Big Cass injury update

The big man from Queens has been absent from WWE TV since his injury this summer. On August 21, Big Cass took on his former tag team partner Enzo Amore in a Brooklyn Street Fight. Before the match could reach its conclusion, Cass suffered a legitimate injury, forcing a referee stoppage.



It was later determined that Cass suffered a torn ACL and that he would be out for nine months. Recently, he was spotted at the WWE Performance Center. According to PWInsider, Cass looked to be in fantastic shape and was moving around with no assistance.

It looks like we’re still a few months out from Cass’s return, but that he’s getting around by himself now is good news. Without his old punching bag around, the big man will have to make an impact on Raw whenever he returns. Who would you like to see Big Cass feud with?

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