Bayley ‘Ruining’ WWE Royal Rumble Finish Revealed

Bayley was meant to stay in the WWE Royal Rumble match longer than planned, and her finish in exiting the match was sadly ruined. Mike Johnson of PWInsider confirmed this news in a new Q&A.



At the Royal Rumble, Omos eliminated Rey Mysterio by throwing him into the barricade. It looked like Rey tried to catch himself a few times before falling to the ground. Do you know if that was the planned spot, because it looked like Rey was trying to hang on and possibly do a spot from the barricade or get back into the ring.

“In asking about this, I was told the only person that went out a little earlier than originally planned was Bayley in the Women’s match and Rey was eliminated as planned.”

Would you have had any interaction between Dominik and Rey in the Rumble? Rey didn’t enter the match until well after his son had been eliminated — should they have done a quick father-son exchange, or should that be saved for down the line? Or never done?

“I would have done the Demolition Ax vs. Demolition Smash thing if they were going to be in the match early on but I think at that point they came out, the moment would have been lost in the mix of all the chaos so I think WWE was wise not to do it.”

Drew McIntyre reportedly reacted to Royal Rumble backstage chaos. D-Von Dudley told Table Talk that he would like to be in the Royal Rumble match next year as a surprise entrant.

“Listen, I’m not putting it out there, I’m not saying I’m going to be in the Royal Rumble… What I’m saying is I would love to be in the Royal Rumble next year. If everything still goes right with me, I would love to have the opportunity to do that.

But, I have to be straight. My body has to be good and ready to go. I’ll be honest with you, I think I’ll be fine. I’ll declare myself in saying that I will try to get ready for the Royal Rumble and hopefully Mr. McMahon picks me to be in it. But if not then I can’t do it.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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