Alexa Bliss ‘Two Stalkers’ Capture Plot Revealed

The stalker who has targeted Alexa Bliss is at it once again, and we need to get to the bottom of this by notifying Twitter of the user AlexLittle66. The first Alexa Bliss stalker account was banned last week after terrible messages.



As we have been reporting for weeks; Alexa Bliss has been targeted by a stalker that goes by “Albert/Bobby”. The stalker started off by commenting on Bliss’ photos and then the comments became darker and darker as time progressed.

Alexa Bliss has mentioned that she has dealt with this before, but sadly, this saga seems to continue. The original poster (Albert/Bobby) mentioned doing some very horrible things to Alexa’s significant other in recent weeks as well.

It seems that the same stalker is targeting Bliss on a new account, or possibly a stalker working in tandem. The user claims to not only be the brother of the original stalker, but falsely claims to be the “brother in law of Alexa Bliss.”

The new stalker responded to a behind the scenes photo of Alexa Bliss with her contacts in for her Fiend-centric roll. Alexa’s post read: “Let. Me. In.” The new stalker reposted and replied: “Albert will let you in just come back home to him and he will let you in.”

The stalker then responded to commenters calling them out by saying: “Albert is not Bobby enough with these lies and false claims. Our mission still stands to capture Alexa.”

Judging by the craziness of the tweets, it’s obviously still the same poster that started the stalking. We urge all Twitter users to report this user and to contact authorities at the FBI through their website.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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