WWE SmackDown Report – Oct. 30th, 2009

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report – October 30th, 2009
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider



We start off with a look at the end of the biggest bromance on the Smackdown brand when Batista attacked Rey after Undertaker retained the World Title. What will happen next?

We are live on tape from Rochester, New York and your announcers are Matt ‘Two Hours to Talk’ Striker and Todd ‘Good Thing I don’t get paid by the word’ Grisham.

Teddy Long comes out to the ring and he is a lot happier than he has been in the past. Teddy starts off by congratulating Team Smackdown on their victory at Bragging Rights. Teddy says that this proves that Friday night is the home to the superior ‘A’ show. He says that Bragging Rights was historic and disturbing. He talks about Batista’s attack on his long time friend Rey Mysterio. Teddy says that he knows that everyone is waiting for an explanation of his actions. Tonight, they will be having a heart to heart conversation to settle their differences.

Teddy turns his attention to the man who will face the Undertaker at Survivor Series, and that is the Big Show. Show’s tag team partner comes out and he has his title belts and the Jericho Cup. Jericho wants to say something to Teddy, but Teddy tells Jericho that the trophy is property of Smackdown and he takes it. Jericho stares at Teddy and then he tells Teddy that the trophy belongs to him. Jericho says that he was the genius of Team Smackdown. He didn’t do it for Teddy or the hypocritical sycophants in the crowd. He did it to prove that he is the best in the world. Jericho says that to give the Big Show a title match instead of him is one of the most underhanded and devious decisions that Teddy has made. Jericho says that he is the crown jewel of the show and the face of Smackdown. Jericho says that he single handedly brought the victory to Smackdown.

Kane’s pyro goes off and he comes to the ring. Kane questions Jericho’s use of the phrase ‘single handed’ because they were co-captains. That means that the trophy and all of the bragging rights that go with it belong to him as much as they belong to Jericho. Kane says that if anyone deserves a title match against the Undertaker it is him. Jericho asks Kane if he is suffering from selective memory because he got the pinfall, not Kane. Jericho points out Kane’s history with Undertaker. He also tells Kane to be thankful that he got his hand raised because of Jericho. Jericho tells Kane to get out of his face and Kane grabs Jericho by the throat.

Teddy tries to stop Kane and he says that he has something to say. Kane sends Jericho out of the ring and Teddy tells Kane that the Undertaker will defend the title at Survivor Series, but if Raw can have a Triple Threat Match, he is going to do the same. There will be a Triple Threat match for the World Title. Because of what they did for Smackdown at Bragging Rights, one of them will be rewarded and they will wrestle for the third spot in the title match.

We go to commercial.

Before our next match, Dolph Ziggler gets on the mic and says that for a show that has a lot to brag about, he likes his chances because they did their job and he faces the only member of the Smackdown roster who did not win at Bragging Rights.

Morrison asks where Dolph was at Bragging Rights so he should not be part of the celebration. Morrison then comments on Dolph’s former relationship with Maria.

Match Number One: John Morrison versus Dolph Ziggler

They lock up and Ziggler pushes Morrison away. Morrison with a waist lock into a double leg take down and front face lock. Ziggler with a chin lock and side head lock. Ziggler with a shoulder tackle and Ziggler escapes a hip toss but Morrison with a flap jack followed by a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Morrison with a leg sweep but Ziggler sends Morrison into the ring post for a near fall. Ziggler punches Morrison and then he kicks Morrison in the head. Ziggler with a slam and a leaping elbow drop. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock. Morrison punches Ziggler but Ziggler sends Morrison into the turnbuckles and then he hits a reverse t-bone suplex for a near fall. We go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler with a chin lock and then he sends Morrison to the mat. Ziggler with a leap frog neck breaker and a near fall. Ziggler rubs Morrison’s face in the mat. Ziggler returns to a chin lock and he tries for a body scissors as well. Morrison with a punch and knees but he cannot get out of the hold. Ziggler with a forearm and a front face lock but Morrison with a back body drop to get out of the hold. Ziggler and Morrison exchange punches and Morrison with a clothesline and flying forearm. Morrison with a leg lariat for a near fall. Ziggler blocks a neck breaker and he tries for one but Morrison turns it into a back slide for a near fall. Ziggler with a power slam for a near fall. Ziggler tries for the Zig Zag but Morrison turns around and he blocks it. Morrison catapults Ziggler onto the turnbuckles but Ziggler lands on the middle turnbuckles. Morrison moves out of the way and then Morrison hits the springboard spin kick but Ziggler gets his foot on the ropes to stop the count. Morrison pulls Ziggler into the corner and he takes too much time for the moonsault so Ziggler goes to the floor. Morrison goes to the apron and Ziggler trips Morrison and Morrison lands on the apron. Ziggler with a wheelbarrow driver into the announce table and Ziggler returns to the ring to win by count out.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler by count out

