WWE SmackDown Live Results (4/24): Last Stop Before The Greatest Royal Rumble

The April 24th edition of WWE SmackDown Live took place at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, KY, and was the go-home show for Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia.



– This week’s broadcast opens up with a graphic in memory of Bruno Sammartino, and the fans in the building chant his name. Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves welcome us to the KFC Yum! Center for this week’s SmackDown.

– The Miz comes out first to kick off tonight’s show with Miz TV. The Miz gets on the mic and declares that The A-Lister has returned to SmackDown, and it’s now the A-Show again. The Miz says all he’s missing is his Intercontinental Title, but he’ll get that back at Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble. The Miz talks about how he elevated the IC Title, and then starts trashing Daniel Bryan. Miz calls out Daniel Bryan, but Bryan doesn’t come out, and Big Cass comes out instead.

Cass comes out to the ring and says it looks like the Miz needs a guest, so here he is. Cass says no one gives a damn about Daniel Bryan, and Cass starts talking about his own road to returning to the ring after injury. The Miz and Cass start exchanging words, and then Cass continues trashing Bryan. Cass says he’s tall, educated and good looking, which makes him valuable in WWE. Cass says he’s going to beat Bryan and retire him, then mocks the “yes” chants and drops the mic. Cass walks off as The Miz looks on.

– Asuka and Becky are backstage getting ready to come out for their match next.

– We see Daniel Bryan laying on the ground, which explains why he didn’t come out for Miz TV. Bryan is clutching his arm and selling his injury. Referees check on him and call for help.

– The Iconics come down to the ring and get on mics. Peyton and Bilie talk about how good they look on the big screen, and they trash Becky and Asuka. They say Asuka and Becky are the past, and they are the future. Becky’s entrance music hits, and we have a match.

Asuka & Becky Lynch vs. The Iconics: Becky takes control of this one early on after hitting a forearm shot on Billie. Billie misses a shot in the corner and Becky kicks her down. Becky follows up with a t-bone suplex, then Peyton tags in and Becky goes after her next. Peyton starts fighting back and chokes Becky across the middle rope. Asuka and Billie get the tags and Asuka cleans house. Peyton runs in but Becky takes her out, then Becky tags in. Billie shoves Becky into Asuka and knocks Asuka down to the floor. Billie and Peyton now double team Becky in the corner, which leads to Billie pinning Becky with her feet on the ropes for the win.

Winners: The Iconics

– Billie and Peyton celebrate the win as they retreat from ringside and run up the ramp.

– AJ Styles walks out of Shane McMahon’s office backstage and does an interview with Renee Young. AJ talks about looking forward to Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble, and he says he just learned of a 6-man tag match for later tonight. AJ indicates that Shane has booked Nakamura & Rusev Day against AJ Styles and two partners of his choosing. AJ says his partners will be “too sweet.”

– We go to Tom Phillips at ringside who promotes this Friday’s show.

– We go backstage to The Usos and Naomi in the locker room. Jimmy makes Naomi promise not to come out during one of his matches again, but she doesn’t agree. She says she saw nothing in Rowan and Harper’s eyes last week, and she has a bad feeling about this. Uso says they’ll get their Tag Titles back on Friday and tell her not to worry about it.

– We see a Make-A-Wish promotional video and some people from the organization sitting in the front row.

Rowan vs. Jimmy Uso: The opening bell sounds and this one spills outside early on. Jimmy and Rowan brawl on the floor before Jimmy takes things back in the ring and hits a flying cross body off the top rope. Jimmy kicks Rowan, and then goes back up top, but Rowan shoves Jimmy off the top rope all the way down to the ringside floor. Rowan follows him outside and hits a big clothesline on the floor. Rowan starts beating down Jimmy until Naomi’s music and light show hit and she dances on the ramp. Jey comes out of nowhere and attacks Harper at ringside, and then Jimmy attacks Rowan from behind and rolls him up to steal the three count.

Winner: Jimmy Uso

– Jimmy, Jey and Naomi run up the ramp and celebrate the win. Rowan and Harper are in the ring staring up at them and they’re not happy.

