AEW Dynamite results January 27: Final show before Beach Break

It’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means …



This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite goes down from Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida tonight, airing live via TNT.

On tap for tonight’s stacked card is The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers vs. The Dark Order, Chris Jericho & MJF of the Inner Circle will do battle against The Varsity Blondes in tag-team action, Dr. Britt Baker will go one-on-one against Shanna, “Hangman” Adam Page meets Ryan Nemeth singles action, “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer takes on Eddie Kingston and Dax Harwood takes on Jungle Boy with Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard handcuffed to Luchasaurus to prevent outside interference.

Featured below are complete AEW Dynamite results from Wednesday, January 27, 2021.


This week’s edition of AEW Dynamite kicks off on TNT with the usual opening signature video package. From there, we shoot inside the Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL., where the camera pans around briefly as we hear some familiar theme music.

Eddie Kingston vs. “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer

The familiar theme turns out to be none other than Eddie Kingston himself, as he begins making his way down to the squared circle for what should be an explosive opening contest here on this week’s show.

As he settles into the ring, the entrance music of “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer plays and he begins making his way down to the ring like a bat out of hell. This week’s first bout of the evening on AEW Dynamite is off to a fast and violent start as the bell sounds to make this one official.

These two immediately clash like two bulls in the middle of the ring and they immediately start going at it. We see Archer pull ahead, however it isn’t long before Kingston is fighting back and eventually dishing out his own punishment. This sequence doesn’t last long, however, as “The Murderhawk Monster” quickly regains the offensive control and is suplexing and slamming Kingston all over the place. He lights him up with chops and then slams him over the top, where Kingston bounces awkwardly off the side of the corner of the ring apron on the way down. Tony Schiavone speculates that Kingston broke his back on that fall. Jim Ross concurs. Excalibur introduces the immediate replay that shows the punishing bump.

After the highlights wrap up, Archer heads out to the floor and starts stalking Kingston, throwing him into the ringside barricade and then choking him with his boot while he is slumped over on the ground, talking trash directly into the camera while he does so. Back in the ring, Archer hits a full nelson slam on Kingston to continue his offensive dominance. Now he climbs to the middle rope to grill directly into the camera. After Archer hits a splash we hear Jim Ross on commentary tell those who just joined in on the program that Jake “The Snake” Roberts is not at ringside for this one because Archer told him to go to the back — they think. After he finishes that statement, Kingston starts showing his first signs of life in a while as he starts fighting back and getting in some offense of his own.

Archer is now starting to show the signs of wearing over time just as Kingston comes to life. Archer still manages to ground Kingston with a clothesline out of nowhere. He sits him on the top rope and sets him up for his Blackout finisher, however as he walks with Kingston on his shoulders, Kingston slips out the back door and kicks Archer in the kneecap. Archer then recovers and hits a chokeslam on Kingston that keeps him in control of the offense for the time being. He again talks trash as he stares through the camera lens. Archer grabs Kingston’s hand and in an homage to Don Jardine “The Spoiler” — or more recently, The Undertaker — he does the “Old School” spot as he walks the ropes and leaps off to whack Kingston across the back with his mighty forearm. The fans inside Daily’s Place break out in a “holy sh*t” chant afterwards.

Now we see some outside interference from The Butcher and The Blade. This leads to The Bunny slipping Kingston brass knucks and he uses them to deck Archer and score the pinfall victory.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

After The Match: The Family Continues The Onslaught

Once the match wraps up, things don’t end there, as The Butcher and The Blade join The Bunny and Eddie Kingston in the ring for a post-match beatdown.

Eddie Kingston and his Family work over “The Murderhawk Monster” in the ring as the numbers game is too much for him. Jake “The Snake” Roberts tries to come out but he ends up on the wrong end of a beatdown for his efforts as well.

Quick Trip To Commentary Table

From there, we take a trip over to the commentary table to join Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur, who run down some of the action on tap for tonight’s show, including introducing some graphics for segments included in tonight’s show as well.