We take a look back at the attack by Batista and the summit will take place later tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Teddy Long is in his office and he is looking at the Jericho Cup. Vince enters the office and he congratulates Teddy and says that if he keeps it up, he might be off probation. Punk says that Teddy does not deserve the trophy because Teddy has given a title match to a man not even on the Smackdown roster. Then Kane and Jericho are wrestling for a shot at the match. Punk says that he would have been in the match if not for Scott Armstrong’s shoddy refereeing. Vince says that Punk has had enough shots at the title. Tonight, Punk wrestles Scott Armstrong. Punk likes the idea and thanks Vince.

Match Number Two: Beth Phoenix versus Jenny Brooks

They lock up and Beth sends Jenny to the mat and then Beth punches and kicks Brooks. Beth kicks Brooks out of the ring to the floor. Beth pulls Jenny back into the ring and Beth with a delayed vertical suplex. Beth picks Jenny up by the throat and then she hits a back breaker before throwing Jenny into the turnbuckles. Beth with a clothesline to Brooks and then she hits the Sit Out Inverted Butterfly Driver for the three count.
Winner: Beth Phoenix

We go to commercial.

We are back and Vickie Guerrero is out dressed like a princess and she throws out a few royal Excuse Mes. Vickie introduces her Prince Charming, Eric Escobar.

Match Number Three: Eric Escobar versus Matt Hardy

Hardy with a forearm to the back followed by more forearms. Escobar with a back elbow and an elbow drop that misses. Hardy sends Escobar into the ropes and Matt with a splash into the ropes. Hardy punches Escobar and then Escobar fights back after the referee stops Hardy. Escobar with an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner and Hardy with a bulldog. Hardy goes up for a moonsault but Escobar stops him. Hardy knocks him off the turnbuckles and hits a moonsault and he can only get a near fall. Hardy favors his knee and Escobar kicks Hardy in the knee. Escobar kicks Hardy in the leg and works on the knee. Hardy with forearms to the back of the head to get out of the hold. Hardy kicks Escobar but Escobar with a slam that sends Hardy’s leg into the ropes. Hardy with a modified Twist of Fate for the three count.
Winner: Matt Hardy

Rey Mysterio is walking in the back and we go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at the aftermath of the World Title match when Rey Mysterio cost Batista the World Title.

Rey Mysterio comes out and he is not as peppy as he usually is when he comes to the ring. Rey talks about what they just saw after the World Title Match. Rey talks about how Dave Batista beat him down. Rey says that Dave beat him down real bad. Rey says that as much as Batista beat him physically, the pain inside hurt more because he thought Batista was his best friend in the world and he still does. Since Sunday, he has been playing the tape over and over in his head. He says that he felt so much anger inside but then he thought about what was important and that is Batista being his family. Rey says that he owes Batista the benefit of the doubt regardless of how he feels. He says that he is not leaving until they straighten this out like men . . . like the family they are.

Batista comes to the ring and he asks Rey if he is disappointed because he hurt Rey. Batista tells Rey that he doesn’t get it and he doesn’t realize how bad it can get for Rey. Batista wants to know who Rey is for calling him out. Rey says that he wants to clear things up. Batista says that he is going to be the bigger man this time and let Rey walk out of his ring. Rey starts to walk out of the ring and then he thinks about it and refuses. Rey says that he came out here to straighten things out. They have been through so much. Rey says that it was a Fatal Four Way match and wants to know if he shouldn’t have fought. Rey says that he is willing to let bygones be bygones. Rey tells Batista that he is like his big brother and he looks up to Rey. They fight like brothers. They will be family even after they are done wrestling. Batista wants to know what Rey is thinking and then he tells Rey what he is thinking. Batista says that Rey is thinking about how little he had to do to hurt him on Sunday. Batista says that Rey is thinking that he shouldn’t have stabbed him in the back and then he is thinking about what Batista is going to do if he does not leave the ring. Rey wants to know if Dave is serious and he tells Rey to look into his eyes. Rey says that he never would have done what he did if it would have hurt their friendship. Batista says that Rey knows now. Rey says the biggest mistake was becoming a part of the Fatal Four Way. Batista tells Rey that he is giving him one more chance to get out of the ring.