– Still to come: Rusev Day & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

– Renee Young is the ring with a table for a contract signing with Carmella and Charlotte. SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella comes out first. Carmella takes the mic and says it’s unacceptable for the Champion to be introduced before the challenger, and starts cutting a promo on Charlotte. Carmella introduces a video package about her win, and then she plays it again and admonishes the fans for not respecting her. Carmella says she’s going to play the video over and over until they get it right, and then Charlotte interrupts. Flair sits down and signs the contract first, and exchanges words with Carmella. They get in each others’ faces and it appears Carmella hasn’t signed the contract yet. This leads to Charlotte slamming Carmella’s face on the table and then throwing the table on top of her. Flair walks off as Carmella scrambles to her feet with the Title belt.

– Dasha Fuentes is backstage knocking on Shinsuke Nakamura’s locker room door, but Aiden English answers and says no interviews.

– WWE United States Champion Jeff Hardy is backstage walking towards the gorilla position.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Randy Orton: Jeff Hardy comes out, but Randy Orton interrupts his entrance and walks past him to the ring. The opening bell sounds and they lock up, and Shelton takes it to the corner. They fight back and forth, and Orton looks for the RKO early on but he avoids it. Shelton starts putting the boots to Orton and works him over in the corner. Orton comes back and dumps Shelton outside, then brings him up on the apron. Orton looks for the middle rope DDT, but Shelton fights out and turns it around. Shelton hits a series of kicks and takes control of the match as Jeff Hardy watches. Orton mounts a comeback and successfully hits the middle rope DDT on Shelton. Orton looks for the RKO, but Shelton rolls out to ringside. They fight in front of Jeff Hardy, and Orton hits a back suplex on Shelton on the announce table. Back in the ring, Orton continues beating on Shelton, and a masked man runs in and attacks Jeff Hardy at ringside. The masked man gets in the ring, and Orton rips his mask off to reveal Sunil Singh. Orton gives Singh an RKO, and then Shelton grabs Orton and hits his finishing move for the three count.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

– The New Day is backstage about to feast on pancakes and cereal. They promomote their new “Book of Booty.” Sheamus and Cesaro walk in and interrupt, and they talk about winning the tag titles on Friday. Sheamus says they have no competition on SmackDown, and The New Day tells them to get lost. They mock Sheamus and Cesaro’s “we are the bar” catch phrase.

– AJ Styles is backstage warming up when Gallow and Anderson walk in. They all hug, and AJ tells them this is where they all need to be.

– Daniel Bryan walks out of the trainer’s office backstage and does an interview with Renee Young. He says he’ll be fine for the Greatest Royal Rumble on Friday, and says Big Cass is a coward for attacking him from behind earlier. Bryan says he talked to Paige, and she’s going to give him a shot at Big Cass. Bryan says it doesn’t matter how big you are if you’re on the mat with him tapping out.

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev & Aiden English: English comes out to sing Rusev’s entrance, and Nakamura has a new entrance. AJ wants to start off with Nakamura, but he gets English instead. AJ takes English back to his corner, and then tags in Anderson and Gallows who take turns beating on English. Gallows, Anderson and AJ clear the ring and stare down their opponents on the floor. The referee restores order and Rusev and AJ are now going at it in the ring. Rusev hits a big boot on AJ, then English tags in and continues the offense on the Champion. Nakamura comes in now and continues working over AJ with kicks. Rusev comes in and beats down AJ in the corner then hits a powerslam. Rusev follows up with an elbow drop, and then tags English back in for a double team attack. Gallows finally gets the tag and he cleans house. He beats down English, then Rusev runs in and he throws Rusev outside. Gallows boots English outside next, and then Nakamura attacks Gallows from behind. It appears Nakamura got the blind tag before Gallows threw English outside, and Nakamura hits the Kinshasa on Gallows for the three count.

Winners: Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev and Aiden English

– After the match, AJ immediately hits the ring and attacks Nakamura. Nakamura comes back with a low blow on AJ, then he looks for the Kinshasa but Anderson intercepts it. Nakamura hits Anderson with a Kinshasa, and then retreats as AJ watches. Nakamura heads up the ramp as AJ checks on Anderson in the ring and SmackDown goes off the air.

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