More backstage details on Brock Lesnar’s new WWE contract

The general belief going into WrestleMania was that Brock Lesnar will be leaving WWE after his match and hence it was believed that Roman Reigns will be winning the Universal Championship.



However, this did not happen and shortly afterward WWE announced that Lesnar has signed a new contract with the company, leaving people puzzled about these events.

Now Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer has shed some light on the situation and revealed details on when the Universal Champion signed his new deal.

According to him, both the parties agreed to terms on Monday before the Show Of Shows and the contract was signed on Sunday before his match.

While there was a clause in his old contract which could have allowed WWE to extend Brock’s deal till August, Meltzer confirms that the deal signed was a new one and not an extension to the old contract.

No word on the length of the new agreement but as we noted before, several sources report that it’s a short-term deal and Brock Lesnar is still expected to return to UFC somewhere down the line.

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