WWE Raw Star Reacts To Being ‘Caught’ With Steroids

WWE and many other displays of athletic performance are riddled with steroid use. Almost any sport that shows an extreme degree of performance usually involves performance enhancing drugs. Athletes can cycle on and off of these drugs to never get caught during testing, but still be able to use them. This superstar didn’t get away with suspension. Randy Orton Makes Hulk Hogan ‘Last Match’ Claim.



Randy Orton recently discussed his WWE suspension in 2006 and how difficult it was for him to get out of a rough phase that he went through when he was still green in the company. Orton revealed how he came out of his “funk” over a decade ago.

Randy Orton was recently a guest on the Stone Cold Steve Austin hosted, Broken Skull Sessions. Orton and Austin had a great time and eventually spoke about his suspension by WWE in 2006, two days after WrestleMania 22. Austin asked Orton what happened that led to his suspension and wanted a “family-friendly version” of the events.

“I don’t think there is one, Steve (family friendly version). Off the reservation, dark, dark, dark. That 60 days happened for reasons and then during that 60 days I did some other sh*t that kind of landed me in a spot where I needed some help. And I got the help and I came back and I still wasn’t right. And then it was about probably a good year, in the middle of 2007 where I was working with Edge and then Cena where I kind of came out of that funk. And luckily, everything was alright.”

Orton was reportedly found taking anastrozole, clomiphene citrate, and steroids such as testosterone, nandrolone, oxandrolone, and stanozolol. Thus, WWE under their Talent Wellness Program which was implemented in the February of 2006, suspended Orton for thirty days for his violation of the policy.

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