WWE Raw Star Reveals Boyfriend After Departure

The former WWE interviewer and presenter  Charly Caruso(now Charly Arnolt) is currently signed with ESPN and her latest Tweet has drawn some attention of the fans. Triple H WWE Firing Text Message Leaks



Charly Arnolt revealed in her Tweet that she was watching basketball with her “BF” when he had made a comment about the Atlanta Hawks coach.

She wrote:

My bf: “Nate McMillian needs to call a time out and cool this gentleman down.”

Me: “ ‘cool this gentleman down?’ ….Ok grandpa”

Fans have been wondering about Charly’s “BF.” Many have speculating that BF could mean “best friend.”

However the former WWE Raw Interviewer had specified that her BF is a man when she called him “grandpa.”

The fans have flooded with several Tweets and many have expressed their disappointment about Charly departing WWE.

During a recent interview she also reflected on her exit from WWE. She had said:

“There is always going to be chatter. The contract was coming up. Instead of renewing, I’m moving on. Everyone is going to have their own opinions regardless. I never had any issues while I was at WWE. Nothing bad happened. As far as I’m concerned, I’m leaving on a positive note and beginning what I believe to be the next step in my career.”

You can check out the Tweet below:

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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