WWE Star Demands Apology From The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a name that echoes throughout the wrestling world, despite his busy schedule in Hollywood. Fans have always been eager to see him return to the squared circle, and his signature move, the People’s Elbow, has been etched in the memories of fans worldwide. However, it has recently been revealed that the move was inspired by legendary Japanese wrestler, The Great Muta.



The feud between The Rock and Steve Austin in 2003 was one of the most highly anticipated rivalries in WWE history. As part of this feud, The Rock decided to showcase his musical talents in a special event called the “Rock Concert”. However, during the concert, the music was interrupted by the sound of Steve Austin’s entrance music. To The Rock’s surprise, it was not Austin but Shane Helms in his superhero alter-ego, The Hurricane, who emerged from a Stone Cold-branded pick-up truck.

As The Hurricane mocked and taunted The Rock, the two engaged in a battle of wits, with The Rock throwing a playful jab at The Hurricane by claiming he had seven Chicken McNuggets stuck up his ass. The Hurricane, outraged by the accusation, demanded an apology from The Rock, claiming there was no evidence to support such a claim.

As the two continued to argue, Steve Austin finally arrived on the scene and charged towards the ring. The Rock and Austin engaged in a brawl, with The Hurricane trying to intervene but ultimately getting knocked aside. In the end, The Rock managed to escape from the ring and make his way backstage, while Steve Austin stood triumphant.

Years later, the segment resurfaced on social media, with Shane Helms playfully demanding an apology from The Rock for accusing him of having Chicken McNuggets up his ass. Despite being retired from wrestling, Helms continues to have fun with his past alter-ego, The Hurricane.

Honestly, I’ve dealt with this slander from
for far too long. It was never proven in a court of law that I had Chicken McNuggets up my ass. There was never any evidence other than some sweet and sour sauce in my locker room. I demand an apology!!

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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