WWE stopped video of Daniel Bryan taking wrestling bump from getting out

Brie Bella recently held a Q&A session along with her husband Daniel Bryan and during it, the duo revealed that WWE stopped a video of Daniel Bryan taking a wrestling bump.



During the session, a fan asked Brie why she didn’t post the video of her training which she had promised upon reaching 800,000 subscribers on the Bella Twins’ YouTube channel.

Answering to the question, the former Diva’s Champion revealed that she had actually made a video but the company stopped her from posting it:

“I actually did do some [training] and they weren’t allowed to be shown. I did what everyone asked, I did it for 800,000 (YouTube followers), and it wasn’t allowed to be aired.”

Daniel Bryan then interfered and revealed that the reason why the video wasn’t allowed to be aired was because he took a dropkick from Brie and Officials didn’t want the video of him doing anything wrestling wise to get out.

The video of Brie and Daniel can be seen below. Their comments about the unreleased footage start at the 8:35 mark:

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