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WWE repackaging former champions?

Eric Rowan Luke Harper WWE

  • MindTricked

    When Luke returns, I just really hope he has new entrance music. I’ve heard better entrance music from the old wrestling games’ “create-a-wrestler” default music.

  • CC

    Twice now they have attempted to have them both go solo, and twice they failed.
    First time Rowan as face and Harper as heel. Second time with Harper face and Rowan heel.
    It failed miserably both times as both just quietly vanished.

  • CC

    This story was originally posted about two weeks ago as I commented that these two just do not work as singles stars as they have tried and failed twice now. Just keep the Wyatt family gimmick, and leave them as a tag team as that works. Just tweak it slightly due to no longer having Bray as their mouthpiece.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Going to disagree here. They will always be better together than separated. Plus Harper just lost some edge after he lost all that weight and Rowan added on some more muscle mass. Rowan was actually a lot better and showing more athleticism than he ever had, right before they pulled both of them off TV. The improvement was very noticeable. Was his booking any better? Nope. I was with you for a long time in not being a fan of Rowan but he won me over in that last month.

  • Anutosh Bajpai

    Big fan of harper, i would love it if they push him

  • Arnold Jackson

    Yay it’s the weekly “We don’t know wtf is going on with Harper and Rowan, so they must be repackaged” post. Give the click bait a rest until you actual KNOW something to report.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I’d prefer them separated. Harper may have a future, but I’m not a fan of Rowan.