AEW Dynamite results March 17: St. Patrick’s Day Slam

It’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means …



All Elite Wrestling returns with the latest installment of their weekly AEW on TNT program, which this week features the special “St. Patrick’s Day Slam” holiday-theme.

This week’s AEW Dynamite: St. Patrick’s Day Slam show will feature the first-ever women’s main event, as Thunder Rosa vs. Dr. Britt Baker are advertised to headline the show with their “Unsanctioned Lights Out Match.” The opening match for the show will feature “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes going one-on-one against Death Triangle member Penta El Zero Miedo.

Also on tap for AEW Dynamite on TNT tonight is tag-team action with Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston taking on IMPACT Wrestling Tag-Team Champions The Good Brothers, Rey Fenix takes on Angelico, Jurassic Express teams up with Bear County to take on the team of Matt Hardy, Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade, Jade Cargill will be in action, Tony Schiavone will interview Sting and TNT Champion Darby Allin, plus Christian Cage will make an appearance.

Featured below are complete AEW Dynamite: St. Patrick’s Day Slam results from Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida on Wednesday, March 17, 2021.


This week’s show kicks off with the usual weekly traditional signature opening video package, which leads directly into a live shot inside Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL. as Jim Ross welcomes us to the show with his regular show-starting catchphrase and the camera pans around the venue while fireworks and pyro erupts.

Excalibur and Tony Schiavone join in along with J.R. on commentary as we see a shot of The Inner Circle arriving in a private airplane to the show.

Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Cody Rhodes

After that, we hear the familiar sounds of The Lucha Bros theme music as Penta El Zero Miedo makes his way out for tonight’s advertised opening match against Cody Rhodes.

As Pentagon JR. and Alex Abrahantes make their way to the ring for the first bout of the evening, a split-screen promo with the two taped earlier today airs, with Penta vowing to hurt “The American Nightmare.”

With Penta settled into the ring, we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance music of the former TNT Champion as Cody Rhodes makes his way down to the ring with his shoulder still taped up, as highlights are shown of his action on Dynamite and at Revolution in recent weeks.

Out of nowhere, Penta runs and leaps off the ring ropes, splashing onto Cody while he was still making his way down the entrance ramp, to kick off the brawl before the bell even sounds to officially start this match off.

Penta and Cody continue to brawl around the ring on the floor until finally, the Death Triangle member rolls the Nightmare Family member into the ring where the action gets underway. We see Penta get a little too cocky, taunting Cody right in front of him with an arrogant dance, Rhodes finally starts showing signs of life, getting in his first offense in the match thus far.

This doesn’t last, however, as Penta takes right back over control of the offensive driver’s seat in this opening contest. Now in a comfortable lead, Pentagon heads out to the floor to grab a table and bring it into the picture. Cody starts to recover and the action resumes inside the ring, where “The American Nightmare” hit a cool top-rope jumping hurricanrana on Penta El Zero Miedo.

Although Cody seemed primed to take over control of the bout after that successful high spot, once again, Penta takes right back over control of the action, resuming his beatdown of the former TNT Champion. Cody buys himself some time with a disaster kick that knocks Penta out of the ring to the floor. Cody is selling his leg in addition to the shoulder injury he came into the match with.

Following his disaster kick that put Penta on the floor, Cody toughed out his leg situation and sprinted across the ring, diving through the ropes for a tope suicida splash the connects on the Death Triangle member. Back in the ring, Penta starts to put up a fight, however Cody hits a crazy Destroyer out of nowhere to shift the momentum back into his favor. He hits a follow-up move and goes for the cover, but Penta kicks out before the count of three.

Cody then hits his Cross-Rhodes finisher on Penta and covers him again, however Penta still found some way to hang on. The commentators sell that pretty big as both guys are slow to get back to their feet. Cody hooks Penta’s arms and hangs him upside down behind him while still holding onto his body. He drops down and spikes the masked veteran on his dome for another close near fall. The camera shows a close-up shot of Cody looking discouraged at his inability to finish off Penta tonight.