Jon Moxley Talks AEW Beach Break

Then they send things over to former AEW World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley. The soon-to-be proud papa is shown in an oversized green hoodie. He talks about being a simple guy who likes his beer cold, his coffee hot, his water at room tempature and to have sex in the morning as a way of talking about how things aren’t simple at AEW Beach Break with a six-man tag match. He then explains why the audience shouldn’t blink when he is around on AEW Dynamite and they definitely shouldn’t blink a week from tonight when AEW Beach Break comes to Dynamite.

After this quick Jon Moxley promo segment, we head back to the announcers who briefly add some additional hype for the upcoming Beach Break special in one week before plugging the upcoming AEW Revolution 2021 pay-per-view coming up as well. They send things to the first commercial break of the evening after that.

Sting & Darby Allin Talk AEW Revolution

When we return from the break, Tony Schiavone talks as a graphic for the Street Fight between Brian Cage and Ricky Starks of Team Taz against the team of Sting and Darby Allin is shown.

He then sends things to Sting and Darby Allin, who are shown hanging out in an abandoned house or something. Sting talks about Team Taz referring to he and the TNT Champion as hoodlums. Sting claims he is not one but says Darby Allin is.

Allin stands up and talks briefly before smashing out the windows behind him with his skateboard. He says he is a hoodlum, no different than Sting. Sting then turns and breaks out more windows with his baseball bat. He then admits he too is a hoodlum. He says come the Street Fight at AEW Revolution 2021 — it’s going to be Showtime. He walks off.

Chris Jericho & MJF vs. The Varsity Blondes

We return inside Daily’s Place amphitheater where we hear the familiar sounds of MJF’s theme music as the Inner Circle member makes his way out accompanied by Chris Jericho and Jake Hager.

As they make their way down to the ring together for scheduled tag-team action, the music transitions to Chris Jericho’s “Judas in my Mind” theme, and the fans begin singing along. They settle into the ring and the music fades but the fans keep singing, as always.

Now we see MJF grab a mic and address his opponents, who are already in the ring waiting for them — The Varsity Blondes. He addresses Griff Garrison and says let’s skip the formalities this time and just say he’s better than him right off the bat. Garrison decides to attack MJF instead as the commentators remind us of the past interaction between MJF and Griff Garrison.

The rest of Inner Circle are shown at ringside as Garrison eventually knocks MJF out of the ring and out to the floor where they help him back up. MJF gets in the ring and yells at the fans to shut up. He then yells at Garrison asking if he wants him. He says too bad and tags Chris Jericho in. Jericho runs at Garrison, who drop toe-holds him as he comes in. He then tags in Brian PIllman Jr., who comes in like a ball of fire, taking it to “Le Champion” as the Varisty Blondes continue their excellent start to this tag-team contest.

Pillman Jr. misses a dropkick attempt as Jericho holds onto the ropes, which sets up a hope spot for Jericho, however it isn’t until Jericho whips Pillman Jr. into the ropes where MJF blasts him with a cheap shot knee that the Inner Circle duo fully take over offensive control. As they do, Schiavone talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues in the ring with the Inner Circle starting to pull ahead into their first extended lead of the bout thus far.

When we return from the break we see Garrison in mid-comeback after a top-rope superplex spot goes wrong for “The Demo God” during the break. Garrison goes on the attack for a few minutes and then tags in Pillman Jr., who picks up where he left off taking it to “Le Champion.” This doesn’t last long, however, as a capitalized opportunity from the veteran leader of the Inner Circle leads to a lionsault for the pinfall victory and an unnecessary Judas Effect after scoring the 1-2-3 victory. With the win, Jericho and MJF improve to 2-0 in the tag-team division.

Winners: Chris Jericho & MJF

“The Pac” With A Message

We then shoot to a brief message from “The Bastard” PAC who is in an isolated area in his ring gear. He talks for a minute about his scheduled match at next week’s AEW Beach Break before we head back to another commercial break.

