WWE SmackDown Report – Dec. 18th, 2009

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report – December 18th, 2009
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider



We start off with a look at the Smackdown contributions during the TLC pay per view.

We are live from Laredo, Texas and your announcers are Todd ‘Why can’t I get the third man in the booth gig’ Grisham and Matt ‘Eight and a half hours of me this week . . . King of White Noise’ Striker.

We start off with Teddy Long who comes to the ring as if he is not in fear of Batista any more after what he did to Batista on Sunday night.

Teddy reminds us that Undertaker successfully defended his title on Sunday, we will have a new number one contender determined to see who faces the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble.

Batista ruins Teddy’s announcement and he says that there is no need to look for a number one contender because he is here right now. Batista reminds Teddy that he told him to make it right after he got screwed on Sunday. Batista does not think that this is making it right. Batista gets to the ring and he tells Teddy that this is the last time that he is going to tell him what is happening. Batista says that he will get another title shot to make things right. Batista wants to know if he needs to get a chair. Batista says that there does not have to be a match to determine the number one contender.

Rey Mysterio’s music plays and Rey comes out. He says that he wants to challenge Dave Batista tonight to be the number one contender. Rey says that you don’t have to be 6 foot 5 and jacked up with muscle to be champion. Rey asks Dave if he thinks he is the man because of what he does. Rey tells him that he is nothing but a bully. Rey says that he thinks Batista always looked at him as a little guy but Batista never looked inside Rey to see what was there. Rey speaks in Spanish and the crowd approves. Rey says the best way to get back at Batista is to never let him hold the World Title again.

Teddy has an idea and he decides to come up with a match for the playas and it will be Rey Mysterio versus Batista to determine the number one contender. Teddy says that it will be a straight up wrestling match so there will be no chairs. Teddy also decides to make the winner of the match the number one contender and the winner will get a special Christmas present next week when they face the Undertaker.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: John Morrison, Matt Hardy, and R Truth versus Drew McIntyre, CM Punk, and Luke Gallows

Hardy and Punk start things up and Punk with a side head lock and hammer lock. Punk tries for a kick but Hardy blocks it and he slaps Punk. Hardy sends Punk into the turnbuckles and Truth is tagged in and they hit a double back elbow followed by a senton and fist drop combination on Punk. Punk runs Truth into the corner and McIntyre tags in and he punches Truth followed by a head butt. Morrison with a blind tag and a clothesline to McIntyre followed by punches. Morrison punches Punk and Gallows and then the referee deals with Gallows while Morrison hits a side Russian leg sweep and standing shooting star press for a near fall. McIntyre goes to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Morrison with a side head lock take down to Punk. Punk with knees and punches but Morrison with a shoulder tackle. Morrison with a leg lariat to Punk for a near fall. Punk sends Morrison to the apron but Morrison punches Punk. Morrison gets sent to the floor by a thrust kick from McIntyre on the apron. Punk goes after Morrison on the floor and he sends Morrison’s head into the apron. Punk with an elbow to the throat before he returns to the ring. Punk with a punch but Morrison fights out of the corner and it works until Gallows hits him with a big boot and he punches Morrison. Gallows with another big boot. Gallows with a front face lock while Morrison tries to get to the turnbuckles. Gallows with a hard Irish whip and McIntyre tags back in and he stomps on Morrison’s head. McIntyre gets a near fall and then he puts Morrison in an arm bar with a cross face. Morrison with an arm drag but McIntyre returns to the attack and he keeps Morrison from making the tag. Gallows tags in and he punches Morrison and follows it with an elbow drop for a near fall. Gallows with an uppercut and Punk tags in. Punk gets a near fall after a double team move. Punk with a figure four head lock. Gallows tags in and hits a fist drop to Morrison. Gallows with a neck breaker for a near fall. Gallows with a back breaker and Punk hits a knee to the head off the turnbuckles for a near fall. Punk punches Morrison and tries for the Go To Sleep but Morrison counters with a sunset flip. Hardy tags in and he punches Punk and hits a clothesline. Hardy with an Irish whip and clothesline followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Hardy with an elbow from the turnbuckles and then he hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Hardy with a Side Effect for a near fall. Truth goes after Gallows while McIntyre sends Truth to the floor. Morrison takes care of McIntyre and Morrison goes up top. Punk pulls Morrison off the turnbuckles to the mat. Hardy misses a Twist of Fate and Punk gets his trophy from Gallows and hits Hardy with it and gets the three count.
Winners: Luke Gallows, CM Punk, and Drew McIntyre

We are in the back and Maria and Mickie James are playing Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 and the television goes off. Beth Phoenix enters and she has the plug in her hand. She tells Mickie that this is why she did not win the Women’s Title at TLC. Beth reminds Maria that she is the Diva of the Year, but while she won last year, Beth says that she wanted to be the most dominant Diva. Maria shows her Slammy and Beth says that she will make sure that Maria’s return to Smackdown is a short one.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the DX Christmas merchandise hard sell.

