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WWE SmackDown Live Results (7/3)

SmackDown Live

The July 3rd edition of WWE SmackDown Live took place at the Century Link Center in Ohama, NE.

– This week’s broadcast opens up with a video package looking at Team Hell No’s reunion last week, and the history between Daniel Bryan and Kane.

– Tonight’s show starts with Renee Young in the ring, who introduces Team Hell No. Daniel Bryan and Kane come down to the ring and talk about their reunion. Kane says they’re back and better than ever. Kane says Daniel can have a bit of a temper sometime, and Kane knew he wouldn’t be able to let his beef with the Bludgeon Brothers go, and Kane is his demon watching over him. Bryan interjects that Kane hasn’t always been watching over him, and Bryan takes issue with Kane beating him up in the past. Bryan and Kane argue until The Usos come out to interrupt. The Usos say Team Hell No doesn’t deserve a Tag Title shot, and a whole lot has changed on SmackDown since Team Hell No was last a team. The Usos make fun of Kane Bryan for hugging, so Bryan tells them to come show how tough they are in the ring. Kane says to wait, because Team Hell No has to consider this as a team, and they’ll get back to the Usos. This leads to Kane and Bryan arguing more, and then Paige comes out to interrupt. Paige books The Usos vs. Team Hell No, and if The Usos win, they get added to the Tag Title match at Extreme Rules. The Usos vs. Team Hell No is now official for later tonight.

– We see a pre-taped promo from U.S. Champion Jeff Hardy making an analogy about the bald eagle and his U.S. Title belt. Jeff is wearing red, white and blue facepaint for July 4th. The U.S. Title open challenge is next.

– We see a pre-taped promo from Asuka talking about beating anyone in her way – male of female. She says James Ellsworth is not ready for Asuka.

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. The Miz: The Miz comes out to answer the U.S. Title open challenge, and Jeff’s belt is on the line in this one. The opening bell sounds and The Miz starts off strong, backing Jeff into the corner with strikes. Jeff fights back and the brawl briefly spills out to ringside. The Miz misses a baseball slide kick on the outside and Jeff drops him on the floor. Back in the ring, Jeff repeatedly slams Miz’s head into the turnbuckles, but The Miz fires back with a knee to the face. Miz follows up with a big boot for a two count. Jeff fights back with a forearm shot to the head and an inverted atomic drop. Jeff follows up with the leg drop and the low dropkick for a two count. Jeff dumps The Miz out to ringside and follows up with a baseball slide dropkick. Jeff runs on the floor and leaps off the ring steps towards The Miz, but Miz side-steps and Jeff crashes into the fan barricade by himself. They fight back into the ring where Miz looks for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Jeff escapes and drops Miz in the corner. Jeff looks for a dropkick but Miz fends him off. Jeff looks for the Twist of Fate, but Miz escapes and comes back with a DDT for a two count. Jeff comes back out of the corner with the Whisper In The Wind for a two count off his own. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate, but Miz escapes and pins. The Miz puts his feet on the ropes for leverage and the ref sees, so he stops counting. The Miz argues with senior official Charles Robinson, and the distraction leads to Jeff connecting with the Twist of Fate. Jeff follows up with the Swanton Bomb for the three count.

Winner & still U.S. Champion: Jeff Hardy

– Jeff Hardy is handed his belt and he celebrates in the ring as we go to the broadcast table where Tom Phillips promotes Extreme Rules. The broadcast team runs down the card for Extreme Rules, and then we go backstage.

– James Ellsworth is in his locker room where he cuts a promo about being better than women. He says his brain is bigger than women’s, and he’s all-man which means he’s ready for Asuka.

– Byron Saxton is in the ring for an Independence Day segment with The New Day. Byron introduces their first-ever Fourth of July pancake eating contest, and there is a big table set up in the ring. The New Day comes out to the ring next and each member takes their position in front of a plate on the table. They start eating their pancakes, but the lights go out and Sanity comes out to interrupt. Sanity hits the ring and attacks The New Day from behind. They beat down the New Day members all over ringside and throw Big E over the announce table. Dain hits a cross body on Kofi on the floor, and then in the ring Eric Young puts Xavier through the table with a flying elbow off the top.

– Still to come: James Ellsworth vs. Asuka

– The broadcast team shows us some footage of intergender tennis matches in preparation for this intergender singles match up next.