Rey thinks about it again and he says that he isn’t leaving. He tells Dave that he can do what he needs to do, but he is standing his ground. Rey tells Dave to look at everything they have been through. He mentions Eddie Guerrero and Batista says that Eddie is dead. Batista says that he is thinking about himself, not Rey. Batista drops his mic and walks out of the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Batista is walking in the back and Matt Hardy stops him. He says that he knows how close they are and he probably shouldn’t butt in, but he knows about conflicts between brothers. He says that there is a lot that he wishes he could take back but he tells Batista not to make the same mistakes he did. Batista laughs at Hardy as he leaves the building.

He comes back and sends Hardy into a fence and he leaves again.

We have the Smack of the Night: Last week’s Battle for Team Smackdown.

Drew McIntyre takes the mic before his match. He congratulates Team Smackdown for their victory at Bragging Rights. He wants to make one thing perfectly clear. He never wanted to be part of the team because he wants to make his own impact. Drew says the party is over for his opponent.

Match Number Four: Drew McIntyre versus Finlay

Drew with a big boot as Finlay tries to get into the ring before the bell rings. McIntyre sends Finlay into the ring steps and then he stomps on Finlay’s head. McIntyre punches Finlay and then the referee admonishes McIntyre and then McIntyre leaves while Finlay is checked on by the referees.

We are back and it is time for the Cryme Tyme Diva Costume Contest. We start off with yo yos from JTG. The participants are Mickie James dressed as Electra; Michelle McCool comes out as a devil; Natalya comes out as a bullfighter; and Layla comes out as Michael Jackson.

After their performances the fans vote and the winner is Mickie James and Layla and Natalya get in Mickie’s face. Mickie slaps Natalya but Natalya clotheslines Layla. Mickie with a Thesz Press to Natalya. Michelle attacks Mickie and hits her with her pitchfork. Michelle leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four (take two): CM Punk versus Scott Armstrong

Punk charges at Armstrong in the corner and the referee tries to pull him out of the corner while Punk yells at Armstrong. Punk pushes Armstrong and slaps him but then Armstrong punches Punk after feeling his jaw. Punk with a back kick and a kick to the head. Punk with a kick to the back and then he slaps Armstrong in the head. Punk stomps on Armstrong’s chest. Punk picks up Armstrong for the Go To Sleep and he hits it. Punk uses the one foot cover to get the three count.
Winner: CM Punk

Kane and Chris Jericho walk in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and next week, Batista will face Matt Hardy.

Match Number Five: Chris Jericho versus Kane in a Who gets to join Show and Taker at Survivor Series for the World Title Match

Jericho goes to the floor as the bell rings. The referee tells Jericho to get back into the ring. Jericho has some words for Kane and Jericho punches Kane and kicks Kane. Jericho tries for a cross body and Kane catches him and hits a running power slam for a near fall. Kane with a snap mare and drop kick for a near fall. Jericho with a punch to Kane and a kick to the midsection. Jericho with kicks to Kane in the corner. Kane with a kick to Jericho and then he misses an elbow drop. Jericho with an elbow drop for a near fall. Jericho punches Kane but Kane grabs Jericho by the throat. Jericho escapes the hold. Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho and Kane sends Jericho to the floor. Jericho kicks Kane as he comes back into the ring and then Jericho knocks Kane off the apron as we go to commercial.

We are back and Jericho kicks Kane. Jericho chokes Kane in the corner and the referee tries to pull him back. Jericho catapults Kane’s throat into the bottom rope for a near fall. Jericho with a chin lock. Kane gets to his feet and he runs Jericho into the turnbuckles. Kane runs into a boot but Kane hits a side slam when Jericho charges at him. Kane with a clothesline and Irish whip and running clothesline followed by a side slam for a near fall. Jericho with an enzuigiri that sends Kane to the floor. Jericho tries for the springboard drop kick but Kane catches him by the throat. Jericho with a kick and Kane with a big boot for a near fall. Kane with an Irish whip but Jericho escapes the side slam and hits the Codebreaker. Jericho takes too long and can only get a two count. Jericho with a kick to the chest and he hits the bulldog. Jericho hits the Lionsault but Kane grabs Jericho by the throat and hits the choke slam. Jericho goes to the floor. Kane rolls Jericho into the ring and he gets a near fall. Kane is sent into the turnbuckles and Jericho clips Kane and he applies the Walls of Jericho. Kane gets to the ropes. Jericho thinks he won but then he heads into the corner and is met with an uppercut. Jericho crotches Kane on the top turnbuckle and then he punches Kane. Jericho tries for a superplex but Kane holds on to the rope and he knocks Jericho off. Kane tries for the clothesline but Jericho hits the Codebreaker for the three count.
Winner: Chris Jericho

We go to credits.

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