Amanda Nunes Wife Shows Backside In Beach Photo

UFC star Amanda Nunes shows her backside in beach photos with her wife and daughter, as seen below.



Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather had an exhibition boxing match in June of 2021. It ended up as a draw. The fight went the scheduled eight rounds despite some heavy shots. Even though it has been so long since the fight happened, Logan still hasn’t gotten paid in full.

Logan revealed that he’s gotten some of the money but not the entire sum that he was promised. He is in a lawsuit to try and get paid. He urged Floyd to pay him the money he’s making from his coming fight with Don Moore.

This revelation happened at the JRE MMA podcast, as Joe Rogan discussed Logan’s match. Rogan made an observation that while speaking to MMA coaches who had fighters wanting to switch to boxing, the coaches advised the fighters against it because of how hard it is to get paid.

Rogan noted that Logan Paul hasn’t still gotten paid for fighting Floyd Mayweather.

“Mike Tyson had some real serious issue about his money, Roy Jones Jr had some serious issue about his money. There are problems with boxing and money, with the wrong promoters. You get with the right promoters, everything is smooth… you never hear about Canelo not getting paid.”

Logan Paul himself is not sure who exactly owes him the money from his fight. He has been pretty public about not getting paid and has brought attention to the issue.

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