Amanda Nunes Sad Medical Rumor Leaks

It was recently reported that Amanda Nunes, contacted COVID-19 – which effectively cancelled her scheduled fight against Julianna Peña at UFC 265. Now, Peña is stating that Nunes allegedly did not have COVID afterall, or at least might not have been entirely truthful about her COVID claims. A top UFC name recently dropped this Amanda Nunes bombshell.



During a recent appearance on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Peña made the shocking claim, in addition adding that Nunes was ‘not ready’ to fight her. Credit to SportsKeeda for the below.

“I’ll tell ya this. When Hunter Campbell told me that he was looking at her positive Covid test, I said okay… The next day an article came out from her wife stating that they had been locked down for 11 days and they both, all three of them, tested negative.”

Peña continued: “I just had a feeling it wasn’t going to happen in general because every time she’s posting it’s like chocolate cake and you know, all sorts of goodies that you normally wouldn’t be eating in a fight camp so… She was just probably on the couch eating chocolate cake and was like, ‘What! The fight’s next week? Aw no no no I got Covid.’ She probably just wasn’t ready you know.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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