We see the action resume with Cody grabbing the leg of Penta and hopping out to the floor. He yanks the leg around the steel ring post and then rolls Penta back in the ring and applies the figure-four leg lock on him. Penta screams out in pain but scratches and claws his way to the ropes to force the hold to be broken by the referee. Cody again looks discouraged at the fact that Penta is still surviving. Cody looks to set Penta up for some kind of hold, but Penta reverses it and isolates the arm of “The American Nightmare.” He snaps the arm of Cody but Cody fights through the pain and as Penta was gloating after the spot, Cody rolls him up from behind out of nowhere and holds on with everything he’s got as the referee counts to three, giving him the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After The Match: Nightmare Family, Minus QT Marshall, Comes To Cody’s Aid

After the match, Penta immediately attacks Cody and adds further punishment to the already injured shoulder of Cody. Arn Anderson and other members of The Nightmare Family — such as The Gunn Club, Dustin Rhodes and others — check on Cody’s condition as Penta taunts them at ringside.

While Penta makes his way up the entrance ramp, we finally see QT Marshall of The Nightmare Family make his way out to the ring, where we hear one of the members of the group ask where he was and why he’s just now showing up. The commentators repeat that on the broadcast for all of the viewers to hear to further the QT mystery story line.

Alex Marvez Talks To The Young Bucks, Don Callis Interrupts

Now things are sent to Alex Marvez, who is standing by backstage with the AEW World Tag-Team Champions, The Young Bucks — Nick and Matt Jackson.

The two address recent happenings briefly until they are interrupted by Don Callis, who walks in as they are in mid-sentence. They banter back-and-forth until Callis brings up Kenny Omega, which sets the Bucks off as they acuse him of changing their friend.

Callis says he changed them for the better. He says Omega doesn’t consider them “Elite” any longer. Before leaving, Callis tells them to think about showing the versions of Nick and Matt that they used to be while working in Japan. After this segment wraps up, we head to a commercial break.

Jade Cargill vs. Dani Jordyn

We return from the break to the entrance of Jade Cargill, who makes her way down to the ring with the full pyro treatment as the commentators sing her praises as one of the premiere talents in the AEW women’s division.

She hops into the ring where her opponent, Dani Jordyn, is waiting for her and is quickly introduced by ring announcer “The Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our second match of the evening.

Cargill shows a powerful kick and some follow-up shots that decks her opposition straight out of the gate. She follows that up with a release German suplex that sends Jordyn flying. She hits her Jaded finisher after that and this quick squash match is over that fast.

Winner: Jade Cargill

After The Match: Jade Gets In Red Velvet’s Face

Once the bout wraps up, Cargill rolls out of the ring and gets right in the face of Red Velvet, who is in the front row wearing St. Patrick’s Day colors. The match official separates the two as they bicker back-and-forth until ultimately, Cargill heads to the back.

MJF And The Pinnacle Explains Attack On The Inner Circle

We are shown some highlights of the closing segment from last week’s show, which saw MJF turn on The Inner Circle, aligning himself with his own inner circle that includes Tully Blanchard, FTR, Wardlow and Shawn Spears, and attacking his former friends.

After that, we return live where we hear the familiar entrance theme of Maxwell Jacob Friedman as he makes his way out accompanied by his new inner circle. The group settles into the ring and Tully Blanchard is holding a microphone as MJF’s theme fades down.

Tully talks about what happened at the end of last week’s show, bringing up the big bad Jake Hager being laid out with two bottles smashed over his head, the legendary Chris Jericho crawling and bleeding, etc. He says he has aligned himself with the best talent the business has to offer today with the men standing behind him. He says that’s how he will finish his career.

MJF finally begins speaking. He talks about what happened and starts taking shot after shot after shot at “Le Champion,” including his hair line, the space between his right and left pecs, and other age-related insults. MJF talks about being held back and then notes that he is now with the best talent the world has to offer. He says Tully called them The Pinnacle and that is an appropriate name because they are the pinnacle of the business.

