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Aleister Black’s main roster call up was a last minute decision

Aleister Black

Aleister Black hasn’t competed in a match on SmackDown in quite a while. It’s been nearly two months since we’ve seen the former NXT Champion on TV, causing many of his fans to wonder what the plan is for him going forward.

On a recent episode of Sheamus’s Celtic Warrior Workout, Black and his wife Zelina Vega were the WWE Champion’s special guests. During the episode, Black revealed something that may explain why we haven’t seen much of him outside of his vignettes.

I wasn’t scheduled to be called up. It was a last minute decision. I was just done with a workout. It was 11:30 and I didn’t have to be at the live event until 1:00. So, I was just going to take a 45-minute nap. I had my phone by me, and it starts to go off. It’s Coach Bloom.

He said, ‘I have some news for you,’ and as a joke I said, ‘You’re firing me.’ He said, ‘Something like that. This Sunday you’re flying to Tennessee, and this Monday you make your debut on Raw and Tuesday on SmackDown.’

Week in and week out, since his split from Ricochet in April, all we’ve seen from Aleister Black is vignettes begging for someone to come find and challenge him to a fight. Last week, his frustration continued to build as no one has yet accepted his challenge. Hopefully, we see him back in the ring soon.

  • CC

    I get what you are saying, but I think you don’t put Black up against the likes of Orton unless that is the expected way to go. If they were putting him up against the likes of Crewes or Titus I would not be so sure, but with someone the level of Orton you have to say that there is a strong chance that is the direction they are going (unless of course their matches are dire).

  • Soulshroude

    Everything is always “last minute”. It’s the WWe.

  • Whistling Joe

    True, but I’m sure Sean O’Haire was programmed against someone at house shows while his vignettes aired and we saw how that ended.

  • CC

    Well he has faced Orton at a house show, so the belief is that is who will be accepting his challenge.