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Alexa Bliss responds to negative fan chants during RAW

Alexa Bliss returns

The No.1 contender for the RAW Women’s Championship was decided on RAW through a fatal-4-way elimination match between Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Natalya, and Carmella. The match was, however, met with a negative response from the crowd.

The crowd constantly chanted “Boring”, “You suck”, “Let’s Go Cena”, “Cena sucks” and “This is awful”. Few fans also noted that there was an AEW chant going on which reportedly did not make it to the broadcast somehow.

Alexa Bliss proceeded to respond to this hostile reaction on Twitter by stating, “Just disrespectful”. Bliss also proceeded to retweet a tweet from a fan. Have a look at both of them right below:

  • rob

    i´ll say crowds these days are way too respectful, this is just a normal reacton, if the match was bad well then that’s what you get, it seems some wrestlers these days forgot that those fans pay to be entertain

  • Wicka Steve

    She deserved every one of those chants. That match went WAY too long and Bliss can’t wrestle for crap. She doesn’t even have five moves of doom. And don’t give me that “heels are supposed to be boring” bullcrap. She has her DDT, Twisted Bliss, and her knee thing. That ain’t a move set.

  • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

    As someone who, primarily, watches the product for the women’s division – They didn’t get the chant because they’re women, they got it because the match sucked. It was too long and they didn’t really have chemistry which made the match clunky.

    To add, they advertised the match as a fatal four way (at least, initially), so they lost a good part of the crowd after Alexa got the first pin since most of the audience thought she’d won the match.

    Besides that? Carmella should never have been in this match (like, can we pretend that the brand split even has a purpose?), Alexa just CLEANLY lost TWO matches for the SD title, no one has been given a reason as of late to care about Naomi, and there’s never really been a reason to be interested in Natalya.

  • Will Henderson

    coupled with the fact that the “No wrestling during commercials” rule may had sucked any energy that this match had and made the smarky Long Island/NYC crowd turn on this match.

  • CC

    While the crowd reaction was over the top, the match itself was poor and wayyyyyy too long.
    The fact of the four women in the match, only Alexa has had any kind of prominent role (unless you count Carmella running around in a comedy angle with Truth) in ages kinda says it all about why the fans were feeling so negative about the match.

    For me the only good bit of the match was the attempted pin Alexa pulled during that surfboard spot.

  • Soulshroude

    You’re their entertainment. Not the other way around. We always call it like we see it.

  • Moe

    Have a better match!