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Becky Lynch believes we are a year or two away from a Women’s Royal Rumble in WWE

Becky Lynch WWE

WWE has taken some major step into the Women’s Revolution in the past year. They have started giving Women more TV time and have held some historic matches such as the first ever Women’s Hell In A Cell or the first Women’s Money In The Bank match in the history of the company.

Though many believe that this is just a start and there are many more historic matches which are waiting to come along the way and one such match is a Women’s Royal Rumble.

During a recent interview with Amarillo Globe-News SmackDown Live Star, Becky Lynch talked about a possible Women’s Royal Rumble match stating that we are a year or two away from such matchup:

“I think there will definitely be a time where the women get their own Royal Rumble. When you look at the fact that in July there is the Mae Young Classic taking place between 32 women. Then you have the women in NXT and the women on both brands. I think it’s a year or two away from having our own Royal Rumble, then maybe our tag titles. The sky is the limit.”

In today’s scenario, a Women’s Royal Rumble match does not seem to a far-fetched possibility and it’s actually something which we might see in the upcoming years.

Though if WWE does really do this match sometimes down the line, they should focus on making it a historic match wrestling-wise instead of hyping it up too much and then not delivering the promised quality in the bout.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Ya….so they can have a man ruin it by coming in and throwing out the last woman right? Just like they ruined the womans money in the bank twice in a row. I gurantee you that they will do the same thing. I’m 100% positive they will do this.

  • D2K

    That’s the reason WHY they need surprise entrances because they don’t have roster depth. Those empty slots can be filled with past WWE Divas for a one-off. Wouldn’t it be cool just for one night to see Lita, Molly Holly, Ivory, or even Sable?

    Likewise, having more titles doesn’t make sense because they don’t have the roster depth. You can’t have it like the late 80s where you literally only had two actual tag-teams (Jumping Bomb Angels and Glamour Girls) fighting for the tag-titles

  • Shallowmen

    I get both of your points. More titles would give this a more special feel, like climbing the mountain as with the men’s titles. Old school is getting a mid card belt then the main one. Women’s division only has the two women’s belts so it’s practically the same as a number one contender battle royal except a RR. Some surprise entrants would be cool but they don’t have the roster depth and it feels too fast as with the HIAC match.

  • MindTricked

    I’m all for this. They can *just* about work a 20-person Rumble now – excluding the two champs, and bringing in some NXT talent and some one-timers returning, it could definitely be done.

    Also, I really wish the women had their own show, a la 205 Live.

  • D2K

    I’m not sure why that would matter. Whoever wins would get a shot at their brand’s respective title. The only issue would be to make sure there is an even amount of women in the event. If this was going to be booked like a REAL Royal Rumble, they would and should have surprise entrants.

  • TheFizPop

    I too have thought its obviously been/being discussed, wwe love the condescending notion of anything women do inside a ring these days. But I’d be good to see past women/divas returning like the legends do in the male, good way to test potential match ups with past female competitors also.
    Its touching that in wwe a thing such as male and female being historically what they were, is still a thing.

  • M

    It’s an interesting concept but due to the fact that there is only one women’s championship on each brand, I don’t see any reason for that to happen unless other titles are created to comply with a much bigger roster,