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Roman Reigns becomes top merchandise seller in WWE

The Big Dog sits atop the Raw roster as the WWE Universal Champion. After a long and exhausting road to redemption, Reigns finally defeated Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Now, it looks like Reigns is #1 in another category as well.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported this week that Roman Reigns has become the WWE’s biggest merchandise seller. OnĀ Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that the company “learned from John [Cena] that people booing you on TV doesn’t mean crap as long as you’re gonna buy tickets.”

It’s worth being noted that, though Reigns has become the company’s top merch seller, he’s done it in a time where John Cena is absent from WWE TV, so it’s possible he may fall off whenever the 16-time champion decides to make his return.

  • CC

    This is a figure that fluctuates and is often manipulated anyway. Reigns, like Cena probably has more variety available than most other stars, which of course raises the odds of him selling more. When Cena changed the colour of his shirt every couple of months, he will end up selling more than a wrestler who only gets one or two designs a year.

    Plus, with Reigns they probably count Shield merch in this as well.

    We have seen AJ Styles top this in the past, and even Rusev, and this is achieved more organically.

    Also, you have to wonder how much of the split is between adult and kid, and male and female.

  • Wicka Steve

    Dollars to donuts they are counting all the new Shield merch sales towards Roman’s sales. The Shield is over in spite of Reigns, not because of him. Also, this is hardly an accomplishment considering Cena is never around and I don’t think has had new merch in months.

  • oppa

    The people who boo Roman the most probably got paid for most of this merch to help him get here.