Friedman goes through member-by-member. He calls Wardlow the best big man in the business and the best insurance policy that money can buy. He points at Shawn Spears, calling him The Chairman of AEW and a guy that has always been held down. He tells us to take his word — Spears is about to be a top guy. He says believe it or he’ll make you eat a chair shot. He concludes by pointing at Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler — FTR. He calls them the only grand slam tag-team champions in history and the best duo in the game today.

He says and that leaves himself. He says he’s only been on national television for a year and he’s already the most talked about guy in the business today. He says he is unstoppable in the ring and on the mic and he’s only 24 years of age. He says he’s great now but like a fine wine, he’s only going to get better with age. He says he’s got 25-plus years left in the tank. He says he bets that enrages Chris Jericho. He says when it’s all said-and-done, Chris Jericho will not be known as the GOAT, because that spot is reserved for yours truly.

MJF says The Pinnacle will take what they want, when they want and he says right about now, Chris Jericho, we want your locker room. He says before he takes that he wants to deliver one final heart-warming message — he’s better than him, and he knows it. The fans boo as MJF’s music plays again and The Pinnacle pose in the ring together after a big group hug.

Jurassic Express & Bear Country vs. Matt Hardy, Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade

When we return from the break, we are treated to the ring entrances of the five heels in the ten-man tag-team match advertised for tonight’s show, which is up now.

Matt Hardy, Private Party — Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy, The Butcher and The Blade (along with The Bunny) are introduced by “The Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts and they make their way to the ring while a split-screen Hardy promo from “earlier today” airs with him vowing to build an empire.

After the promo ends, the group settles into the ring and then their opponents for tonight’s match are introduced. This brings out the team of Jurassic Express — Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt — as well as Bear Country — Bear Bronson & Bear Boulder. The bell sounds and here we go with our next match of the evening.

We see Marko Stunt and Matt Hardy kick things off for their respective teams. Jungle Boy tags in moments later and as soon as he does, all ten men hit the ring at the same time out of the blue and a big multi-man brawl ensues. The babyface clear the ring of all the heels and then four of them send Marko Stunt flying over the top, where he crashes onto the heel team on the floor.

The action resumes in the ring and we see Hardy pull ahead into the offensive driver’s seat as he throws Stunt out to the floor. The heels work over Stunt on the floor as Hardy makes the tag in the ring and Tony Schiavone talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues in this ten-man tag-team bout.

When we return from the break, we see the babyface team go on a nice offensive run, which included Luchasaurus hitting a big chokeslam and some other big spots. Eventually, we see a bunch of confusion culminating with Marko Stunt tagging himself in, only to get beat down and hit with a Gin ‘N’ Juice double-team finisher by Private Party.

Matt Hardy jumps up-and-down and asks for the tag, which he gets. He hits a Twist of Fate on Stunt and covers him for the win.

Winners: Matt Hardy, Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade

Backstage: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston Address The Good Brothers

Following the match, we shoot backstage to an empty room where we see the team of Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. The two begin addressing their scheduled tag-team bout later in tonight’s show.

Kingston talks about The Good Brothers — Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson — mocking the duo before vowing to beat them down in their tag match tonight.

Moxley takes his turn talking and makes a bunch of shoot-style comments about Gallows and Anderson, and talks about how everyone loves The Good Brothers (complete with a stereotypical southern accent) — except him.

We hear some follow-up comments from Kingston, who uses some rap lyrics as metaphors when talking about what they are going to do to The Good Brothers, and also questions whether or not they’re allowed to say “The Bullet Club,” after mocking the “Too Sweet” hand gesture being something they saw on TNT — but several years ago in another wrestling company.

They wrap up an entertaining backstage promo segment and then we are informed by the commentators that Mox & Kingston vs. The Good Brothers is up next. On that note, we head to a commercial break.

Dasha Gonzalez Talks To Christian Cage

When we return from the break, the commentators send things backstage to Dasha Gonzalez, who is standing by with the newest signee to the AEW talent roster — Christian Cage.

Dasha asks the one question that she says is on the minds of everyone in AEW and all of the fans in the wrestling business — why did Christian Cage sign to return to the ring with All Elite Wrestling?

