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WWE SmackDown Recap & Reaction (6/13)

This week’s episode of SmackDown kicked off with New Day coming down to the ring with a band playing their entrance music. The camera cut to a fan in the audience that was singing along with the theme. The fan then held up a sign that read “missing” with Tye Dillinger on the sign.

New Day cut a promo on The Usos and stated that they will be taking the SmackDown Tag Team Championships away from them at Money in the Bank. Woods claimed that the New Day will then take those titles back to New Orleans when Wrestlemania 34 returns to the city. The Usos interrupted and came down to the ring.

Breezango then interrupted them and joined everyone in the ring. Breezango then poked fun at The Usos “Day One Ish” shirt and were interrupted by The Colons. The Colons called Breezango the worst detectives ever and made fun of Breezango’s fashion sense. SmackDown then went to a commercial break before the 8-man tag match.

New Day & Breezango vs The Usos & The Colons 

Kofi and Epico started out the match. Kofi beatdown Epico and tagged in Woods. Xavier connected with an Elbow Drop off the top rope for a two count. Fandango entered the match and Epico bashed his head off the turnbuckle and connected with a couple of chops. Fandango battled back and hit a couple of chops of his own. Epico tried to roll-up Fandango but Fandango wouldn’t go down and danced while standing over Epico.

Tyler Breeze was tagged and Epico immediately isolated him in the corner. Jey Uso was tagged in and he slammed Breeze to the mat. Jimmy Uso was tagged in and continued the beatdown on Breeze. Primo got in on the fun and applied a Chin Lock to Breeze in the middle of the ring.

Breeze connected with a kick that sent Primo to the mat and then tagged in Woods. Woods clubbed Primo across the back and then hit a Dropkick to Primo’s back while he was hung up on the second rope. Woods brought Primo to the corner and hit him with a chop across the chest. Woods went for another one but Primo ducked and beatdown Woods in the corner.

Primo charged at Woods but Xavier was ready and connected with a big boot. Everything then broke down and all 8 Superstars were in the ring. New Day and Breezango Clotheslined The Usos and The Colons out of the ring and danced in the ring as SmackDown went to a commercial break.

The Usos took control during the commercial break and beatdown Breeze. Epico then punched Breeze in the face several times and applied a Chin Lock. Breeze battled out of the hold but got hit with dueling Dropkicks from Epico and Primo. Breeze elbowed Primo in the chest but was once again slammed to the mat.

Jey Uso connected with a right hand off the second rope for a two count. Breeze was perched up against the bottom rope and Jey leaped onto him for a two count. Jey then applied a Chin Lock to Breeze in the middle of the ring. Breeze connected with a Jawbreaker to break the hold.

Epico was tagged in and prevented Breeze from tagging out of the match. Epico held Breeze up for a few seconds and slammed him down to the mat with a Suplex for a two count. Epico once again applied a Chin Lock to Breeze in the middle of the ring. Primo was tagged and Breeze leveled both Epico and Primo with a Clothesline.

Breeze tagged in Woods and Jimmy Uso was tagged in by Primo. Woods tagged in Kofi and flipped onto The Colons outside the ring. Kofi connected with Troube in Paradise but the pinfall was broken up by Jey Uso. Primo was tagged in and Kofi tagged in Woods. Xavier climbed to the top rope and connected with a stomp on Primo for the victory.

Winners: New Day & Breezango

Reaction: SmackDown started off with a solid tag match that lasted about 20 minutes. I’m looking forward to SmackDown Tag Team Championship at Money in the Bank between The Usos and New Day.

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura were shown backstage having a conversation. Styles informed Nakamura that Zayn gets over-excited about these big matches. Zayn showed up and said that they are three of the best Superstars on the planet and wanted to talk strategy about their 6-man tag match later tonight. Zayn then rambled on for several minutes and then asked if anyone else had any input. Styles then said that he thought they were good and Zayn got all jazzed up. Zayn then went for a high-five but then pulled back and said that they will save the high-fives for after their victory later tonight. Zayn then said that he was going to go stretch and walked away. After Zayn left, Shinsuke Nakamura said that he liked Sami Zayn and Styles rolled his eyes.

