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Austin Aries believes Impact Wrestling is the promotion for adults, considers most wrestling to be for kids

Impact World Champion Austin Aries has spent 2018 helping the Impact roster bring the company back from near death. In a recent edition of Keeping it Real with Konnan, A Double spoke with the LAX leader on the differences between the WWE and Impact creatively, and why he isn’t a fan of most wrestling nowadays.

Aries, who has stated before that he felt shackled under the WWE, said that working with Impact Wrestling allows him to express his own ideas on TV.

What it benefits for a guy like me is they let me fill in the blanks and paint the picture. Then, I can go back and give them my ideas of what I’m thinking and whether something is good, or if I have some questions. It’s a really cool atmosphere.

When the topic of other certain promotions came up, Aries, again, said that he isn’t a fan of most modern wrestling, stating that it’s targeted towards children.

There was a time that I really loved pro wrestling, but I’m not a pro wrestling junkie, per se. Most of pro wrestling isn’t catered to me. I’m not a kid. There are a lot of guys that complain to me about the product, but it’s like, well…you’re not a kid. It’s catered to sell t-shirts and merchandise to kids and their parents.

Aries then said that’s another reason that he appreciates Impact Wrestling, believing that it’s aimed towards an older audience.

That’s why, with some of the things we’re doing at Impact Wrestling and other places, there are more of a resurgence to more of an adult-orientated version of pro wrestling, because that’s what was missing for a long time. Maybe there’s something we can do at Impact Wrestling that some corporate companies don’t want to touch. I think that there’s a lot of people that miss what pro wrestling can give them too.

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    I used to have a lot of respect for Aries and felt he was seriously underutilised in WWE, but comments like these and some of the swipes he has taken at the likes of No Way Jose for instance start to show that the rumours of his push in WWE being derailed by a bad attitude might be true.

    Of course WWE is partially aimed at kids, hence the PG rating, but you cannot tell me Impact is anymore of an adult orientated promotion. They run the same type of matches, same type of angles and use the same type of talent.

    Whether it is WWE, Impact, NJPW, RoH or PWG they are all aimed at a cross section of fans from kids to adults.

    If you look at the promotions that have been aimed at adults over the years (ECW, CZW etc), they generally do it through over the top violence, swearing and high sexuality etc, none of which you could say about Impact and its carbon copy ideas.