WWE SmackDown Results For June 4th: Reigns Vs. Sheamus

Show: WWE SmackDown



Location: Houston, TX

Date: 6/4/15

Airing On Syfy

Welcome to Thursday night SmackDown, Seth Rollins walked down to the ring alone to open SmackDown. He sits in a chair and talks about how on this day one year ago is the anniversary of the death of the Shield. He said that he ruined the dreams of Dean Ambrose this past Sunday at the Elimination Chamber event.

He said that he won on Sunday, but yet he still has no championship around his waist. Rollins said that he doesn’t need the Authorities help to destroy Dean Ambrose at the MITB PPV event. Dean Ambrose appeared on the big screen, he cut a promo about how the Authority will do whatever they have to do keep the WWE Title in their hands.

Ambrose said that they’re going to do this one more time, at the MITB PPV, he’s not afraid to fall down and at the show he’ll prove that he will walk in as well as the rightful WWE Champion.

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Prime Time Players vs. The Ascension vs. The Lucha Dragons.
The Lucha Dragons sent the Ascension to the floor and then hit a dive through the ropes taking them out as we got to break.

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We’re back with Konnor in control of Kalisto, he hit a leg drop on the neck of Kalisto and the pinned him for 2. Viktor tagged in, he landed a chop to the chest of Kalisto. However, Kalisto fought back with a hurricanrana and then went to tag in Sin Cara, but Konnor knocked him off the apron. The Ascension hit a double team slam then Konnor was tagged in and knocked Darren Young off the apron. Konnor went for a suplex, but Kalisto kneed him in the face and tagged in Titus. This leads to Titus hitting a clothesline to the Ascension members and fired this crowd up. Titus with a splash in the corner and then hit a power slam. Good grief. Darren Young hit the Gut Check on Sin Cara, Konnor knocked him out of the ring. Titus with a big boot to Viktor then sent Kalisto to the floor. Viktor rolled up Titus for 2. Titus kicked Viktor in the gut and then hit the pump handle slam for the win.

Winners: Prime Time Players

Kane booked Kofi Kingston vs. Neville for tonight.

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Ryback vs. Stardust.

Stardust with a cheap shot followed by a neck breaker for 2. Stardust worked over the right leg of the big guy. Stardust with a chin lock, but Ryback fought out of it. Ryback with the Meat Hook clothesline and then the Shell Shock for the win.

Winner: Ryback

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Paige is standing on the stage and was interviewed by Renee Young, she cuts a promo about how she’s sick of the Bella Twins using their Twin Magic to win matches. She said that they have held the Divas division. She said that her life is consumed on what happens in that ring and that she will change the state of the Divas division.

There was a backstage segment with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper about being a family as well as punishing those who are against them with their sins.

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Kevin Owens made his way down to the ring. He cuts a promo about how after his big win over John Cena this past Sunday. He said that he’s going to do the exact same thing to Cena at the MITB PPV. He said that his own son is like many of the fans here tonight, they hang on every word that Cena has to say. He said that Cena is completely delusional. He then issued his open challenge that was answered by Zack Ryder.

Kevin Owens © vs. Zack Ryder.

Ryder throws a series of punches to the face of Owens, but Owens landed a series of forearm shots. Owens with a big boot and then a powerbomb for the win.

Winner and STILL Champion: Owens.

Post-match, Owens hit a series of cannonballs to Ryder in the corner.

Sheamus cuts a promo backstage about the upcoming MITB PPV. He promised to the be the next Mr. MITB.

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Neville vs. Kofi Kingston.

Kofi sent Neville through the ropes and into the announce table. Big E with a clothesline and then started clapping around him as we go to break.

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We’re back with Neville hitting a series of spin kicks to Kofi. Neville hit a standing moonsault for 2. Neville put Kofi into the corner, he hit a running knee to the face of Kofi. Neville hit a spike DDT and then went for the Red Arrow, but Big E pulled him out of the ring. Neville with a moonsault off the top rope taking out Big E and Kofi. Back in the ring, Neville knocked Woods off the apron and rolled up Kofi for the win.

Winner: Neville

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The Miz hosts Miz TV and welcomes his guest, Lana, to the ring. She said the reason that she left Rusev is because he didn’t respect her. Miz said that there is always two sides to a story and he brings out Rusev. He hobbled down to the ring and said that he’s here as a broken man. He pleads for her to give him a second chance. He begs her to be his crutch as the fans chant no. She told him that she has a spot to stick his crutch. He got mad and started calling her names including a cow. Dolph Ziggler walked down to the ring, he

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus.

They battled back and forth to start the match. Sheamus with a cheap shot, a clothesline and then tossed Reigns to the floor sending us to break.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Reigns making his comeback with a big boot, but was cut off with a rolling senton for 2. Reigns with a series of right hands, he landed a his signature dropkick on the apron to the face of Sheamus, but wait, Sheamus moved! Sheamus missed a spear and ate the ring post. Reigns with a series of clotheslines and then a Samoan drop. Reigns with a clothesline in the corner and a series of right hands. Reigns tripped Sheamus and then hit a dropkick on the apron. Back in the ring, Reigns hit the Samoan drop then called for the spear. Kane and J&J Security walked down to the ring. Sheamus with a back breaker on Reigns for 2. Reigns ducked the Brogue kick and Reigns hit the superman punch. Reigns went for the spear, but Kane hit a big boot Reigns.

The match ends in a no contest.

Kane then announced that he too would be in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Kane stood tall in the ring to close the show.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.

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