Apollo Crews Suffers ‘Embarrassing’ Smackdown Botch

Could it be? It is! It’s botch time! WWE Smackdown this week was not without it’s share of major botches as during a promo featuring current WWE Intercontinental champion, Apollo Crews, it was being heard audibly that a WWE producer was counting down during the promo with the official Twitter account for Fightful Wrestling discussing the incident. “Did anybody else hear the lady counting down during the video package? LOL.” the account tweeted with members of the WWE universe responding in kind as fan Mark Robinson stated: “I did Kevin Dunn said f**k everybody and he gonna f*** with production today.” Pat McAfee ‘ruined’ a Natayla match on Smackdown.



In other news regarding Apollo, the new WWE Intercontinental Champion discussed his title win and compared it to the time he won the WWE United States Championship last summer in speaking with Rick Ucchino of Sportskeeda Wrestling. Credit to WrestleZone for the following quote.

“I look back at the guy who won the United States Championship, and he was happy to be there,” said Crews. “He was just happy to have that opportunity. Now, looking at it, I deserve this. I know I’ve worked so hard for this. This is where I belong, this is where I’m supposed to be. That’s why I’m here, because of the hard work, [and] the sacrifice.”


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