A Look at WWE Changing It’s Image, WWE Officials Down on Mickie James

Partial source: PWInsider



– Kanascity.com has an article that looks at WWE’s attempt to improve its image in hopes of attracting better advertisers. The article cites WWE’s shift to PG-13 programming and the Celebrity RAW Guest host gimmick as examples of WWE attempting to broaden its appeal.

– WWE officials are said to be down on former Divas champion Mickie James. According PWInsider, her recent weight gain and work rate are the main problems. While she’s arguably still very attractive and in great shape, she’s held to a very high standard as a WWE Diva. She has put on some weight (mostly visible in her abs & lower body) and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Additionally, the quality of her matches has been sliding and she is no longer seen as the “reliable hand” that she once was.

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