WWE Smackdown ‘Cancelation Threat’ Leaks

There have been chaos in Israel and amid this WWE star Sami Zayn made some controversial comments on the matter on his social media account which has led to WWE receiving threats to cancel WWE SmackDown.



WWE SmackDown to get cancelled?

Recently, Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that pro-Israel groups reached out to WWE and their TV partners (NBCU and FOX) over comments made on Twitter by Sami Zayn, with ‘cancelation’ threats in the current cancel culture. Vince McMahon Offered ‘Release’ To WWE Champions

The former WWE United States Champion has made a series of Tweets which has added to the controversy.

Zayn tweeted:

“There is no viable moral defense for stealing people’s homes based on their ethnicity.


He also Tweeted the following:

“Here’s one very direct way you can help some people in Gaza.
@JoeGaza93 is a Palestinian activist who does a yearly fundraiser to provide food parcels to families in need in Gaza.
It won’t end the occupation, but you’ll help feed a few families.


Zayn also had this to say about Andrew Yang:

“Try as I may, I will never be the most insufferable human being on television as long as this soulless parasite is on the airwaves.”

Following was also Tweeted by him:

“Watching politicians & commentators rush to wrap Israeli military aggression in a cloak of victimhood, while omitting the crimes towards the Palestinians is beyond shameful. The hypocrisy in the discourse & the callous indifference towards the Palestinian people is appalling.”

Meltzer further noted that WWE and the TV networks did not issue a response to the pro-Israel groups that contacted them. We will have to see what is the outcome of this matter.






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