WWE Star Called The Rock After Dating Men

Former WWE star Paul London has had a decent stint with the company back in the day. It seems Orlando Jordan, an LGBTQ wrestler, was trolled for claiming that he had a phone call with The Rock.



Paul London talks about the matter

London recently discussed an incident involving Orlando Jordan on Rene Dupree’s Cafe de Rene podcast. London mentioned in the video that WWE was covering his bills and that he was new to the road. Orlando began accompanying him while traveling as a result of this:

“We were at the TV hotel, I think I was comped because I was still pretty new on the road, and when you’re on the road any you get comped, all the f***in’ freeloaders, especially if they’re not your friends will be like ‘hey I’m ridin’ with you.’ and they’d all f***in’ jump in. Most of the guys were my friends but he [Orlando Jordan] had slithered in there somehow.”

One night, as London and his unidentified riding friends prepared to leave the arena, he was on the phone with Jordan. He then added that Jordan was talking loudly with someone he claimed to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:

“He was, like, messing with his phone and then, like, I don’t know, some sort of call-back feature or something, and he was like, ‘Hey, uh, can you guys keep it down, it’s Dwayne.”

The alleged talk Orlando apparently had with The Rock was then described by London. The same video clip, which was posted to the Cafe de Rene YouTube Channel, had London recalling Jordan reciting compliments from the claimed phone call. London replicated the call by putting himself in Jordan’s place:

“Oh, what’s up, baby? Oh yeah, nah, I miss you too, man. Yeah, yeah, yeah, cool. Oh, you saw my match? On Velocity? I mean, I thought it was alright, but if you thought it was great, yeah. I guess it was. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, you know I’ll be there. Cool man, yeah, you too brother. Alright, love you too.”

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