Daniel Bryan threatens Cody Rhodes in epic fashion, Rhodes replies

Cody Rhodes reached another milestone in his independent wrestling career when he defeated Christopher Daniels to become the new ROH World Heavyweight Champion.



Though soon enough after his victory, Daniel Bryan commented on the championship changing hands, while mentioning a tweet of the new Champion and threatened the former WWE Star.

Bryan, who has held the Indie title himself for almost 15 months during the early days of the company, said that he may have to go after Rhodes if he comes closer to Daniel’s title reign as seen in the tweet below:

The newly crowned World Champion also took notice of The SmackDown General Manger’s comments and replied with a tweet of his own indicating that he will be ready if Bryan does come after him:

While this Twitter battle is just a friendly exchange between the two wrestlers, the possibilities of seeing these two colliding once again inside a wrestling ring are not dead just yet.

Daniel Bryan recently said that he is working on his in ring return and many believe that he is trying to get out of his WWE contract since it has been stated multiple times that the company is not very likely to clear him for wrestling.

While nothing is confirmed for the time being, if Bryan does get out of his WWE contract and returns to the independent circuit a match between him and Cody Rhodes will be something which fans would love to see and hence it has a strong chance of happening.

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