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WWE Reaction To CM Punk Interview, Vince McMahon Unhappy, Triple H Furious

Nearly ten months after his final appearance for WWE, CM Punk finally addressed the circumstances behind his departure from the sports-entertainment organization in an explosive two-hour interview with Colt Cabana on the Art of Wrestling podcast. On Figure Four Daily on on Friday, Bryan Alvarez offered insight on the reaction around WWE to the former Superstar’s controversial remarks (click here to listen).

Even with Punk having a number of detractors in WWE, Alvarez was told that virtually everybody in WWE who listened to the podcast “thought it was awesome.”

Alvarez said, “Now if you know CM Punk, CM Punk is a guy who has his lovers—maybe that’s the wrong word—he has his fans, and he has his detractors. There’s a group of people in WWE who are big fans of CM Punk, and there are people in WWE who just can’t stand the guy. When he left, I heard from people that were like, ‘Thank God this guy has left! He drove us crazy. He was so angry.’ When he did his podcast with Colt Cabana, he admitted that at the end, he was actually sorry for how many times he told people to fuck off. When it happened, I had been told from people that he was so miserable, he was such as a crabby individual, they were glad he was finally gone out of the locker room because they couldn’t handle him anymore. Now with that said, the impression that I got was, even people who did not like CM Punk, even people who really thought he was a miserable guy and were not CM Punk’s fans in the slightest, they were fans of a lot of the stuff that he talked about in the podcast.”

He continued, “It is true, there are a lot of guys in the company who are afraid to speak out, they’re afraid to say anything, they’re afraid to approach management, they’re afraid to ask questions, and CM Punk got a lot of that out in the podcast. And he opened a lot of people’s eyes that didn’t know anything about what goes on internally in WWE. So there were even people that don’t like CM Punk and don’t want him back in the company, who are happy that he did this podcast and said everything that he said.”

Alvarez said Vince McMahon is upset with Punk, but he’s not “fuming.” With the WWE Network airing a live “Stone Cold” Steve Austin podcast with the WWE Chairman and CEO immediately following Raw next Monday, Alvarez was told that it is very unlikely that he will talk about the matter in-depth. If he does, the feeling is that he will offer a “corporate answer.”

Paul “Triple H” Levesque was among those hit the hardest in Punk’s two-hour long speech as The Straight Edge Superstar addressed his issues with the WWE executive throughout the show. During his meeting with Levesque and McMahon that led to his exit from WWE, Punk went off on Levesque for not putting him over in 2011 when he was riding high on the momentum from his infamous “pipe bomb” promo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Upon being told by McMahon that he would be wrestling Levesque in a ‘main event’ at WrestleMania 30, Punk recalled turning to Hunter to say, ‘All due respect, I do not need to wrestle you, you need to wrestle me. I do not want to wrestle you. I seriously resent you for not putting me over three years ago when you should have. That would have been best for business but you had to fucking come in and squash it. And then I had to lose to fucking Truth and Miz. It didn’t make any business sense then, it doesn’t make any business sense now, and I am in a position now where I can tell you that I don’t have to nor do I want to wrestle you at WrestleMania. I don’t care if I was supposed to win.'”

Punk then noted, “Which I was. I didn’t care. I didn’t want to give him the fucking privilege. I said a lot of shit in there. I told them again and Hunter, he was gritting his teeth and I knew… he never liked me. It’s one of those situations where you always hear those stories in the dirt sheets about ‘Hunter says this about Punk’ and all this negative stuff but me and him in a room together? Never any good vibes. Always negative, the way he would always look sideways at me, the way he always treated me.”

According to Alvarez, Levesque is furious with Punk over his remarks. He said he received a text message from a person in WWE reading ‘Triple H wants to kill Punk.'”

Alvarez added that Levesque, as well his wife, Stephanie McMahon, have ‘an abject hatred’ for Punk. He is also considered to be on their no-call list.

WWE officials are also extremely unhappy with Cabana. Cabana, who was being courted by the organization for an announcing role as recently as last year. He is said to be on their “shitlist.” – See GIF of Ryback’s botch dropping CM Punk on concrete

  • D2K

    I don’t think AJ is gonna be there much longer, but unlike her husband I think she will play out her contract and then leave.

  • Solid Snake

    Who cares if there unhappy i need punk chants on raw.

  • DirtDevilX

    I think he was talking about The Rock

  • Jorge Ruvalcaba

    I was thinking the same thing after listening(because there is a difference) Punk had the love and passion for it slowly taken from him until he had to leave RESPECT to the man and I absolutely don’t think or want him to go back

  • Luke

    But if it WAS, it would be the greatest work of all time!

  • new8406

    Pretty sure they announced a while back it was 40…

  • TheFizPop

    Punk the real peoples champion!! Its the best part of having a career, not a job. A career is important and you can be as important as the effort you put in, that makes you valuable, not 100% replaceable monkey to serve customers etc. Succeed inspite of people, not for them, make yourself priority #1, as noone else will!

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    QUESTION! In the podcast, Punk says something like, “He comes out of retirement, wrestles me once, then goes back into retirement.” Was he talking about Kevin Nash? I assumed because that happened with him and he is HHH’s guy

  • Legend of Horus

    lol I don’t think there’s gonna be a 40 man rumble.

  • xXx

    wishful thinking bud, i kinda like the idea too but i don’t think this is a work

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Wah wah wah! Hunter was probably upset because Punk called him out & he didnt get his own way…

  • new8406

    I really don’t think this is a work but, in the back of my mind, I can’t help but think about the timing of all of this. Right about the time, the free month of the network is up, less than a month from Christmas, 2 months from the start of the RTW, and now he has had PLENTY of time to get to 110%.

    Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I can only imagine how loud that Rumble Pop would be if his music hit at #40. The roof may literally come off the building…

  • JohnCena33

    If this is a work…. it deserves an Oscar nomination.

  • Chris E.

    For the years Punk would have worked through injuries in the indies and made crap money compared to what he would make in WWE, and his wife is still employed there just makes me think this has to be a work. Now, I understand that you may feel the need to tell people you work for to “f&%k-off” but we all know how that ends in the real world. Why would he put his wife in this position? Is there any proof of the lawsuit or him suing?

  • oppa

    They were never going to hire Colt anyway. Why pretend that there were serious about it. Vince has been down this road before with Bret, so he knows to keep things cool and that things can work out in a few years. If HHH and Stephanie haven’t learned that by now, then the business really will be messed up in future. The person I feel for most is AJ. She was going to be dropped down when Flair’s daughter gets called up, plus the title will probably get passed around on Total Divas like Divas get passed around the locker room. I hope she get released soon, I can’t imagine her having much fun there anymore.