drops and some chops. HBK does his usual stuff and goes to the top to nail the elbow drop on Ted. HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music but Cody pulls his legs around the ring post. The bell is called for. Triple H runs over and starts brawling with Cody. HBK and Ted also fight outside the ring. Ted and HBK go into the fans while Triple H and Cody fight on the announcer’s table. Triple H slams Cody’s head into the table about 6 times while Ted and HBK are still in the crowd. This goes on for a few minutes until a cameraman goes down and we take a commercial break.

Winner by DQ: Shawn Michaels

– Lawler and Cole go over what happened with DX and Legacy.

Evan Bourne and Hornswoggle vs. Carlito and Chavo Guerrero

Out first for this next match is the team of Hornswoggle and Evan Bourne. Their opponents, Chavo and Carlito come out next with Rosa Mendes. Hornswoggle starts the match off with Carlito. Horny gets a shot as the apple comes into play and he tags in Bourne. Chavo comes in and goes back and forth with Bourne. Hornswoggle kicks Chavo off the apron.

Chavo goes to work on Bourne and tags in Carlito. Carlito with a slam and an elbow drop for a 2 count. Bourne fights off Chavo and Carlito until Carlito beats him down in the corner. The ref is distracted as Chavo stomps on Bourne also. Chavo comes in over the top rope on Bourne and applies a submission. Rosa taunts Bourne from ringside.

Bourne with a head scissors off the ropes on Chavo. He knocks Carlito off the apron but runs into a right hand from Chavo. Spin kick by Bourne for a 2 count on Chavo. Carlito comes in but gets kicked in the head by Bourne. Bourne drags Chavo to the corner and tags in Hornswoggle. Bourne knocks Carlito to the floor again. Hornswoggle chews an apple on the top rope but Chavo tries to stop him. Horny spits the apple on Chavo and hits the tadpole splash for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Evan Bourne and Hornswoggle

– After the match, Chavo takes the mic. He asks Hornswoggle what he has to do. Bourne and Hornswoggle laugh on the ramp. Chavo tells Hornswoggle he gives up, he admits defeat and slams the mic down. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Josh Matthews is backstage. He introduces the new WWE Champion John Cena to a big pop. Josh asks Cena how he took all the torture from Orton last night and still won. Cena says Orton is a talker. Cena says he made a promise to the WWE Universe that he wouldn’t quit and he didn’t. Cena talks about the rematch at Hell in a Cell against Orton. Cena promises we will see a more intense, more brutal side of him inside the Cell.

– Cole and Lawler talk about Hell in a Cell and announce DX vs. Legacy at the pay-per-view in addition to John Cena vs. Randy Orton.

Trish Stratus and MVP vs. Beth Phoenix and Chris Jericho

Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring for the next match. Out next is her mystery partner, MVP. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Chris Jericho and Beth Phoenix make their way out. Beth and Trish start it out. Beth knocks Trish back in the corner and works her over. Big scoop slam by Beth. Trish fights back with forearms and chops in the corner. Trish does the matrix dodge and kicks Beth to the floor for a pin attempt. Jericho breaks the pin. MVP comes in and knocks Jericho out to the floor. Trish and Beth go at it in the ring. Beth has Trish tied up in the ropes. Big Show runs down and helps Jericho attack MVP on the floor. The bell is called for. Trish sends Beth out to the floor. Mark Henry runs down to help MVP.

Winners by DQ: Trish Stratus and MVP

Just wait. Trish takes the mic and says it’s her show and her town, so it’s not ending like that. She makes it a six-person tag with Big Show and Henry added. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and MVP is going at it with Jericho. Jericho is in control. Henry and Big Show are now in the match. 2 count by MVP. Jericho with a submission on MVP. MVP with a forearm and an elbow. MVP misses the big boot. Jericho tags in Beth. She runs her mouth to MVP and pushes him. Beth keeps taunting MVP. She kicks him but he grabs her leg. He tags in Trish while holding Beth’s leg. Trish leaps onto Beth and hits a bunch of right hands. MVP comes back in and they hit a double Ballin’ elbow on Beth. MVP flies over the top onto Jericho on the floor. Big Show trips Trish and she falls on her face. Henry runs over and knocks Show down. Beth with a 2 count on Trish.

Trish runs into an elbow in the corner from Beth. Trish takes Beth off the top rope with a head scissors. She hits Stratusfaction on Beth for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Trish Stratus, Mark Henry and MVP

– Henry, MVP and Trish celebrate in the ring as we cut to another replay of Batista getting attacked by Legacy three months ago. Back to commercial.

No Holds Barred Match: Randy Orton vs. Batista

Back from the commercial and Randy Orton is making his way to the ring. Out next is Batista to a big pop. Orton goes outside for a chair when the match starts but Batista comes after him. Orton tries his DDT off the ropes but Batista thrusts him back into the corner. Orton with uppercuts.

Batista knocks Orton out to the floor and brings him back in. Orton stomps away on Batista now and hits a big knee drop. Orton goes outside and gets a chair. He swings it but Batista spears him. Orton goes out to the floor again and Batista follows, slamming him into the table and over it. They brawl on the floor now. Orton goes into the steel steps. Batista chokes him with a boot now.

Back in the ring, Orton goes for an RKO. Batista counters and slams him. Orton rolls to the floor again and starts heading up the ramp. John Cena’s music hits and Orton freaks out on the ramp. Cena comes down and clotheslines Orton. He throws Orton back into the ring for a big spinebuster from Batista. He hits the Batista Bomb on Orton for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Batista

RAW goes off the air with Batista posing on the ropes.

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