WWE Teasing Return Of “Attitude Era” Star, WWE Site Removes Benoit Mention

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— Following a several year hiatus, “The Informer” is once again featured in WWE Magazine. Though the monthly column largely consisted of made-up stories, it would at times correctly predict future storylines. The feature is now branded as “WWE gossip” and appears to be a mashup of kayfabe and legitimate backstage tales. Highlights from the October 2011 edition are as follows:



* “Would a certain A-list Hollywood celeb please stop calling our offices in hopes of landing a Raw guest-star slot? You had your chance already, pal!”

* “I hear a top-level, WWE Hall of Fame-bound Superstar suggested that Natalya use the double sharpshooter at 2010’s WWE TLC.”

* “During a recent photo shoot, a Superstar demanded that the makeup artist stop touching up the Divas and focus her attention on him!”

* “A source tells us that The Rock isn’t the only Attitude Era Superstar planning to step in the ring in 2012. Hint: There’s an “E” in his name.”

— It was reported yesterday that WWE.com’s bio on referee Mike Chioda made mention of deceased wrestler Chris Benoit, who is considered persona non grata within the organization. He recalled November 29, 2004, when he and a fellow official declared contrary decisions in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship; Chioda saw Benoit pinned for the three-count while Edge tapped out simultaneously. The Benoit mention has since been removed.

Meanwhile, WWE.com’s bio on referee Jack Doan says Benoit’s match with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania X-Seven is one of his most memorable moments.