Christian says he’s going to go on a bit of a rant. He explains what the definition of a workhorse is in the pro wrestling business. He goes on to call himself “THE” workhose before vowing to prove it to the fans of AEW every time he steps into the ring.

He brings up his goal to get the title and then has a message for Kenny Omega. He talks about being glad to get to meet him on Dynamite. He tells him that his run as champion is on borrowed time. He talks about being in AEW for one reason — to further cement his legacy. He then vows again to out — work — everyone.

Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. The Good Brothers

After the backstage interview with Christian Cage, we shoot back inside Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, FL. where the familiar sounds of Eddie Kingston’s theme song plays on the house speakers.

Kingston makes his way out of the entrance tunnel and is immediately attacked in mid-ring entrance by The Good Brothers — Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. The IMPACT Wrestling Tag-Team Champions beat down Kingston with a two-on-one numbers game advantage until Jon Moxley, without music or a ring entrance of any kind, runs into the camera frame from the side, jumping in the mix to help his friend and partner, Kingston, with the attack.

The four men brawl all the way down to ringside, where Gallows and Anderson remain in control of the action, before finally Kingston is rolled into the ring and the bell sounds to officially start this match. The Good Brothers take turns beating down Kingston as Mox remains laid out on the floor at ringside.

Finally, as Kingston shows signs of life for the first time since his music hit, and Moxley is finally starting to recover for the first time since the bell sounded to start this match. As the babyface duo show signs of hope, we head into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break, we see Moxley is on the ring apron and is now actively looking to make the tag. Kingston is fighting his way back into competitive form as soon as we return. He hits a big suplex, which buys himself some time as he looks around disoriented and confused still, but finally makes it to the corner where Mox gets the tag.

Moxley takes the hot tag and despite being taped up from his shoulder down to his ribs from the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match and in even more rough shape after the pre-match attack, the former AEW World Champion is like a man possessed. He is taking out any-and-everything that moves. He hits a nice piledriver for a near fall that Gallows ends up interfering to break up.

Mox blasts Gallows and knocks him out of the ring, following up with a tope suicida splash to him on the floor. He heads back into the ring but right into a Spinebuster from Anderson, who was waiting for him, directly into a pin attempt. Somehow, Moxley hangs on and kicks out at two-and-a-half. The Good Brothers hit a double-team spot after Gallows tags back in. Kingston hits the ring but he too is met with a double-team spot from the IMPACT tag champs.

After hitting their Magic Killer double-team finisher on Mox on the floor before the match, they look to hit it on him again in the ring to finish this one off, however Kingston hits the scene just in time to break it up. As Gallows and Kingston splinter off to the floor, Mox rolls up Anderson from behind out of nowhere and gets the pin fall victory.

Winners: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston

After The Match: Things Go Completely Off The Rails

Once the match wraps up, Gallows re-enters the ring and Anderson pops up and the two immediately start beating down a still wealened Jon Moxley. The theme music of AEW World Champion Kenny Omega hits as “The Cleaner” makes his way down to the ring dancing and strutting in arrogant fashion.

As he enters the ring, a steel chair is unfolded and sat down in front of him by The Good Brothers. He takes a seat and removes his sunglasses, staring down at Moxley. Kingston ends up recovering on the floor and he hits the ring and knocks Omega out of his chair unexpectedly, so he is rewarded by a three-on-one beatdown by Omega and The Good Brothers for his efforts.

After they get Mox and Kingston both down and out, they put Kingston’s leg inside of a steel chair and hold him down as Anderson climbs to the top-rope. He leaps off and stomps on the chair, essentially snapping Kingston’s leg in half. The commentators keep their serious voices on and demand that someone come out here and stop this madness. A bunch of officials end up helping Kingston out of the ring.

With all of the focus on the condition of Kingston on the floor and Omega and The Good Brothers seemingly done with their post-match attack in the ring, things seem finished when finally, we see them grab the chair and unfold it. They put Moxley’s head through it and Omega heads to the top-rope. The Young Bucks end up running out to stop this before it goes way too far.

