WWE Superstars apparently displeased with fewer live events

WWE reduced the number of Live Events for Superstars. This means they will be getting more time off from their hectic schedule. On the other hand, that also means they will be earning less.



According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a bad thing regarding the reduction in live events is that they are often “more fun” for the Superstars. Young Superstars also use live events to “improvise a little and improve” their in-ring work in WWE.

Another problem is that some Superstars looked at their February booking sheets and saw that they have far fewer dates. This has made them worry regarding their earning.

There was a good amount of talent who had no idea about the cutback in house shows until they got their February booking sheets and saw how much it was cut down. While the top guys are making a lot of money these days, the rest of the crew will have their income affected by working so many fewer dates.

It is to be noted that NXT Superstars are not paid per show and receive a salary. NXT has more live events than the main roster currently.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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