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WWE women’s division makes huge accomplishment once again

Women's announcement

WWE’s Women’s Revolution has been going strong and not losing steam. They continue to make history, one way or the other. It seems they achieved another huge accomplishment yet again on Wednesday’s Live Events.

At the Madison Square Garden Live Event, Ronda Rousey faced Nia Jax in the main event, where Ronda’s RAW Women’s title was on the line. This was preceded by John Cena’s return.

At the Chicago Live Event, the main event was a triple threat match between Asuka, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. This match followed The New Daniel Bryan defeating Mustafa Ali and The Miz in a steel cage match.

On  Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer noted this was a huge deal as it is the first time in the company’s 30-year modern era that women’s matches were the main events in two house shows ran by WWE.

It was also reported that fans were leaving in Chicago after the cage match and also in Madison Square Garden during Ronda vs Nia Jax.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    Wow you’re an douchebag

  • This is not a huge accomplishment, only thing huge about it is Nia’s fat ass.

  • CC

    Not really surprising that they would headline house shows seeing as they have headlined both weekly shows and PPV’s, so not really that much of a landmark event.
    And as for people leaving early, once again this is no surprise. There is s till a large amount of fans who do not care for womens wrestling, and when you give them two matches that were only seen a few weeks ago, then people have even less reason to be interested.
    Also, sticking a triple threat on after a steel cage match? That makes zero sense.

    I will say though, that it is quite normal for people to leave early from events (not just wrestling) to try to beat the crowds, especially if they have seen all they really care about.