Good news for you DX fans because they will be on Smackdown next week. We go to commercial.

We are back and Eric gets on the mic and he tells Vickie that he knows that she is angry because of what he has been saying about her. Eric speaks in Spanish and then he says that he does not know where she is coming from. He says that there is no punishment as bad as being in a relationship with Vickie.

Vickie comes out with a few EXCUSE MEs. She says that she is tired of him saying nasty and inconsiderate things about her. Vickie has a special gift for Eric’s birthday. That gift is a match with Kane.

Match Number Two: Eric Escobar versus Kane

Escobar with punches to Kane but Kane with an uppercut followed by an Irish whip and a running clothesline into the corner. Kane clotheslines Escobar over the top rope to the floor and then he sends Escobar into the apron. Kane tells Vickie to get away from him and then he returns to the ring and runs into an elbow. Escobar with a back elbow but Kane with a big boot. Kane with a side slam and then he sets for a choke slam and he hits it for the three count.
Winner: Kane

After the match, Kane leaves the ring and Vickie enters to laugh at Eric. Vickie suggests that Eric choose his words more wisely. Eric says that he has been talking himself into some beatings. He thinks about what he should say and then he tells Vickie that he might be sore tomorrow, but Vickie will still look the same tomorrow. Eric plays keep away with the mic.

We go to commercial.

Chris Jericho comes to the ring and he says that he was unfairly ejected from Raw due to a legal loophole because they never lost to Degeneration X. He says that he was the victim of the biggest screwjob in WWE history and calls it a conspiracy. Jericho talks about the parasites and he will leave Raw when he is ready to leave Raw. Jericho says that he is being punished for being the best at what he does. He is being ganged up on by everyone. Jericho says that his best friend and tag team partner has been taken from him so now he must fend for himself. Jericho reminds us that he won a Slammy with Big Show and now his partner is not even here. Jericho says that this is not over so he will continue to do what he has done for nine months and that is dominate Friday nights as the face of Smackdown.

Match Number Three: Chris Jericho versus Great Khali with Runjin Singh

Jericho goes to the floor before locking up. Jericho continues to try to frustrate Khali by staying on the floor and apron. Eventually, he gets to the ring and he kicks Khali in the leg and punches him. Khali with a punch to the head and Jericho falls into the corner. Khali with an elbow in the corner followed by kicks and then he steps on Jericho’s chest. Jericho rolls to the floor to get a breather. Khali pulls Jericho to the apron but Jericho drops Khali on the top rope. Jericho comes off the turnbuckles and Khali catches him tries for a choke slam but Jericho escapes. Khali with the chop to the head and then Jericho avoids the choke slam and goes to the floor. Jericho walks to the back while the referee makes the ten count.
Winner: Great Khali by count out

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd with Natalya versus Jimmy Wang Yang and Slam Master J

J and Kidd start things off and they lock up. J with a waist lock and Kidd with a standing switch. J with a take down and then he gets Kidd in a wrist lock before tagging in Yang. Yang stays with the wrist but Kidd with a kick. Yang with a rana and then he clotheslines Kidd over the top rope to the floor. Yang with a kick that sends Smith off the apron. Yang and J with stereo suicide dives. Yang tries to pull Kidd out of the corner but the referee stops Yang. Kidd moves out of the way and then he hits a drop kick to the back. Smith tags in and they start for a double suplex but Kidd goes to the apron while Smith hits a delayed vertical suplex and he gets a near fall. Smith with knees to the back and then he hits a belly-to-belly suplex and holds on for another belly-to-belly suplex and finishes things off with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Smith with shoulders to the back but Yang with an elbow and a tornado DDT and both men are down. Yang reaches to make the tag to his partner and he inches closer to his target and he makes the tag. J with shoulders to Kidd followed by a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. J with a Northern Lights suplex and bridge for a near fall. Kidd with a boot to J and Kidd goes to the apron. J with a drop kick as Kidd tries for a slingshot move back into the ring. J sends Kidd back into the ring and before he can return to the ring, Natalya pulls J to the floor and slams him. Yang gets in Natalya’s face and Kidd with a baseball slide to Yang. Smith and Kidd hit the Hart Attack for the three count.
Winners: David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd

After the match, The Hart Dynasty gets on the mic and Natalya says that revenge is a dish best served cold. After a decade they finally get their chance with Degeneration X. Next week, might be a DX Christmas, it will be a time for the Hart Dynasty to celebrate. Smith says that it would be a great way to end their Christmas by winning the tag titles from them. Smith says that unlike their fathers, they will not be intimidated and they won’t back down. Kidd says that this is a new era in the Hart family and what they couldn’t or wouldn’t do, they will do. He says that they are better than the best . . . period.