Reaction: I’m not going to lie, I think that these segments with Sami Zayn are amusing. I’d just like to see him actually win a title on the main roster. It seems like he has been relegated to the oddball that never wins anything important.

Mojo Rawley was interviewed backstage. Mojo said that the best is still yet to come for his career, even though he lost to Jinder Mahal last week on SmackDown. Zack Ryder then showed up and said that the two still have unfinished business as a team. Mojo and Ryder then shook hands an it appears that the Hype Bros are back on SmackDown.

Naomi vs Tamina

Lana sauntered down the entrance ramp before the match started and stood ringside. “We want Rusev!” chants broke out as Naomi beatdown Tamina in the corner. Tamina powered out of the corner and connected with a headbutt that knocked Naomi to the mat. Tamina then picked Naomi up and casually launched her across the ring a couple of times.

Tamina then spent the next few minutes of the match beating the hell out of Naomi. Tamina climbed to the top rope but Naomi knocked her down. Naomi then hit a Moonsault and won the match.

After the match, Lana attacked Naomi from behind and slammed her to the mat. Lana then celebrated with the SmackDown Women’s Championship in the ring.

Winner: Naomi

Reaction: This match was painfully slow. The move that Lana hit after the match was cool looking. There really isn’t any buzz for the SmackDown Women’s Championship match at Money in the Bank. Well, there actually isn’t any buzz for any of the matches at Money in the Bank. It will be interesting to see how the match goes between Lana and Naomi this Sunday.

Jinder Mahal came down to the ring to cut another quiet promo. Mahal softly asked the crowd to stand up and show some respect to the WWE Champion. Mahal claimed that Orton was afraid to lose the WWE Championship match in front of his father, Cowboy Bob Orton, in St. Louis. Mahal claimed that Orton was afraid to come down to the ring and face him like a man. Mahal compared Orton to a garden snake and stated that the sun has risen on the era of the Modern Day Maharaja. Mahal then spoke in Punjabi and the crowd chanted “USA!”.

Orton’s theme hit and Mahal sent the Singh Brothers to the entrance ramp. Orton then came through the crowd and planted Mahal with an RKO. Orton then left through the crowd as the audience cheered.

Reaction: This feud has been incredibly boring up until this point. At the very least, this was quick and Orton hit an RKO. I honestly do not care who wins the WWE Championship match at Money in the Bank. If Mahal retains, I’d like to see him speak louder during his promos going forward. His promos have been bothering me for weeks now. The promos may actually be decent if he just spoke up a bit. It doesn’t make any sense why he is speaking in such a cordial tone. There is zero anger or emotion in his voice. I simply cannot work up any anger towards Mahal’s on-screen character. I’m just bored with it and I will still be bored if Orton recaptures the title at Money in the Bank.

Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler were backstage. Owens stated that they had two options tonight, they can work together tonight or they could fight during their tag match. Owens said that they should work together tonight and take out Styles, Nakamura and Zayn.

Randy Orton was interviewed backstage by Renee Young. Orton said that the time for conversation is over and that he is going to take the WWE Championship back in his hometown of St. Louis at Money in the Bank.

Charlotte vs Natalya

Becky Lynch was shown watching this match backstage. Natalya controlled the match early as SmackDown went to a commercial break. When SmackDown returned, Charlotte took control of the match and knocked Natalya to the mat. Charlotte then hit a Moonsault for a two count. Ellsworth and Carmella were shown watching the match backstage.

Charlotte once again climbed to the top rope but Natalya caught her and connected with a Powerbomb for a two count. Charlotte connected with a big boot for a two count. Natalya went for a roll-up but Charlotte kicked out at two. Charlotte then hit the Natural Selection for the victory. Charlotte pointed to the MITB briefcase above the ring after the match.