Shaq With A Message For Cody Rhodes

We return from the break to a quick message from NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who has some choice words for “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes, who he continuously calls a little punk who “looks like a little girl with his blonde hair.” He says if Cody wants a fight they should fight — this March.

Tony Schiavone Talks To Cody Rhodes & Arn Anderson

From there, Tony Schiavone is shown standing in the ring by himself with the lights down low. He then introduces his guest at this time to respond to the comments we just heard from Shaq.

On that note, out comes “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes, accompanied by “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson. The two make their way down to the ring. He walks up to Schiavone and talks about being here to respond to the challenge from Shaq.

He talks about life not sucking and how he is having a baby and Brandi Rhodes is having a baby. The fans chant briefly as Cody soaks it up and then continues talking. Cody talks about Arn chewing him out for taking his most recent opponent Peter Avalon too lightly.

Cody says Arn has spoken to Tony Khan about where he fits in at AEW Revolution. He then tells Arn to take it from there. Arn says Cody knows he deserved to get his ass chewed out. He says he’s going to earn his money tonight because he’s going to contradict himself a few times tonight.

Anderson talks about how Cody is about to be a dad. He then talks about seeing Cody’s dad crawl in the ring with Tully Blanchard, fight 30 minutes and jump on a private plane to fly across the country just in time to make it to see the birth of Cody Rhodes. The camera closes in on Cody who is tearing up as Arn tells this real life story about his legendary deceased father.

He talks about how Cody should take advantage of everything. He says there’s plenty of time between the birth date and the date of the show in question where he has been challenged. He talks about Shaq being a world-class athlete and mentions Jade is a dangerous threat to Brandi as well. As he continues to talk eventually Red Velvet’s music plays and out she comes. She grabs a mic and talks directly into the camera.

She talks about being fed up of being attacked. She says she’s tired of seeing Brandi be disrespected by that big mouth coward Jade who knows damn well that she can’t back up her words. She has some more choice words for her “b*tch ass” and then hands the mic to Tony. She does the “stir the pot” motion and walks off. Arn says “That’s what I was talking about!” Tony then says “It sounds to me like Jade and Shaquille — the ball is in your court.” J.R. speculates that we have a dandee of a tag-team match brewing for AEW Revolution 2021.

We Are Cordially Invited To AEW Beach Break Wedding Next Week

After that segment wraps up, we head to a quick pre-taped vignette that shows Kip Sabian, Penelope Ford and “The Best Man” Miro talking about the big upcoming wedding between Sabian and Ford at the AEW Beach Break special.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Ryan Nemeth

We return inside Daily’s Place where we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme of “Hangman” Adam Page. As he makes his way down to the ring, the announcers talk more about next week’s wedding between Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford.

Page settles into the ring and now “The Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts introduces his opponent, already in the ring, making his AEW Dynamite debut — Ryan Nemeth. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our latest match of the evening here on AEW Dynamite.

This one gets off to a quick start, as “Hangman” immediately blitzes Nemeth with an overwhelming offensive onslaught. He grounds the newcomer and stomps a mud-hole in him in the corner, ala a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in his WWE-prime! He then throws Nemeth through the ropes, but he lands on the apron. He leaps in a single bounce to the turnbuckle and blasts him off the jump. He then hits another splash that takes Nemeth out to the floor.

It’s at this point that Nemeth utilizes his quicknes to take over the offensive control of the bout for the first time thus far, as he hits a well-timed dropkick in the ring as we see Matt Hardy in a suit making his way to ringside. The commentators speculate that he is scouting the action in the ring as Nemeth does a headstand while working over the arm of Page.

Now we see Nemeth get a little overzealous, leading to Hangman taking back over control of the offense. He decks Nemeth and then stalks him in the corner as we see Hardy nodding his head in approval at what he is seeing in the ring. Page hoists Nemeth up but Nemeth elbows his way free. Page blasts Nemeth with a chop but then walks into a big DDT from the promising rookie prospect. He goes for a German Suplex moments later but Page lands on his feet and blasts him with a spinning discus fist to the dome. He blasts him with a clothesline off the ropes and then sets him up for the Buckshot Lariat. It connects. 1-2-3.

