Bobby Lashley ‘Angry’ WWE Management Rant Leaks

Bobby Lashley and MVP were not happy with The Hurt Business breaking up, and they unloaded to a big name: Vince McMahon. McMahon alone made the decision. Vince also had a list of banned WWE terms just leak.



After Lashley and MVP voiced their displeasure with Vince’s decision, he refused to budge, and reiterated his decision to break up The Hurt Business. Fightful Select reported this story, and also reported that backstage morale was hurt badly by the decision to split WWE’s most popular faction, which many compared to a modern day Four Horsemen or Evolution.

Bobby Lashley has fans worldwide, recently praising his India fanbase specifically.

“Every time I come to India my fans embrace me, I feel like I’m home. After WrestleMania I hope I have a little time off, and I hope things open up a little more. As soon as it does, we are going to be down there.

“When I look at my Instagram, I have a lot of fans from India and I try to keep up with them. Hopefully, next time I go to India it’s going to be on vacation, so I can explore and have a good time,” Bobby Lashley told India Today in an interview.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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