Winner: Charlotte

Another episode of the Fashion Files was shown in black and white. Fandango showed off his pecks in front of a mirror and then wondered where Breeze was. Fandango found Breeze laying against a wall. Breeze said he was attacked by two monsters that had two arms. Fandango then drew a sketch of two stick people and Breeze said that was them. The episode ended with Breezango looking for the people that attacked Breeze.

Jarrius “Little JJ” Robertson was given a WWE Hero award for his perseverance while battling a chronic liver disease called biliary atresia. Robertson received a liver transplant on April 30th. Check out the video below and watch till the end. Jarrius had a hilarious exchange with The Miz at the 2:13 mark. Jarrius covered the press event earlier this year when WrestleMania 34 was announced for New Orleans.

Lana said that she was going to shock the world and become SmackDown Women’s Champion in a backstage interview.

AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura & Sami Zayn vs Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin

Nakamura controlled the match early and stomped on Ziggler in the corner. Ziggler battled back and tagged in Owens. Owens beatdown Nakamura and isolated him in the corner. Corbin entered the match and beatdown Nakamura some more. Corbin took a break to taunt Styles and Zayn.

Ziggler was tagged in and he applied a Chin Lock to Nakamura in the middle of the ring. Nakamura battled out of the hold and tagged in Styles. AJ hit Ziggler with a Neckbreaker. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn battled in the ring. Zayn knocked Owens out of the ring and connected with a Moonsault. Back in the ring, Ziggler planted Styles with a DDT for a two count.

Zayn and Corbin were then tagged in and Corbin planted him with a Deep Six. Corbin went for a pin but AJ broke it up and SmackDown went to a commercial break. When SmackDown returned. Zayn and Ziggler were battling in the ring. Ziggler connected with an elbow and knocked Zayn to the mat.

Owens was then tagged in and he stomped on Zayn’s chest. Owens went for a Senton but Zayn got his knees up. Owens responded by planting Zayn with a DDT for a two count. Corbin was tagged in and continued the beatdown on Zayn. Owens then got back in the match and punched Zayn in the face a few times. Zayn connected with a Blue Thunder Bomb and both men fell to the mat.

Sami desperately tried to make a tag but Corbin was tagged in and prevented it. Corbin then threw Zayn into the corner and Ziggler fell off the ring apron and crashed into the barricade outside the ring. Zayn hit a Clothesline on Corbin and then threw both Ziggler and Owens out of the ring. Corbin then charged at Zayn but Sami ducked and Corbin went flying out of the ring. Zayn tried to finally tag out of the match but Owens and Ziggler dragged Styles and Nakamura off the ring apron. Styles distracted Corbin and Zayn hit a Helluva Kick on Corbin the victory.

After the match, Ziggler, Owens and Corbin attacked Styles, Zayn and Nakamura. Owens brought a ladder down to the ring. Ziggler and Owens then hit Zayn and Styles with the ladder. Corbin attacked Ziggler and Owens from behind and then struck Owens with the ladder. Ziggler climbed to the ring apron but Corbin hit him with the ladder. Corbin then set up the ladder in the ring and climbed to the top of it. Nakamura then got in the ring and shoved the ladder over. Corbin bounced off the top rope and Nakamura hit him with the Kinshasa. Nakamura then climbed up the ladder and grabbed the briefcase. SmackDown went off the air with Nakamura holding the briefcase as his theme played.

Winners: AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura & Sami Zayn

Reaction: The main-event was solid and the chaos that followed it was also entertaining. Overall, SmackDown was decent enough tonight but I still would have preferred a better show heading into Money in the Bank this Sunday. As with most WWE PPVs nowadays, the build to Money in the Bank has been lackluster.

What did you think of this week’s episode of SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comments below.