We are back with the Smack of the Night: Maria being named the Slammy Award Winner for Diva of the Year. We miss the Kanye Batista Moment.

Beth emerges from her dressing room and she is stopped by Michelle McCool and Layla and Michelle wants to say a lot of words without pausing to Beth. Beth says that she has a match. Michelle wants to make sure that they did not rub Beth the wrong way since she came to Smackdown. Michelle talks about Maria and Mickie and continue to make fun of Mickie’s weight. Beth starts to show some frustration with what Michelle and Layla are saying about ‘being big boned’. Beth says that it would be horrible if some ‘big girl’ shut their mouths. Beth walks away and Michelle wants to know what Beth’s problem is.

Match Number Five: Maria versus Beth Phoenix

Beth is all business and she pushes Maria down instead of locking up. Beth pushes and punches Maria followed by an Irish whip. Maria with boots to Beth but Beth catches Maria on a cross body attempt. Beth gets Maria on her shoulders and despite attempts to escape, Beth slams Maria to the mat. Beth sends Maria to the apron and then Maria with a shoulder but Maria runs into a double sledge. Maria with a rollup for a near fall. Maria with a kick but Beth runs Maria into the turnbuckles. Maria with a kick and she tries for a victory roll but Beth slams Maria to the mat and then she hits the Glam Slam for the three count.
Winner: Beth Phoenix

After the match, the referee checks on Maria.

It is time to see the trailer for Marine 2: Club Paradise Boogaloo.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Gutter Ball.

We are reminded that next week, DX will defend the Tag Titles against David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd while Undertaker defends the World Title against the winner of tonight’s Rey Mysterio/Batista match.

Match Number Six: Rey Mysterio versus Batista in a Number One Contender Match

Batista misses a punch and Rey with kicks and then Batista catches Rey and sends him into the turnbuckles. Batista has his knee on the back of Rey’s head and then he punches Rey. Batista throws Rey under the bottom rope and then they return to the ring and Batista with a kick and then he sends Rey to the apron. Rey with shoulders and then he drops Batista on the top rope and hits a missile drop kick that actually sends Batista to the floor, not ‘into the position’. Rey with a springboard seated senton to the floor and then Rey returns to the ring and he tries for a baseball slide but Batista moves out of the way. Batista gets kicked in the head and Rey with a baseball slide to send Batista to the floor. Rey tries for a moonsault onto Batista from the apron but Batista catches him and he runs Rey into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Batista works on Rey’s back and sends Rey into the opposite corner with a hard Irish whip. Rey goes to the floor and Batista follows. Batista picks up Rey and he sends Rey’s back into the ring post. Batista picks Rey up but Rey with punches and a cross body but Batista catches Rey and hits a back breaker and then he stretches Rey over his knee. Rey with kicks and a forearm to escape the hold but he runs into a big boot and Batista gets a near fall. Batista with an Irish whip but Rey moves when Batista charges. Rey tries for a sunset flip but Batista stays on his feet. Batista uses the ropes to choke Rey and the referee warns him. Batista with a punch to Rey and Rey falls into the ropes. Rey with a kick but he runs into a devastating clothesline but Batista can only get a two count. Batista with a slam to Rey and then he picks up Rey one more time and slams him again as he continues to wear down Rey’s back. Batista with a third slam and then he goes to the turnbuckles. Rey gets up and he stops Batista. Rey goes up top and he tries for a rana but Batista holds on to the ropes. Batista takes his time and he comes off the turnbuckles but he goes into a drop kick. Rey with kicks but Batista with a knee. Batista runs into an elbow and Rey follows with a kick and a seated senton splash. Rey with a bulldog out of a wheelbarrow move for a near fall. Rey goes to the apron and hits the springboard leg drop but Batista kicks out at two.

Rey tries for a kick but Batista blocks it and then he throws Rey into the turnbuckles. Rey with a DDT counter and he gets a near fall. Rey tries to regroup and he slides through Batista’s legs and then he drop kicks Batista in the leg and you know where Batista falls. Rey hits the 619 but he lands on Batista’s knees on a springboard dive attempt. Batista can only get a two count. Batista with a running power slam but he can only get a two count. Batista with a Boss Man slam for a two count because Rey gets his hand on the ropes. Rey fights out of a Batista Bomb and he sends Batista to the floor with a rana. Batista gets a chair and the referee reminds him that he would be disqualified if he uses it. He hits the floor with the chair. Batista hits a spear but he can only get a two count. Batista picks up Rey and sets for a spinebuster but he takes too long and Rey gets an inside cradle and gets the three count.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

We go to credits.

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