WWE Rejected Rehab For WCW Legend

Buff Bagwell is a former WCW star he is popular for his stint in WWE’s rival company. He gained popularity during the Monday Night Wars. When WWE purchased WCW in 2001, he was one of the wrestlers that made the jump, yet he didn’t last long in WWE. He recently revealed how WWE rejected to send him to rehab. It was also recently reported that a former WCW Champion married a McMahon.



Buff Bagwell opens up on the matter

He appeared recently on the Who The Fook Are These Guys Podcast to discuss what went down during his brief stint with the company. He also details the time that WWE shut him down and refused to send him to rehab when his substance abuse issues took a turn for the worse. He claimed that he is the only wrestler to be turned down for rehab by the company.

“I got turned down to go to rehab by the WWF (WWE). Think about that bro. I mean, that’s not just crazy, that’s humiliation. It is, flat out. Any way you want to put it. I’m the only wrestler in the history of time for two things, to main event the first week and then the next week your fired, and I’m the only person in the history of time to be turned down to go around for rehab. So many good friends of mine went several times and it helped them. And to be honest with you, I’m not bad. I’m not. But it’s kind of like the little boy who cried wolf a little bit. My friends think that I’m worse than I am. And I’m really not. But still, at the same time, I want them to feel good, and I want the fans to see that I’m going to put 60 day in.

He recalled having been released by the company in a week. He said that he didn’t at all mix well with the WWE audience once he made the jump.

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