Winner: “Hangman” Adam Page

After The Match: Matt Hardy Offers His Services

Once the match wraps up, we hear from a concerned Matt Hardy who says Page has looked lost and confused in recent weeks. He talks about being there at Spring Stampede. He says he sees how much he is conflicted over what happened with he and The Elite. He says he knows he is conflicted about being approached by The Dark Order.

He says he doesn’t want anything from him. He says he just wants him to know because he needed to say it and Page is needing to hear it. He then tells him he has an over-sized dressing room and Page can take him up on this offer to use it. Hardy essentially offering his services to the former tag-team champion. He leaves the ring to allow Page to think about it. He does as his music plays and then we head back to another commercial break.

Cash Wheeler & Tully Blanchard Handcuffed To Luchasaurus
Jungle Boy vs. Dax Harwood

As we return from the break, we hear the familiar theme music of the former AEW World Tag-Team Champions, FTR. The duo make their way down to the ring accompanied by Tully Blanchard as the video package airs to explain the set up to this interesting contest.

We return from the video package to see them settled into the ring as the theme for Jungle Boy plays and he makes his way out on the shoulders of Luchasaurus as Marko Stunt also accompanies them down to the ring. This match will see Jungle Boy going one-on-one against Dax Harwood, with Tully Blanchard and Cash Wheeler handcuffed to Luchasaurus to ensure no outside interference during the bout.

As the babyface trio settle in the ring, we see Luchasaurus outside the ring with the officials handcuffing Tully Blanchard and Cash Wheeler to him. Jungle Boy is shown watching inside the ring as the aforementioned handcuffed trio take seats outside the ring. The bell sounds and we’re off and running with this very unique contest.

Straight out of the gate we see Harwood using his size and strength superiority to his advantage as he out-muscles his smaller foe. This in addition to solid fundamentals such as his mat-based wrestling keeps him in a comfortable offensive lead in the first several minutes of the bout. The action spills out to the floor with Dax still in a commanding lead as Luchasaurus starts showing concern. We head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break on that note.

We’re back from the break and we see the action in full swing inside the ring now, as Jungle Boy is in the midst of a comeback with the fans roaring and chanting his name as moral support in the background. He grounds Dax and heads to the top, however he takes too long so Dax stops him and heads up behind him. He ends up hitting a big back suplex off the ropes for a super close near fall.

Jungle Boy continues trying to make his comeback, but Dax keeps cutting it short. He hits a powerbomb bouncing Jungle Boy off the top-rope for added slingshot leverage for another close near fall. He locks Jungle Boy up and is now looking for a Dragon Suplex of sorts, however the Jurassic Express member escapes it and hits a back-stabber. He hits a German suplex and holds on for an additional follow-up suplex. He goes for a third but that is one-too many, as Dax blasts him with a forearm.

Dax eats a couple of return shots from Jungle Boy and then blasts him with a DDT out of nowhere for yet another close nearfall. The commentators talk about Dax starting to look frustrated at his inability to finish off Jungle Boy. He sits Jungle Boy on the top-rope, however things don’t go as planned, with both guys crashing down and setting up a back-and-forth sequence of non-stop pin attempts from both guys. Jungle Boy locks Dax’s legs up and grabs his neck. He cranks away as we see Tully and Cash freaking out at ringside. Finally Dax taps out.

Winner: Jungle Boy

After The Match: FTR & Tully Blanchard Attack

Once the match wraps up, we see Tully Blanchard throw powder into the eyes of Luchasaurus as they are being uncuffed. Luchasaurus is then sent head first into the ring post and the post-match attack on all of Jurassic Express begins with all three members of FTR and Tully punishing the trio.

Tully even climbs to the top for a spiked top-rope piledriver. Now we watch as Luchasaurus is handcuffed to the ring ropes for additional post-match punishment.

