WWE To Be Purchased By Terrifying Murderer?

Who’s going to purchase WWE? If rumors concerning two potentials are anything to go by it certainly DOES NOT look good for the future of the WWE company and its staff. Well, I say that lightly, because as we all know, professional wrestlers, although under contract, are independent contractors – meaning, they are hired without benefits. That’s right, zero benefits. Let’s look and see who might buy the media giant.

As per Sportskeeda, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is emerging as a possible bidder for WWE if the promotion were to be put up for sale, as per the latest reports.

Vince McMahon recently made a shocking announcement that he intends to return to the company, well into his golden years, after being forced to retire in July of the year of our Lord, 2022. This happened amid misconduct allegations being thrown about by former WWE employees. Many believe that the former WWE CEO is back in an effort to push the sale of his former most-prized-possession WWE company, as all gears are forced in motion to set up a negotiate for media rights. WWE and Saudi Arabia have already formed a relationship. The company signed a deal to hold two large-scale events in the country per year.



“In the same way they did LIV, there’s an unlimited faucet of dollars there,” LightShed Partners analyst Brandon Ross told Front Office Sports. “The Saudis are already a decent part of the profitability of the company just on those two [Saudi-based WWE] events alone. They’re trying to be relevant in the entertainment world.” [H/T Front Office Sports]

It would appear that Saudi Arabia may may a bid to buy WWE. I guess there will be a Crown Jewel event every weekend. 

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