WWE Star Drops Kim Kardashian Tape Bombshell

AEW newcomer and former WWE Superstar Saraya, formally known as Paige, has spoken about the incident that took place in 2017 that changed her life, when her private photographs and videos were leaked online, according to Ringside News.



During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Saraya discussed the online leak in detail and the effect it had on her, which included “stress-induced anorexia” and thoughts of suicide.

Saraya also went over the reaction she got from her parents and noted that they were supportive despite the controversy, especially her father.

“I remember calling him, and I was absolutely just said I’m like I’m so sorry you know I was completely f*cking heartbreak, and I was like I’m so sorry, and he straight away was like I don’t care, and I was just like, what, he was like I don’t care, he was like look at Kim Kardashian.” Saraya told Van Vliet.

Saraya added how, even though she had the support of her family, the public often went out of their way to be cruel to her.

“Although publicly people would recognize me and say the meanest sh*t.”

“Like Twitter was real for a second which is not usually real like people would hurling f*cking s*it at me.” She said, adding that people would often make jabs at her while she was out with friends and family.

“I remember one time I was sitting at a bar with my friends, and someone asked like a picture or something like that and I was like yeah like can we get it afterwards I’m just gonna eat my food and then totally we can have it right, so we know eating and he was just like I already want it because you’re a f*cking porn star.”

The longtime pro wrestler then went on to say that it was easier to control social media than being out in public and the comments she received would often leave her in tears.

“It was the first time hearing it in public like someone’s saying that to me and usually, it’s just on social media and I have control of that because I can just delete it off my phone right but having that in person I like ran to the bathroom and I started sobbing I was like crying my eyes out I was just like I can’t believe someone said that to me and I’m not a f*cking porn star like this is not who I am like this is not what I wanted like this is you know someone like I’m a victim in this like people don’t realize that I’m the f*cking victim in this.”

Saraya also added that she believes it was her ex-boyfriend who was responsible for leaking the private content, something he denies.

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