Team Taz Trashes Darby Allin Vendor

We return from the break to see Team Taz’s response to the hoodlum segment from earlier in the evening. Their response sees them attack and tear down a merchandise stand outside Daily’s Place that was selling Darby Allin gear. They attack the vendors as well. Taz then delivers a quick message into the camera to Sting and Darby Allin.

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Shanna

Back inside Daily’s Place, we are treated to the over-the-top ring entrance from Dr. Britt Baker, who is met by Rebel half way down the ramp for some quick make-up touch-ups, before entering the ring where she is prepared for singles competition in the AEW women’s division.

The music of her opponent for this week, Shanna, begins playing and she makes her way down to the ring as Excalibur helps bring fans up to speed for those unaware of who Shanna is. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our next bout of the evening.

Baker isolates an arm of Shanna’s here in the early goings, focusing her offensive attack on that limb to get this match underway. As the match develops a bit, we see Shanna start to pick up the pace, which allows her to take over the offensive driver’s seat for a few moments. She blasts Baker with a nice assortment of kicks before turning her back on Baker to address Rebel at ringside, something the commentators point out isn’t a wise decision.

Now we see Baker capitalize on an opening as the action is brought out to the floor where she sends Shanna slamming into the steel ringside barricade as she takes back over the offensive control in the contest. Jim Ross then leads us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues back in the ring.

We return from the break to see Baker in the middle of a swing-and-a-miss, which leads to Shanna yanking her down by her hair as Excalibur talks about turn-about being fair-play on commentary. She takes Baker down with great emphasis off of a clothesline off of the ropes and covers her for a near fall. Baker hooks Shanna up for a suplex but instead hits her with a snap-swinging neck-breaker for a near fall of her own.

Baker turns to Rebel outside the ring and calls for the glove. Rebel puts the glove on Baker, who walks over to slap her submission finisher on Shanna. Shanna ends up reversing into a pin attempt, which Baker kicks out from at the count of two. Shanna now works her way back to her feet as fans chant and rally behind her. Unfortunately she ends up stuck in Baker’s LockJaw anyways. Baker gets the submission victory.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

After The Match: Thunder Rosa Makes The Save

Once the match wraps up, we see Baker continue to deliver unnecessary punishment to Shanna, stomping on the back of her head while Rebel watches on. This leads to Thunder Rosa sprinting to the ring from the back to chase Baker and Rebel off as the commentators plug the showdown next week between Baker and Rosa.

MJF Talks To Sammy Guevara

Now we shoot to a segment behind-the-scenes with MJF approaching Sammy Guevara in the lobby somewhere. He apologizes to Guevara for the recent misunderstanding and then promises Wardlow will not get involved in any of his matches in the future. Guevara doesn’t take kindly to MJF’s words, so MJF asks if he really wants to play things this way. Sammy gets closer in MJF’s face and replies, “I’m not playing.” MJF walks off.

AEW Dynamite Beach Break Is One Week Away!

We head over to the commentators for a moment as the trio runs down the action scheduled for next week’s AEW Dynamite: Beach Break special on TNT. They then send things to another commercial break after plugging our main event of the evening coming up next.

Dasha Talks To The Good Brothers, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega & Don Callis

As we return from the break, we are sent backstage where Dasha is standing by with The Good Brothers and The Young Bucks.

The Good Brothers start the promo segment off having some fun and talking about what’s going to happen next week at AEW Dynamite Beach Break. The Young Bucks say this is all fine and well as long as that creepy stooge Don Callis doesn’t get involved.

This leads to Don Callis and Kenny Omega approaching the four and a big argument breaks out.

The Good Brothers & The Young Bucks vs. The Dark Order

It’s now time for our main event of the evening, which is a scheduled eight man tag-team contest pitting the teams of The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) and The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) against the foursome from The Dark Order of Alex Reynolds, John Silver, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson.