Asuka vs. James Ellsworth: Carmella is on commentary for this one. The opening bell sounds and Asuka shoves Ellsworth down, and Ellsworth rolls outside for a breather. Carmella gives Ellsworth a pep talk, but Ellsworth is still hesitant to engage. Ellsworth gets back in the ring and goes after Asuka, but Asuka tees off on him with a series of strikes. Asuka spins Ellsworth around until Ellsworth looks like he’s going to get sick, then she slaps him across the face and hits a spinning back fist. Ellsworth runs out of the ring and Asuka chases him through the crowd and to the back of the arena. The ref counts them both out.

Winner: Double count-out

– Asuka chases Ellsworth back to the ringside area, where Carmella attacks Asuka from behind and drops her. Carmella takes Ellsworth up the ramp with her and to the back.

– WWE Champion AJ Styles comes out to the ring next. AJ steps in the ring and gets on the mic. The Champion talks about his upcoming match against Rusev at Extreme Rules for the Title. AJ talks about SmackDown being his house, and then Rusev comes out to interrupt with Aiden English by his side. Rusev gets on the mic and trashes AJ, saying he’s going to kick in the door to the house he built and move in. English adds that they’re moving in on Rusev Day.

AJ Styles vs. Aiden English: This one is a non-Title match. After the opening bell, Rusev gets on the mic from ringside to distract AJ, and this leads to English dropping AJ from behind. English works on keeping AJ grounded until AJ fights his way up and levels him with a clothsline. AJ hits a flying forearm and unloads with more strikes. AJ looks for the Styles Clash, but English escapes. AJ gets him again and applies the Calf Crusher for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

– After the match, Rusev pulls AJ out to ringside and whips him into the ring post. Rusev boots him in the face, then he throws AJ back into the ring for more punishment. He applies the Accolade before leaving.

– We see a pre-taped promo from Peyton Royce and Billie Kay about exposing Becky Lynch tonight. They say Becky is going to get hurt tonight.

– Carmella and James Ellsworth are walking backstage when Paige approaches them. Paige announces a rematch between Ellsworth and Asuka for next week, and it’ll be a Lumberjack match with the women’s division at ringside.

Becky Lynch vs. Peyton Royce: Billie Kay is at ringside for this one. The bell sounds and Peyton starts off strong. Billie tries to interfere but isn’t successful, and Becky rolls up Peyton for a 2 count. They fight in the corner until Peyton drives Becky down to the mat and works on keeping her grounded. Becky fights up and rolls up Peyton for another 2 count. Peyton hits a headbutt, but Becky keeps fighting back and hits a t-bone suplex. They brawl back and forth, with Becky hitting a kick to the face. Peyton blocks a shot in the corner and knees Becky in the face. Peyton goes to pick up Becky, but Becky catches her in the Dis-arm-her, and Peyton taps out.

Winner: Becky Lynch

– Becky celebrates after the match as Peyton recovers with Billie.

– We go to a video from Shinsuke Nakamura giving his reaction to his U.S. Title shot at Extreme Rules. Nakamura says Jeff must either be a clown or ashamed because he’s painting his face. Nakamura says he’ll strip away everything Hardy has at Extreme Rules.

The Usos vs. Team Hell No: Jimmy and Daniel start off with Bryan looking dominant in the opening moments. Jey tags in and they double team Bryan, then Kane tags in and cleans house. The fight briefly spills out to ringside where The Usos take control. Back in the ring, Bryan hits some kicks, but The Usos shut him down and trade frequent tags to control the pace of the match. The Usos continue to double team Bryan, but Bryan gets a breather when he collides mid-air with Jey and both men are down. Kane finally gets the tag and he unloads on Jey Uso with strikes and a splash in the corner. Kane hits a side walk slam, but Jimmy breaks it up. Jey dropkicks Kane to the outside and Jimmy looks for a suicide dive, but Kane blocks it. Jey charges at Kane but Kane shuts him down with a right hand. Kane looks for a chokeslam, but Jimmy gets back in the ring and they hit the double superkick on Kane. Jey tags in and The Usos go up top for the double splash, but Kane catches them both by the throat as they come down. Bryan drops Jimmy, and Kane chokeslams Jey for the three count.

Winners: Team Hell No

– This means The Usos will not be added to the Tag Title match at Extreme Rules. Daniel Bryan leads the crowd in a Yes chant after the match, but he stops to tell Kane he’s not doing it like he means it. Bryan gets Kane fired up and they hug as the crowd chants “Yes.” The Bludgeon Brothers’ music hits, and Rowan and Harper come out to interrupt the celebration. Rowan and Harper stare at Team Hell No from the stage as SmackDown goes off the air.

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    F jeff hardy, stop with the stupid face paint. You look so damn ridiculous. And stop the stupid promos. Don’t talk. You can’t talk. You shouldn’t be heard.