Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits Back After Sad Gym Photos Leak

Legendary action star Arnold Schwarzenegger recently reminded a Twitter user in a subtle fashion that he’s still got it.



The 75-year-old star and a survivor of multiple heart surgeries, took the time out of his day to reply to a well intending fan who recently watched his new show Fubar.

The fan shared a clip of Schwarzenegger’s infamously muscly arm on Twitter writing: “Just finished watching #FUBAR on @NetflixBrasil. @Schwarzenegger is back! We need season 2!!” And they quickly earned a reply from the actor.

“Thanks for watching,” the star said in reply, however things soon took a turn when another person took the opportunity to make a snarky comment.

“That’s Arnold’s bicep in Predator back in the 1980s, he won’t show his biceps now, it’s disappointing that he doesn’t keep them looking good, even at 75 a man can have nice biceps,” the person wrote.

It upset many fans who called the person out for being disrespectful but it didn’t seem to upset the Terminator actor who appeared to indirectly reply with a photo of him at the gym.

Arnold Schwarzenegger fires back at the fan

Sharing a black and white photo of himself, the actor – who recently told Men’s Health he has had to adjust his workout schedule due to heart surgery – showed off his impressive muscular physique, reminding fans he still has “nice biceps”.

In response, one fan replied: “Age is really just a number in bodybuilding,” while another said: ”Dude, you have to stop at some point, you’re making us all look bad!”

The actor told Men’s Health he still works out every morning but has had to change his focus after undergoing multiple heart surgeries.

“After having several heart surgeries, and surgery on my shoulders, knees, and those kinds of things, it’s important to protect my body and do therapy training at the same time.”

He said he now focuses on moving as fast as he can from one exercise to the next instead of lifting the heaviest weights.

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