On that note. the AEW World Tag-Team Champions make their way out as The Young Bucks head down to the ring. As Nick and Matt Jackson settle into the squared circle, “The Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts does the formal introduction of The Good Brothers. Out comes the IMPACT Wrestling Tag-Team Champions, as Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson make their way down to the ring.

As they settle into the squared circle, their music dies down and the entrance theme of The Dark Order begins playing as the entire faction makes their way out to the stage. They watch as the four members of this match make their way down to the ring. They remain on the entrance ramp as they enter the ring.

The bell sounds and we’re off and running with our headline bout of the evening. We see Evil Uno and Karl Anderson kick things off for their respective teams. The Dark Order group jumps off to an early offensive advantage. Uno isolates the arm of Anderson and takes him to his corner where he tags in John Silver. Silver then points out the big man. Anderson tags him in and Gallows steps over the top-rope.

Silver goes nose-to-belly button with Gallows now. Now we see a test of strength spot. They finally start to brawl and it isn’t long before both end up tagging out. One of the Bucks is in now, as is Stu Grayson from The Dark Order. We see both Bucks in the ring now as they hit double-team spots on any-and-everything that moves. Alex Reynolds is tagged in and they work him over as well with double-team offense before finally tagging out.

This brings Anderson back into the ring, with Gallows following in as well. All eight men end up in the ring and we watch as The Good Brothers and The Young Bucks start to clean house of all the bodies all over the ring. As the smoke settles, Reynolds and Jackson are duking it out. Reynolds hits the ropes but is tripped up by Anderson outside the ring. Silver ends up tagging in after that and he is beginning one of his super-human superman-style offensive flurries where he is capable of unbelievable action. He is leaping off the ropes to dropkick this one, flying over the ropes to take out that one, and is throwing knuckle sandwhiches at anyone and everyone in reaching distance.

As The Dark Order starts to pull ahead from an offensive perspective, J.R. talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as our main event of the evening continues inside the ring.

When we return from the final commercial break of the evening, we see the action is still ongoing in full swing outside the ring, with everyone brawling all over the place. Back inside the ring, Silver fires up and is taking Nick Jackson down again and again with a series of clotheslines. He hits a nice back-body drop and then sends him to the ropes for a big shot. He follows that up with a picture-perfect suplex for a near fall. The fans break out into a “This Is Awesome” chant as Evil Uno tags in and picks up where Silver left off.

Nick Jackson ends up finding an opening and tries taking over, however Uno cuts him off with a neckbreaker from behind. He heads to the top-rope for a senton follow-up, however Nick moves as he comes flying off the turnbuckle. He crawls over and makes the tag to Matt Jackson. Silver also tags in on the other side. Reynolds is also in the ring and now he and Silver are hitting double-team spots. Uno joins in the mix, but is decked. This leads to a crazy dive spot from Nick Jackson in the ring crashing onto everyone on the floor. Nick Jackson and Karl Anderson hit side-by-side suplexes on their opposition on the floor to the ring apron.

Back in the ring, The Good Brothers hit their double-team finisher on one member of The Dark Order. The Young Bucks then turn their attention to Silver. They hit the double-team Meltzer Driver for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Good Brothers & The Young Bucks

After The Match: All Hell Breaks Loose Before Beach Break

The Young Bucks announce a stipulation for their match next week. They say if they win, they get to hand-pick whoever they want to wrestle at the AEW Revolution PPV. He says for us to think about it because it could be anybody. He then smiles and turns to look directly at The Good Brothers. Now we see The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers do the Too Sweet hand symbol and they touch their hands together.

Out of nowhere, we see Rey Fenix hits the ring, however they are immediately ambushed by Gallows and Anderson. Out comes Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega. Mox ends up blasting Omega with the Paradigm Shift. Mox’s music plays as he stands tall over Omega while Fenix joins him. Mox and Fenix embrace and then Mox stands on the top turnbuckle to talk trash to Anderson and Gallows, who are still out on the floor after being taken out by him before he got to Omega. The show goes off the air on that note.

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