As The Young Bucks hit the ring, Omega tries to sneak back to the top and take out Moxley anyways. He ends up getting stopped again and he joins a big talk between The Good Brothers and The Young Bucks. The heels put up the Too Sweet hand gesture looking to bury the hatchet with The Young Bucks, however they refuse.

This leads to the argument among them escalating as Jackson and Gallows get physical briefly. As the scene continues to unfold, we see Kingston try and get back in the scene only to be stopped by the ringside doctor.

Moxley stands back up with help of the ropes. His music plays as we hear Kingston ask to be helped into the ring. He is. Mox goes over to help him and check on him as the commentators send us into a commercial break.

Tony Schiavone Talks To Sting, Darby Allin, Lance Archer, Jake Roberts & Team Taz

We return from the break to see Tony Schiavone at the top of the ramp. He introduces Sting and then Darby Allin. Allin talks about how he has only defended the TNT Championship a few times on Dynamite. He vows to defend it every week like the best TNT Champion in history, Mr. Brodie Lee.

He begins issuing an open challenge on the spot and ends up issuing one to any member of The Dark Order for next week. He goes to continue talking, however he is interrupted by “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Archer talks about how things are about to change around here, calling himself the most dangerous man on the planet and Allin an “indy-riffic” wrestler.

As he and Jake leave, before anyone can say anything, we hear the familiar voice of “The Human Suplex Machine” as Team Taz makes their way out to confront Sting and Allin. We hear Taz talking, however as soon as they emerge through the entrance tunnel, we see Brian Cage yank the mic out of Taz’s hands.

He says Taz isn’t going to talk for him this week. He addresses Sting, telling “The Icon” that after their recent battle, he has earned his respect. Taz questions what Cage is talking about. Cage walks off, leaving Team Taz on the entrance ramp as he heads to the back by himself.

Scorpio Sky Won’t Finish Last

We are shown a video package after this segment that features “The Face Of The Revolution” ladder match winner and former SoCal Uncensored (SCU) member Scorpio Sky.

Sky talks about how nice guys finish last, but notes that he will no longer fall victim to this rule. He promises not to be someone else’s stepping stone. He says if he has to hurt someone to do it, then so be it.

Rey Fenix vs. Angelico

Once the vignette for Scorpio Sky wraps up, we head back down to the ring where it’s time for our next match of the evening.

The theme music plays to bring out Rey Fenix, as he goes one-on-one against Angelico of The Hybrid2 (TH2) tag-team in their advertised singles bout.

We hear the bell sound and we’re off-and-running with this match. This one isn’t given a ton of time, and after a few minutes we see Fenix hit a crazy spot to secure the pinfall victory.

Winner: Rey Fenix

Backstage: Miro & Kip Sabian

We shoot backstage where we see “The Best Man” Miro, who is still enraged. He goes on a rant and is eventually interrupted by Kip Sabian, who takes issue with Miro talking about putting things with Chuck and Orange Cassidy behind them and moving on to bigger and better things.

Sabian says they ruined his wedding and Miro doesn’t even seem to care, and he’s supposed to. Miro tells Sabian that ringside is the worst place for Penelope Ford to be. Ultimately, the two agree to still be pals.

John Silver Accepts Darby Allin’s Open Challenge

We shoot to a backstage segment featuring The Dark Order as the commentators do their usual show-closing run down of the matches and segments on tap for next week’s AEW Dynamite on TNT show.

The Dark Order are going to respond to Darby Allin’s open challenge for a shot at the TNT Championship on next week’s show.

Ultimately, after a tease of Brodie Lee Jr. accepting the challenge, we are informed that it will be none other than John Silver squaring off against “The Face Of TNT” with the title on-the-line on next week’s show. We head to a commercial break after this with our unsanctioned lights out main event waiting for us on the other side.

MJF Takes Over Chris Jericho’s Office

The commentators bring up MJF introducing The Pinnacle earlier this evening and their explanation for the attack on Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle. They bring up MJF vowing that everything that belonged to “Le Champion” now belongs to him.

From there, they send things to a video package segment, as we see Maxwell Jacob Friedman taking over the office and room of “The Demo God.” He again promises that everything that once belonged to Jericho is now his and how The Pinnacle is the future.

Unsanctioned Lights Out Match
Dr. Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa

Once the MJF segment wraps up, we shoot back inside Daily’s Place amphitheater, where the commentary trio of J.R., Schiavone and Excalibur inform us that it’s time for the Unsanctioned Lights Out main event of the evening — as the ladies headline the weekly AEW on TNT program for the first time in All Elite Wrestling history — now.

With that said, we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme of Dr. Britt Baker, as the only dentist on the AEW women’s roster makes her way down to the ring for our featured attraction bout of the night. Out next is her opponent, Thunder Rosa, who is attacked from behind out of nowhere by Rebel with a crutch. This gets our final contest of the evening officially underway.

Baker goes to work on Rosa, dominating the former NWA Women’s Champion all over the ring and then around the ringside area on the floor, slamming her into anything that is — and isn’t — nailed down to the floor. She fills the ring with chairs as Rosa is still completely laid out on the ring steps where she left her after slamming her into them with authority.

We see Baker go back over to Rosa and pick her up. As she does, we see blood pouring down the head and face of Rosa. The action is brought back into the ring where Baker shows off the crimson mask that Rosa is now sporting as J.R. talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the commercial break, we see Baker still in the offensive driver’s seat as she takes Rosa up to the top-rope with bad intentions in mind. We see a pile of steel chairs in the middle of the ring down below as Baker and Rosa come flying off the top with a superplex, landing right on top of them. We see replays of this as the crowd goes nuts.

Back live, we see Rosa start to finally show signs of life, as she begins making her big comeback. She bashes Baker head-first into a steel ladder. Moments later, she dropkicks a ladder into Baker’s face. The camera shows a close-up shot of blood literally free-flow pouring out of the face of the licensed dentist. Rosa hits a Death Valley Driver off the top-rope on Baker, landing on a ladder drapped across the bottom rope on the way down.

She tries finishing her off with that, however Baker hangs on and survives. Again we see blood pouring badly out of her face as she grabs something to wipe it off as best as she can so that she can see. Finally she starts to fight back, hitting a big Curb Stomp onto Rosa with her face crashing down onto a bunch of steel chairs. She goes for the win off of that spot, however Rosa survives. Now we see Baker with blood pouring down her grill again as she shows an evil smirk.

Baker heads over to Rebel on the floor, who hands her the special glove she uses when applying her LockJaw submission finisher. She puts the glove on but then is handed a sack by Rebel. She holds the sack up proudly and shows it off to the crowd before opening it and dumping out a ton of thumb tacks all over the ring mat. She goes over and picks up Rosa. She looks for a swinging neck-breaker on the tacks but Rosa blocks it and goes for a counter.

Rebel hits the ring and has a crutch but Rosa gets to her in time. She ends up knocking her out of the ring and through a table that was set up like a bridge on the steel barricade and ring apron.

We see Baker try to capitalize on this distraction spot, only for Rosa to see her coming and hit a crazy power bomb on Baker onto the pile of tacks. She covers her for the pin, but somehow Baker kicks out. She stands up with her face still covered in blood and her body completely covered in thumb tacks.

Baker runs over and blasts Rosa with a big kick. Baker’s face is bloody as hell, folks. Now things escalate to a spot that sees Rosa hook Baker and hit a crazy spot from the ring apron down through a table on the floor. She covers Baker on the floor and the ref counts to three.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

After The Match: Thunder Rosa Celebrates Victory In An Epic Main Event

Rosa breaks down and cries, emotional in victory as she poses with her hand raised over Baker. Highlights are then shown as the commentators talk us through what was truly a very, very, very memorable women’s match.

This was everything it was hyped up to be by Tony Khan coming into tonight’s show — and then some. Amazing main event from Baker and Rosa this evening. That’ll do it for tonight’s show. Thanks for joining us.

Matt Boone
Matt Boone
Matt Boone has two decades of experience in wrestling and MMA journalism, dating back to and co-hosting Wrestle Zone Radio.

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